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January 04, 2006

The Hungry Burglar

You have to laugh at this numbnuts.

Alleged Burglar Cooks, Makes Fresh Juice

Apparently, you can build up quite an appetite breaking-and-entering. James Michael Fowler, 26, was arrested and charged with burglary Tuesday after a neighbor watching the house found a pan of cocktail franks cooking on the stove and some freshly made orange juice nearby.

Anderson Police Lt. Layton Creamer says when the neighbor went to check on the home, she saw the food cooking and a black stocking cap on the kitchen counter.

Creamer said it looked like Fowler broke into the two-story house through a first-floor window.


If I were making a wager here, based on the efficiency of his burglary "operation", my bet would be that Mr. Fowler is a liberal. Or at the very least, a run-of-the-mill Democrat.

The article doesn't say whether or not Fowler ever got a chance to eat the cocktail franks...

Posted by Seth at January 4, 2006 10:33 PM