December 21, 2006

Acts Of War?

It would seem that the term "porous borders" when describing America's national boundaries, is a profound understatement.

Gun-toting members of the Mexican military are crossing regularly into U.S. territory, where they are partnering with drug cartels and criminal gangs to protect sophisticated smuggling operations, according to Texas sheriffs and lawmakers.

Hmmm. Given that our Democrat politicians and the MSM pounded the blame on President Bush and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld for the misconduct of a few soldiers at Abu Graibh, they will prove beyond any shadow of a doubt their shameless hypocrisy if they don't give equal time to the president and military whip of Mexico, though I won't hold my breath -- even though these are, technically, invasions of our sovereign soil by the active duty military of a foreign country, things done against America seem to be "okay" with the left, it's only when the U.S. defends itself or attacks its enemies that they seem to have a problem.

However, I digress.

On one occasion early this year, deputies in pursuit of suspected drug dealers encountered "heavily armed soldiers in a Humvee," while trying to apprehend individuals driving "load vehicles" for drug shipments, Hudspeth Sheriff Arvin West told a congressional hearing subsequently.

Although some of the narcotics were seized, the deputies were forced to suspend their pursuit once the Mexican soldiers intervened, according to West's testimony.

Sheriffs in neighboring parts of Texas are also familiar with the techniques used to protect drug shipments in Hudspeth.

According to Sheriff Leo Samaniego of El Paso County, Mexican soldiers perform "flanking maneuvers," forcing deputies into defensive positions.

"They are very involved in safeguarding these drug shipments," he said of the Mexican troops.

Samaniego said he was in contact with farmers in the area who reported witnessing such incidents regularly.

It's bad enough that Mexicans are able to sneak across the border to violate our immigration policies, but armed troops in military vehicles? Making forays into our country across that same border, to interdict our own law enforcement people in the pursuit of their duties?

While I acknowledge that there's little chance of a full scale invasion of the U.S. by Mexico, what is distressing is that our southern border is so ill secured that this could be happening not as isolated incidents, but on a routine basis. If Mexican troops can do this, consider how many satan worshippers Muslims could sneak in, loaded down with weaponry, over a period of days or weeks, to perpetrate one or more terrorism operations.

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November 06, 2006

Those Who Vote Democrat Tomorrow....

.... will do so because, out of negligence, malevolence toward the right or simple ignorance , take your pick, they want for themselves and their fellow Americans what is on this list at Always On Watch.

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August 15, 2006


Wesley Pruden has a great idea for securing our airplanes from terrorism.

Why not, for example, an all-pork, all-the-time airline, with its Boeings emblazoned with a ferocious razorback on the tail assembly? Each cabin would be equipped with a small, elegantly designed pig pen somewhere among the first-class seats, accommodating an endearing baby porker. This would play to the Islamist terror of dying in a crash and arriving in paradise festooned with juicy pig entrails. Would a jihadist warrior expect to greet a virgin with tasty infidel barbecue on his breath?

Even a more modest employment of the noble pig could make a lot of expensive, infuriating airport security unnecessary. The airlines could replace inedible airline food with offering a choice of ham or bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches — or matzoh ball soup for Jewish passengers who would get the joke but nevertheless wish to keep kosher in the friendly skies. This would send devout jihadists fleeing to alternative transportation on their way to assignations with violent death.

Works for me!

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August 02, 2006

The Border

So here we've got a gubmint telling us they really give a $#!% about our concern for our borders and the riddance of illegal aliens. They want amnesty, we want law enforcement. Man versus government. This is not what all those folks died for in the American Revolution, but this is what our elected officials are giving us.

They say they're not.

They give us good stories as proof, such as this one.

The United States Departments of Justice and Homeland Security announced today additional resources to enhance the enforcement of immigration laws and border security along the Southwest border. The Department of Justice will add 20 Assistant United States Attorneys (AUSAs) to the five federal law enforcement districts along the border: the Southern District of Texas, the Western District of Texas, the District of Arizona, the District of New Mexico and the Southern District of California. These 20 AUSAs will prosecute only immigration-related offences, including alien smuggling, entering the United States without inspection, illegal re-entry, possession of firearms as an alien, illegal employment of undocumented aliens, human trafficking and document fraud. The additional resources will be funded by a $2 million supplemental appropriation that was requested by the President and approved by Congress. The hiring process will begin immediately.

