November 06, 2006

Those Who Vote Democrat Tomorrow....

.... will do so because, out of negligence, malevolence toward the right or simple ignorance , take your pick, they want for themselves and their fellow Americans what is on this list at Always On Watch.

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November 03, 2005

Fighting Back Against The Eminent Domain Fiasco

Here is a RightMarch alert on H.R. 4128, the proposed "Private Property Rights Protection Act" that will deny any federal funding to cities or states that exploit SCOTUS' notorious Eminent Domain ruling{Kelo vs. City of New London} by taking away a citizen's home, place of business or other property for the purpose of commercial development:

ALERT: As you know, the Supreme Court has decided to allow city governments to take land from one private owner and give it to another. In "Kelo vs. City of New London", five Justices (led by David Souter) ruled that "eminent domain" allows any local government to TAKE anyone's private property if the government will generate greater tax revenue -- or any other economic benefits -- when the land is developed by the new owner.

Thank goodness, someone in Congress has moved quickly to counter this dictatorial and ANTI-constitutional decision by the Supreme Court -- but WE have to make sure this effort passes!

Last week (on October 27), the House Judiciary Committee approved legislation responding to the Kelo ruling: H.R. 3135, the "Private Property Rights Protection Act" was approved 27-3, and prohibits the use of federal funds by state and local governments that use eminent domain for the purposes of commercial development. House Judiciary Chairman Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner Jr. (R-WI) was the bill's sponsor; House Resources Committee Chairman Rep. Richard Pombo (R-CA) also held a parallel hearing on HR 3405, the "Strengthening the Ownership of Private Property" (STOPP) Act.

Both of these bills would be GREAT, but the BEST news is that the two bills have now merged into H.R. 4128, the "Private Property Rights Protection Act." Prior to the merge, both bills had strong bipartisan support -- H.R. 3135 with 136 cosponsors and H.R. 3405 with 112. This means we have a GOOD chance of getting this bill through!

Rep. Sensenbrenner's bill reads, "No State or political subdivision of a State shall exercise its power of eminent domain, or allow the exercise of such power by any person or entity to which such power has been delegated, over property to be used for economic development or over property that is subsequently used for economic development, if that State or political subdivision receives Federal economic development funds during any fiscal year in which it does so." In other words, if they take away your property, the Feds will take away their funding.

Wow -- a single bill that makes common sense, that seeks to counteract an out-of-control judiciary. This is a RARE opportunity.

We've got to move this legislation QUICKLY -- greedy local governments have already started taking advantage of this court decision, in order to pad their own pockets at the expense of the citizens. For example, John Fund reports that "Officials in the beachfront town of Freeport, Texas, announced they would move forward with plans to commandeer property owned by two seafood companies in order to allow the construction of a 900-slip private marina."

We need to FLOOD Congress NOW with messages of support for this legislation, so that it can move to the President's desk right away!

TAKE ACTION: What the Supreme Court has just implemented in America is FASCISM. The actual definition of "fascism" is "state control over the individual and the economy using regimentation and regulation... fascism prefers state control over ostensibly private property rather than nationalization."

Do you get it? Once again, the judiciary is tyrannical and OUT OF CONTROL. We've GOT to take action to stop them --It is CRITICAL that you ACT TODAY! If we can FLOOD the offices of all our Congressmen and Senators with TENS OF THOUSANDS of messages, telling them to QUICKLY pass this legislation, we CAN stop this dangerous Supreme Court ruling dead in its tracks. But we need YOUR help. Click below to send a FREE message to your U.S. Representative and BOTH of your Senators, urging them to SUPPORT H.R. 4128, the "Private Property Rights Protection Act":

NOTE: Be sure to send this Alert to EVERYONE you know who wants to help RESTORE the private property rights that the Supreme Court took away! Thank you!


William Greene, President

If you'll recall, the oppressive Supreme Court ruling was the work of left leaning justices while those of the conservative persuation dissented.

