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January 05, 2007

One Nation Under G-d

Sorry I haven't posted anything since New Year's Eve, but I've been beyond swamped in catching up on a ton of work I took a couple of breaks from to entertain over Christmas and New Year's, reading credit reports and checking references of prospective tenants to rent my house to, preparing the house for a tenant as much as I can while still living in it and sorting things out for my own move, and I've had precious little time to spend keeping up with my email, let alone my blog.

I finally got some time to visit a few of my favorite sites and do a little bit of other reading, and ran across this Ronald Reagan quote at the head of the comment section over at Gayle's blog:

If we ever forget we are a nation Under God, we will become a nation gone under.

It brought to mind an excellent OpEd by Dennis Prager that appeared in Wednesday's Jewish World Review that I would like to share, which can be found here.

As in all things, the atheist left in this country bases their propaganda strategies on those of their communist brethren of Cold War Europe -- knowing that they'll never sell their anti God agenda to the masses using any kind of honest approach, they choose instead to sleaze sneak around behind our proverbial backs; revise history, depicting our founding fathers as atheists wherever they can get away with it, working through our education system, and quell all public symbols and references to G-d via the legal system.

Their godlessness, hell, downright soullessness makes it easy for them to impugn, besmirch, exaggerate, spin, attack and lie without compunction.

Their utterly twisted goal is to engender spiritual barrenness in future generations, a prerequisite to establishing the kind of leftist country they wish to see America become.

Personally, I pray to G-d that America's belief in Him remains firm, and that this enemy within fails miserably. I love my country and its traditions and Judeo-Christian beliefs just as they are, thank you.

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