The Department of Justice’s Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) Program will provide funding for five new AUSAs – one in each of the federal districts along the border – to prosecute drug trafficking organizations responsible for smuggling illegal narcotics across the Southwest border.
In addition to the 25 new prosecutors, in the coming months the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will also identify several attorneys who will be designated as Special Assistant U.S. Attorneys to prosecute immigration offenses along the Southwest border.
“As a nation of laws, it is important that those who cross our borders illegally or smuggle drugs are prosecuted swiftly and fairly,” said Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales. “These new prosecutors will help ensure that our immigration and drug laws are aggressively enforced.”


Going further

According to Border Patrol Chief David Aguilar and National Guard Bureau General Steven Blum,

Let me tell you that right now, since the beginning of the fiscal year, we have added 598 Border Patrol agents to the cadre of the Border Patrol. As we speak, there are approximately 654 Border Patrol agents at the United States Border Patrol Academy. Narcotics. We are up by 20 percent. I will tell you that I strongly believe that one of the reasons that we are up in the interdiction of narcotics is because of the expansion capability that the Guard has given us along our nation's borders, our enhanced capacity to actually take in more of the border. We are up by 20 percent in the area of narcotics apprehensions, over 1.2 million pounds of narcotics so far this year.


As we speak today, because of the general National Guard deployments, we have placed 250 badges back on the border, 250 Border Patrol agents that were previously doing non-direct enforcement work. How have we done that? By actually placing National Guard personnel to handle our law enforcement communications assistant work; by, in some cases, building or maintaining roadways that we used to have to do on our own; by actually placing them on entry identification teams that used to be manned by Border Patrol agents. Now they are manned by the Guard personnel and directly supported by Border Patrol agents on the ground. In addition to that, we have at our checkpoints -- this is a checkpoint depiction of south Texas -- that is over 5,000 pounds of narcotics that were found in a semi trailer. When agents or canines detect this contraband, in the past, we would have to pull in Border Patrol agents from the field in order to offload and things of this nature. Now the Guard personnel are doing a lot of the searching, a lot of the seizing, a lot of what we used to have to be doing on our own.

The government, sad to say, has been bullshitting us on the illegal immigration problem for quite some time. They've regalled us with lovely phrases and stories, dishing out theories on "work Americans won't do" that aliens with work permits and amnesty for their criminal presence in our country will. They approve a protective bill we all like with one gesture, then later vote almost unanimously not to fund it.

Our government, those folks we elected and reelected to govern according to the will of the American people, from the President on down, despite the powerful dissent of we, the people, are dead determined to infest this nation with unwanted illegal aliens.

Screw them, let us all stay right on top of the SOBs and make sure they're doing what they were elected to do, or vote the sorry, treasonous sons of bitches out....

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July 13, 2006

Maritime Coyote Bites The Dust

Even though our own federal Immigration enforcement authorities seem to be having a problem with doing the job we pay them to do, it's great to know that the U.S. Coast Guard is on the ball.

On December 18, 2005 Rivero was seen operating a 33-foot Donzi (go-fast) heading north traveling at 38 knots when he was intercepted by a Coast Guard response boat. The Coast Guard crew energized their blue lights and attempted to communicate with the operator of the speeding go-fast. Rivero failed to stop his boat and on two occasions attempted to ram the Coast Guard boat.

The Coast Guard crew used warning shots to persuade Rivero to stop, but he continued operating the boat in a reckless manner. After failing to comply, the Coast Guard boarding team fire disabling fire into the go-fast's engines.

Once on board the stopped go-fast, the boarding team found 10 Cuban migrants in a sealed compartment. Rivero and a second smuggler had placed the migrants in a forward compartment shutting the hatch with a bungee cord from the outside.

In February, After picking up migrants in Cuba, he was chased by a Cuban gun boat when a female from his boat fell over board and drowned. Rivero was again intercepted by the Coast Guard with 21 illegal Cuban migrants on board a 30-foot go-fast 50 miles southeast of Key West, Fla.

Having been convicted, Rivero has been sentenced to 10, count 'em, ten years.

Way to go, Coasties!

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July 09, 2006

Ha! Keller Missed One!

This would have been a real catastrophe, one that relegated even the descent on the Gulf Coast by Katrina the Bitch, the aftermath of that terrible visit and probably even 9/11 to Page 41.

The FBI has uncovered what officials consider a serious plot by jihadists to bomb the Holland Tunnel in hopes of causing a torrent of water to deluge lower Manhattan, the Daily News has learned. The terrorists sought to drown the Financial District as New Orleans was by Hurricane Katrina, sources said. They also wanted to attack subways and other tunnels.