This didn't come as a surprise to me, it was just another example of ways the left is endeavoring to give the government more control over our lives, in this case surrendering our property rights to the whims of opportunistic, corrupt, unctuous, seedy, sleazy, kickback-taking local politicians like those in New London, Connecticut.

As Bill Greene pointed out in the above alert, the decision enables a condition that amounts to fascism, the very label the left is constantly placing on conservatism. It's amusing that while those misguided souls call us Republicans fascists, their actions speak loud enough to let us know whom the real fascists are.

Please call, email or fax your senators and representatives, make some noise to let them know that their constituents are most aggressively behind the passage of H.R. 4128.

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October 24, 2005

RightMarch Alert

This is a new alert from Rightmarch, addressing the pork barrel spending issue:

ALERT: Last week, the House of Representatives was poised to dramatically cut over $50 BILLION in wasteful "pork-barrel" spending. It seemed like they were finally ready to do the job we SENT them there to do! Then, far-left groups like sent an e-mail to their members, and over 160,000 of these leftists wrote or called Congress to demand they NOT trim back our ridiculously bloated budget...

And Congress blinked. They postponed the vote to cut out dozens of "pork" projects, even in the face of even more spending to help hurricane victims.

In the aftermath of the terrible tragedy of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma, common sense dictates that Congress must use its head as well as its heart to help keep America strong. Obviously, the folks in Washington should do everything necessary (and Constitutional) to attend to the immediate needs of those who have tragically lost their homes and their livelihoods.

But, as Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) has noted, Congress must also use its head. At this critical time, we need to exercise sound fiscal judgment and ensure that we do not end up bankrupting our children and grandchildren.

"When so many lives have been shattered and relief is so critical, Congress cannot continue to fund projects like the $800,000 outhouse, $1.2 million for Panda research, or the $1 million indoor rainforest in Iowa," said Hensarling. "The fundamental question is who should tighten their belt to pay for this damage, American families or the federal government?"

He's exactly right. There are only three ways to pay for the emergency supplemental appropriation passed by Congress to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina and others: raise taxes, increase the national debt or tighten the belt of the federal government. By listening to radical left-wing groups like and refusing to offset this spending, Congress is simply taking the most politically expedient path by adding to our already staggering debt and passing the buck to future generations. At a time when Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are growing out of control, refusing to offset even one penny of this bill with lower priority spending is unacceptable.

Hensarling introduced an amendment to the Katrina bill which WOULD have forced Congress to cut back a lot of pork to pay for the emergency assistance. His amendment would have offset nearly $52 billion in hurricane emergency spending with funding from lower priority programs (such as in the $25 million highway bill) over five years. This commonsense offset would reduce government spending across the board, but would exempt entitlement spending, defense, homeland security and veterans funding. The amendment would not deny one penny of relief to the Gulf Coast, nor would it delay relief in any way.

You guessed it: Hensarling's original amendment was voted down. Our Representatives in D.C., it seems, just can't get ENOUGH of our money for their pet pork projects.

It's time we DEMAND that Congress set spending priorities, repeal the "pork" projects in the highway bill, and re-route that money to relief efforts for those hit hardest by the recent hurricanes.

TAKE ACTION: The Wall Street Journal has asked in an editorial, "Why not cancel all of the special-project pork in the highway bill and dedicate the $25 billion in savings to emergency relief on the Gulf Coast? Is it asking too much for Richmond, Indiana, to give up $3 million for its hiking trail, or Newark, New Jersey, to put a hold on its $2 million bike path?"

