November 27, 2006

This Is Too Funny

And here we have a sterling, totally blatant example of liberal hypocrisy in its finest hour, courtesy of none other than John Edwards, our former Vice Presidential candidate.

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October 29, 2006

The Democrats And Taxes

According to such cartoon characters as Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats, should they manage to get enough of their fellow travellers elected so as to have a majority in the House of Representatives, with Pelosi expected to become Speaker of the House (well, Halloween is almost upon us, so what's a good scare among friends?), one of the first priorities of the Democrats will be to stamp out the Bush tax cuts and roll back our taxes to 1990s levels.

If I were an enemy of the state, I would utterly destroy my hands applauding this ambition. Unfortunately, I am a patriot who loves America, to say nothing of the fact that I am also an American who lives and pays taxes here, so I must convey the blatant fact that I am not a fan of this intended tax increase.

I understand the Democrats' need to tax me into the ground. Well, not exactly understand it, per se, but I realize that the Democrats have a serious problem with their fellow Americans being able to keep some of the money they earn and are fixated on the concept of raising taxes whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Some people are into sky diving, some people collect butterflies, some people are passionate stamp collectors, some people love archery, some tennis, some throwing rocks at passing cars, some surfing porn websites, some collecting sea shells, some climbing trees, others mountains.... Democrats are into raising taxes. It's what they do, just as sucking blood is what mosquitos do, or what leeches do.

It's not their fault, it's simply who they are.

They particularly like to tax those who are successful, like the rich and like large, prosperous corporations, and are very much like Robin Hood -- they take from the rich, and give to the poor. It makes them feel good -- hell, it makes them feel great -- stripping a big company of its investment capital plunges them into ecstasy.

Back in the 1980s, during the Reagan Administration, the greatest President in my lifetime stopped the bloodsucking practice of penalizing American business for its success, allowing it to keep its investment capital in order to put it to work, and lo and behold, despite the Democrats' criticism of what they fondly referred to as Reaganomics, our economy exploded into a dynamo of successful professionals, low unemployment, newly created millionaires and prosperous companies.

This trend continued through the Bush 1 Administration, but then, alas and alack, American voters sent Bill Clinton, a Democrat, off to the White House.

Keeping to the sacred tradition of Democrats, he raised taxes, as usual targeting the rich.

Before the end of his second term (he was actually reelected, go figure!), we were plunged into recession. The unemployment rate soared, businesses struggling to stay afloat transferred record amounts of their production to outsourced labor pools and after Algore, Clinton's Veep, lost the 2000 presidential election to George W. Bush, the newly elected President engendered massive tax cuts.

Naturally the Democrats, dismayed that Americans were being permitted to keep more of their earnings, mounted yet another of their innumerable bumper-sticker friendly campaigns -- "The Republicans have given tax cuts to the rich, screwing the poor as always!"

That was worth, at the very least, a good chuckle, since every American taxpayer was entitled to the cuts. The Democrats somehow managed, once realizing that they really couldn't produce any low income working folks who were being either neglected or recieving the fid, cited poor people on welfare and other premature social security venues who weren't benefiting from the tax cuts, the fact that these people didn't pay any income tax to begin with notwithstanding... they actually forced the government to give something "back" to these noncontributors as well.

Meanwhile, the tax cuts enabled corporate America and smaller business people to use the "surplus" equity to expand existing business and create new enterprises.

The result has been a major rebound in our economy and a serious decrease in the unemployment rate that is still adjusting downward. America is again flourishing!

But let's not be too confident, friends, okay? We still haven't had this year's elections, so we don't actually know where we stand.

We're pretty confident about holding a Republican majority in the Senate, but there has been a lot of negative conjecture regarding the House majority after 7 November. Personally, I believe we'll hold our majority there, as well, though we'll have a few less seats.


Should the Democrats gain a majority in the House Of Representatives, they will raise taxes, and you can bet your bottom dollar, assuming you still have one, that the late 1990s recession will return even more quickly than it went away.

Of course, the Democrats will find a way to blame Bush....

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December 03, 2005

What I've Been Saying...

Tony Snow's latest column, "Cowardice, not corruption, plaguing GOPers" is very much on point, even in the White House but more particularly on the Hill.

The Republican Party in Washington is in trouble not because it's overrun by crooks, but because it's packed with cowards — and has degenerated into a caricature of the party that swept to power 11 years ago promising to take on the federal bureaucracy and liberate the creative genius of American society.

We see this constantly. Here we are with an overwhelming Republican majority in Congress, a formidable state of affairs that our right-thinking politicians should be using to advance the Republican cause and back the President when he nominates strong Republicans to such positions as judges in the higher courts and to ambassadorship in the U.N., et al. They should be supporting the administration on Iraq and the rest of the Global War On Terror.

Instead, these spineless, self-serving career senators and representatives Frenchly allow themselves to be browbeaten and bullied into submission by the liberal-led Democrat minority, as often as not leaving the President and his advisors hanging out in the breeze, lone-wolfing the defense of their policies and nominees on their lonesome, weathering blistering, patently false or twisted rhetoric from the left, while not even a cricket chirps from the right side of the aisle.

That's because it's more important to these Republicans to remain popular, looking to be reelected rather than to risk losing an election by doing what we elected and reelected them to do, what we pay them to do.

Do we really need to reelect these people? In my opinion, it's about time for a good house cleaning at the polls, transfusing Congress with fresh blood to replace the complacent, fat assed, pusilanimous tax dollar parasites with newbies who stand for more than just being reelected.

Ann Coulter gives some succinct examples of Republican politicians' arse creeping in their response to John Murtha's cowardly cut and run redeployment proposal. It's enough to turn your stomach.

The old Reagan quote about politics being the world's second oldest profession yet having a lot in common with the first really rings true here.

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October 08, 2005

Two Cents More

There are tens of millions of Americans who obtain all their news from the liberal media, and they include people who vote Republican as well as those who vote Democrat.

The onslaught of criticism of Bush for nominating Harriet Miers from within the ranks of the Republican party and conservative columnists and bloggers is beginning to make us look bad -- all those back seat presidents elected Bush to the job and now want to micromanage him, all in the interests of their own intra-party political interests.

You are all giving the left the best promotion you can for their attempt to enlarge their base on Capitol Hill during the midterm elections. How? By sending a message to the voters that the Republican Party not only hasn't any confidence in the judgement of the man we reelected to the job of our nation's leader, but that we're just as willing to crawl into the same politics-first quagmire occupied by the Democrats that has lost them so many elections these last several years.

And they are already exploiting the situation.

Some Senate Democrats are jumping in the middle of a Republican fray to defend Harriet Miers from conservative criticism that she isn't qualified to serve on the Supreme Court.

That doesn't mean Democrats will vote to approve President Bush's longtime confidante for the high court or give her an easy time at a Senate confirmation hearing.

No, but they'll make as many political points as they can defending her prior to the hearings, since their input will oppose the rhetoric of the "ultraconservative" anti-Miers crowd.

"All the trashing is coming from the right wing of the Republican Party," Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, said in a conference call with reporters. "I really think it's despicable what they're doing."

Yeah, let's make a spectacle of ourselves, ladies and gentlemen, and let the left use it to help win back some seats in 2006, maybe even the White House in 2008. As a team, this makes us look like Charlie Brown's All Stars.

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