Imagine something like this happening at, say, late afternoon rush hour, when New Yorkers, plus commuters from the liberal wasteland of New Jersey and more dignified Connecticut packed the streets and subways of Manhattan by the millions. Unlike during the Katrina disaster, these people would have absolutely no notice that anything out of the ordinary was afoot, they would simply be going about their respective business when massive tonnages of water bore down on them.

Experts also said that even if the tunnel cracked, the Financial District would not be flooded because it is above the level of the river.

As the venerable James Taranto would say, "What would we do without experts?"

I know, you're reading this post and wondering, "Seth, WTF's yer point?"

Well, how about this? Sorry, but it means repetition.

The FBI has uncovered what officials consider a serious plot by jihadists to bomb the Holland Tunnel in hopes of causing a torrent of water to deluge lower Manhattan, the Daily News has learned.

The Bureau unearthed a terrorist plot that would, on achieving fruition, have more than qualified for the term "holocaust"., only this time it wouldn't have victimized only my fellow Jews, it would have victimized seven digits' worth of every kind of human being, from religion to economic level (or lack thereof), every ethnicity to political belief.

This kind of discovery does not originate among the trappings of liberal dogma, it is the product of complex investigative strategies and pure investigative excellence and related technologies, our Homeland Security venue and all its related agencies hard at work in conjunction with the security services of other countries.

Thank G-d these pros discovered the planned Op when they did.

Also, thank G-d the New York Times didn't get wind of the Bureau's investigation in its early stages. If they had, they would have trumpeted every detail they could lay hands on, amid an orgasm by Bill Keller, on their front page, thereby providing the terrorists the opportunity to cover their tracks and get away with whatever they had done or intended to do.

Okay, y'all, here's my point: When the FBI is permitted to do what they're good at without attracting the dubious and treasonous attention of The NYT, they can protect us "hands down".

The NYT, on the other hand, has done and will do anything they can to sabotage anything the Bush Administration does to defend our country and its security for the simple reason that they can afterwards "blame Bush". It doesn't matter to liberals whether or not Islamofascists smash our country in to little bits, all they give a damn about is exposing or otherwise sabotaging our current administration's efforts to protect our country and we, the people, in order to replace the President with a Democrat in 2008.

As is the case where the bulk of their illogical Utopian ambitions for our government and we, the people are concerned, any considerations of our wellbeing play second fiddle to liberals' political agendas -- as with the rest of their fantasies, liberals think they can always repair the damage they do to our country via "reasoned" approaches to the problems they create.

Right-O, let's vote the likes of John Kerry, Howard Dean, Hillary Clinton or Jack Murtha into the Oval Office in 2008 and allow them to "negotiate with terrorists" on our behalf. Let's let them pull all our troops out of everyplace else and "redeploy" them to less hostile climes, release all the terrorists we have in custody at GITMO and organize a Maypole dance to celebrate the end of everything non-Muslim. While Keller, the ACLU, the entire populations of Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, neighboring Hollywood, New York, Chicago and other liberal enclaves line up for either decapitation or conversion to subjection to Islamism, the folks responsible for America's demise can make their explanations, but, alas and alack, there will be no turning back, no reprieve, only the choice between Caliphate and death.

As long as we even allow liberalism in this country, we are assuming the same level of existence as your common, everyday lemming.

It's great to know that our government is protecting us from terrorists as they are. As far as I'm concerned, my idol in the homeland security millieu is Jack Bauer. Too bad he doesn't really exist. :-(

If he did, I'd be his greatest fan....

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June 09, 2006

And On The Immigration Front....

This alert arrived from Bay Buchanan a little while ago:

Dear Friend,

I want to bring you up to date on a number of developments.

First, the immigration bills. The incompetence of the Senate is not to be
believed. They passed an unconstitutional bill that, as is, can’t go to
conference!! Do you love it!! It is a revenue enhancer and those bills
must originate in the House. So what will they do?

Democrat Leader Reid wanted to substitute the immigration bill that came
over from the House with the Senate’s amnesty bill. Then go to conference
with the two. Can’t be done!! The House immigration bill is not a revenue
raiser (it’s enforcement only) so the Senate can’t put it on that House
bill—they can only substitute their amnesty bill onto a revenue bill that
has already come over from the House.

So Senator Frist said, let’s substitute the immigration bill onto a tax
bill that did originate in the House. The problem then is this: when
they go to conference the two bills on the table will be the Senate
amnesty bill and the House tax bill they used as a vehicle to get the
Senate bill to conference. The House immigration bill doesn’t make it to

To add to the problem—the Senate has to go back to the floor—vote on
amnesty again--—to get any of the above done.