Or how about these other examples, as compiled by Citizens Against Government Waste:

* $230 million for the infamous "Bridge To Nowhere" in Alaska which will service an island town of just 50 people
* $4 million for bike paths and park space in Calexico, California
* $4 million for sidewalk improvements in Clarkson, Georgia
* $3 million for a river path in Springfield, Oregon
* $2.8 million for a bike/pedestrian path in Madison, Wisconsin
* $2.7 million for renovation of the Packard Museum in Warren, Ohio
* $2.48 million for bike/pedestrian paths in Chicago, Illinois
* $2.3 million for landscaping enhancements along the Ronald Reagan Freeway in California
* $2 million to construct an "intermodal center" at the Philadelphia Zoo in Pennsylvania
* $2 million for a parking garage in San Antonio, Texas
* $1.8 million to construct a visitor interpretive center at the Gray Fossil Site in Tennessee
* $1.2 million to install lighting/steps at the Blue Ridge Music Center in Virginia
* $640,000 to extend a bicycle trail in Aberdeen, South Dakota
* $320,000 for a new bicycle/pedestrian trail in Shelbyville, Tennessee
* $33,440 for a trolley barn in Harrison, Arkansas and their allies on the far left MUST be stopped. Congress SHOULD repeal the 6,000-plus "pork" projects in the highway bill and redirect that money to the hurricane victims who really need it. But a spokesman for Rep. Don Young (R-AK), Chairman of the House Transportation Committee, called the pork-for-relief swap proposal "moronic," and the Washington Times reports that House Republican leaders say there simply isn't any "fat" left in the budget to be cut.

Of course there is. How about some common sense here? IT'S OUR MONEY, not Congress' money.

Let's make our voices heard loud and clear on this issue -- because apparently, Congress is only hearing from the LEFT. First, make one quick phone call to your U.S. Representative, and just let him or her know: "Repeal the 'pork' projects in the highway bill, and spend it on hurricane relief efforts!" Here's the TOLL-FREE number: 1-888-355-3588 (If that number is busy, call directly at 1-202-224-3121).

Next, click below to send a FREE message to YOUR Congressman and Senators, asking them NOT to raise taxes or increase the national debt, but to repeal the highway bill's "pork" projects and redirect that money to the victims of the hurricanes:

NOTE: was created for THIS VERY REASON -- to counter the fake "grassroots" efforts of the far-left minority in this country led by groups like Together, we CAN stop their "virtual march on Washington" with our own "virtual march from the Right!"

Be sure to forward this Alert to EVERYONE you know who wants to help demand that Congress IGNORE the shrill voices from and the far left, and to cut "pork" projects in trade for hurricane relief. Thank you!


William Greene, President


The work of is funded entirely by voluntary contributions. Help us spread the word with a donation to!

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June 26, 2005

Good Congress Information Link

Previously, I linked to a page at the Thomas website. 

The site is a running record of proceedings in both houses of Congress, and a good place to peruse the work output of those people we send to Capitol Hill to represent our, and our fellow Americans' interests in the governance of our country.

The sheer number of ongoing bills for Constitutional amendments, some important, some frivolous, boggles the mind.

There are bills up for everything from renaming federal buildings to allocating funds.

I find reading summaries of what was debated and decided in different Congressional sessions intensely amusing.

When I think of our original Congress I always envision a bunch of patriots who were instrumental in winning the American Revolution pounding out the legal and moral issues of their time and holding emotion-charged strategy debates, each man making bold, profound statements to emphasize his points.

Today, I envision these two giant chambers, full of lawyer/politicians, in long hours of hot debate:  

"No way! The fifth paragraph has to appear above the third, and a comma inserted between the sixth and seventh words, space after comma." 

"Get real. If there's gonna be a comma anywhere in the first sentence, it'll be between the fourth and fifth words, and once we've reached agreement on that, we can debate whether or not to include your proposal for a space after it."

"That space after the comma, I'll have you know, will clarify many questions voters in my district have on this issue. Listen, how about if we delete the colon in sentence two of the second paragraph, replace it with a semicolon and...."

{just a bit of Seth-humor, there}

Go check out the link and explore the site if you've never been there, a good way to keep up with what's being debated on Capitol Hill and who sponsors and supports each issue. 

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