November 12, 2006

We Do Liberty Here, Dhimmitude Need Not Apply

Atheling2 over at The Pugil Stick has a post up regarding a response to CAIR from a courageous and refreshingly un-PC Florida congresswoman who...


Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite (R-FL), wrote a response to Ahmed Bedier, head of the Tampa Chapter of Council of American-Islamic Relations regarding their pressure to have her condemn Hernando County Commissioner Tom Hogan’s wife, Mary Ann for her remarks in a letter to their local newspaper that Islam is a “hateful, frightening religion”. The Hogans have experienced a political fallout replete with criticisms from CAIR as well as from Gov. Jeb Bush.

Read the rest of this great post here.

If we had a whole lot more Republicans in Congress like Ginny-Brown Waite, we might well have retained our majority on Tuesday. We can only hope that her actions serve as an inspiration to other Republicans on the Hill.

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