August 25, 2006

Spot-On Melanie Morgan Column

Melanie Morgan has a new Hot Talk column out at World Net Daily that's a must-read.

An excerpt:

The men and women of the United States Armed Forces have made tremendous progress in Iraq, but Tucker Carlson and his ilk are largely ignorant of this or ignore such progress because it doesn't fit with their own agenda.

The foreign terrorist threat posed by al-Qaida sympathizers who poured into Iraq from Iran and Syria has largely been defeated. You hear almost nothing from the news media about the fact that al-Qaida in Iraq has been effectively destroyed by our military. The violence today is largely sectarian violence between competing religious and ethnic groups. The greatest need in Iraq today is to ensure that a sense of stability and security can allow this newly freed nation to chart a course for a peaceful future, free of sectarian violence.

Carlson sat silent and stunned, along with anti-war Democrat strategist Rich Masters, when I pointed out that the number of fatalities in Iraq had been dropping over the past several months. You see, both Carlson and Masters are creatures of that political-media world where truth is concocted out of do-gooder liberal ideology and facts are ignored.

So far this month, there have been fewer U.S. troops killed in Iraq than died in the month of July. July's fatality figures were lower than those of June. June's were lower than May's. And May's fatalities were lower than April's. The news is that we are WINNING!

Does this information surprise you?

It should, because the mainstream media has done everything it can to paint Operation Iraqi Freedom as a failure. The progress that is made in rebuilding Iraq on a daily basis is seldom reported.

The humanitarian efforts of U.S. troops are almost entirely ignored. Liberal journalists scoff at the daily reports by U.S. Central Command outlining our military's success in apprehending or killing terrorists and death squad leaders. These left-wing reporters seem hell-bent to rally the American public to oppose the mission in Iraq.

Read the entire column here.

H/T Joe Wierzbicki

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August 02, 2006


The extent to which the media goes to hoodwink the American people on Israeli-Palestinian events is unbelievable. Always On Watch has a fascinating and revelational video posted that's entirely worth watching for its duration of eighteen minutes.

To watch the video, go here.

You'll actually watch narrated footage of the making of staged, scripted propaganda video in a format not unlike HBO's "The Making Of..." series, utterly made-up, Hollywood style video that inevitably finds its way into our liberal media as real news footage, scoring propaganda victories for Palestinian terrorism as Americans believe what they're seeing and hearing vis a vis "the evils of Israel".

You have to watch this, it's interesting, highly revealing and, in some ways, maddening as you realize what kind of fiction our liberal media is reporting to us in the guise of "news".

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