November 29, 2005

O'Reilly On San Francisco

Abrasive, outspoken conservative columnist, creator of "The O'Reilly Factor," author of the book by the same name and FOX "Talking Points" host Bill O'Reilly, a man despised by the left and not astoundingly popular in the Blogosphere on either side due in part to offensive, pompous and dumb remarks he made a couple of years back that sounded more like they could have come from John Kerry, has written a column titled San Francisco Blues which is too accurate for me to avoid giving its due for its sheer agreement with my own views on San Francisco. I live here, though I am leaving in three days to return to America, and it's rare to run into such an on-point description of San Francisco, so...

Here are three excerpted paragraphs, to give an idea of what's to come:

It is hard to figure out the mindset of many Americans living in the secular-progressive paradise of San Francisco. A couple of weeks ago, they voted to oppose military recruiting in the city's public schools, including colleges. In the middle of a vicious war on terror, the City by the Bay says no to the people who volunteer to protect us.


In the recall of former California Gov. Gray Davis, 80 percent of San Franciscans voted to keep him, while the rest of the state voted overwhelmingly to boot him out. So you could say that not only is San Francisco out of touch with traditional America, it is out of touch with its own liberal state.


It has been said that people get the government they deserve, and in San Francisco's case, that could not be more true. The city's streets are chaotic, quality of life has deteriorated, and the prevailing wisdom would please Fidel Castro.

Read the entire column if you want a condensed-but-spot-on look at what the "City By The Bay" has become over the last couple of decades.

My own description, somewhat shorter than but easily as definitive as O'Reilly's, can be conveyed in four words: A depressing liberal shithole.

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November 02, 2005

Copy & Paste

An item that came up in email correspondence earlier this evening inspired me to whip up a reply that illustrated the workings of the mind of a San Francisco liberal, and my friend Kender suggested that I post it, so here goes:

Hi, thailor! I'm Lionel! Bush lied, an' he won't let me marry my Bubba! Save the animals, let people die instead, cause people ruin the environment and animals don't. Save spotted owls, too, and all the little fishes. Free Mumia! Bush lied, so we have global warming, and 'cause of that, we got Katrina, Bush's racist hurricane that killed ten thousand black people -- oooh, dark meat! -- in Noo Orleans. I love the ACLU! And Bush killed two thousand U.S. troops in Iraq, single handedly, including Cindy Sheehan's son. I know, 'cause she said it an' she's friends with that great patriot, Michael Moore. Yeah, Bush lied, so we're in Iraq instead of keeping our soldiers safe. We need to disarm our soldiers, anyway, and instead of those nasty guns, rearm them with the yearning to reach out to those people in al Qaeda and strive to understand them. And to show our good faith, we should release all those political prisoners from Cuba and restore Saddam to his rightful place, leading his people, and pull all our troops out of everywhere. With the money we save, we can raise welfare payments, or use the money we save to open government run free abortion clinics or maybe buy cars for undocumented aliens to make it easier for the poor, poor things to drive to work. Maybe we can also open a socialist learning center and pay for buses to take our preadolescent children on progressive school outings to mosques, where thay can learn all about our friends, the Muslims and how much better their religion is than Christianity or Judaism, and if Islam takes over the country, we won't have any more worries about seperation of church and state, because those damn Jews and Christians will be all gone. Yes! Then we'll live free under Sharia law with no more stupid Republicans around to try to take away our liberty. YES!!!!

Believe it or not, I've actually gotten into arguments with local liberals whose entire existences seemed to be based on their burning hatred for George W. Bush, and their blatherings were nearly identical to the above.

I suppose that's what happens when one restricts ones' sources of news and information to the Mainstream Media.

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