These guys were so anxious to sell out the nation, so determined to put
this vote behind them and put a stop to all your e-mails, faxes, and
calls-- they didn’t do due diligence!

But don’t be too optimistic, they’ll come up with something. With
billions of dollars in cheap labor at stake--corporate America is surely
not going to let a little thing like the Constitution stand in their way.

But in our meeting the other night with the leaders of our side, including
several Senate staffers it is clear this is a godsend of a screw up. The
pro amnesty crowd has lost valuable momentum—and given us more time to
convince the House to kill this problem and try to prevent any conference
with the House.

Another amazing development: Senator Lugar, who voted for the bill, was
asked if he felt 66 million new immigrants into the country in 20 years
might be too many. He said he has no idea how many will come to the U.S.
under this bill—nor does anyone else. But he and his buddies voted for it
anyhow!! Do they even care that it will destroy our nation!

Action in the House: Thanks to all your help our radio ads against Utah’s
open border Congressman begin Monday!!! They hope to keep them up through
his primary on June 27.

Let me tell you I am certain defeating Chris Cannon must be our focus.
Even the pro-amnesty columnist John Fund of the Wall Street Journal wrote
this week:

“Illegal immigration is the key issue in the [Cannon} race, and should
five-term incumbent Rep. Chris Cannon of Provo lose to a restrictionist
challenger, look for House Republicans to dig in their heels and block any
bill that creates a path to citizenship for illegal aliens.

"House Republicans are already spooked about immigration, and should one
of our own lose on the issue, you will see panic break out," one GOP
congressman told me.”

Panic is just what we want—if we can take out Cannon we have a chance of
stopping amnesty and guest worker for at least 6 months, and maybe more!

On Monday I’ll forward you the radio ad that we hope will defeat Cannon.
I’ll guarantee it will let Utahns know the truth about their Congressman.

One ominous development: the Pence amnesty plan! As I mentioned last
week, Congressman Pence, a solid conservative, offered an outrageous
“compromise” proposal on immigration. Pence’s plan is to turn over our
immigration policy to the private sector-(like putting the big hungry
foxes on guard duty over the chicken coup). Employers could bring in as
many guest workers as they want—Why wait 20 years when you can do all the
harm in three! We will be overrun in months, and our jobs will be sold in
mass o the cheapest bidders.

It a massive amnesty plan—and every other day another conservative writer
or leader endorses it—it looks as if the fix may be in and we may have
another front to fight in this battle! But if conservative Republicans
let the Pence plan become law we should organize to throw out every one of
them in November.

I need you to start calling the conservative leaders of the House (names
and numbers ) and let them
know no Amnesty, no Guest worker, no Pence!! In the meantime I’ll
continue raising money to keep the Cannon ads up right up to election day.

We need to keep anything form going to conference until we can defeat
Cannon—then we will have the full attention of the House members and we
can beat back this sell-out!

Thanks for being part of the Team. We are still in this fight because of
you and all your efforts. Together we will keep this save this nation
form the enemy within.

Have a great weekend!

Bay Buchanan

And this is the content of an email I received today from Bob Robinson, who says it's from a woman who is obviously thinking about things....

"Recently large demonstrations have taken place across the country protesting the fact that Congress is finally addressing the issue of illegal immigration. Certain people are angry that the U.S. might protect its own borders, might make it harder to sneak into this country and, once here, to stay indefinitely. Let me see if I correctly understand the thinking behind these protests.

Let's say I break into your house. Let's say that when you discover me in your house, you insist that I leave. But I say, "I've made all the beds and washed the dishes and did the laundry and swept the floors; I've done all the things you don't like to do. I'm hard-working and honest (except for when I broke into your house)."

According to the protesters, not only must you let me stay, you must add me to your family's insurance plan and provide other benefits to me and to my family (my husband will do your yard work because he too is hard-working and honest, except for that breaking in part). If you try to call the police or force me out, I will call my friends who will picket your house carrying signs that proclaim my right to be there. It's only fair, after all, because you have a nicer house than I do, and I'm just trying to better myself. I'm hard-working and honest ... um, except for .. well, you know.

And what a deal it is for me! I live in your house, contributing only a fraction of the cost of my keep, and there is nothing you can do about it without being accused of selfishness, prejudice and being anti-housebreaker.

Did I miss anything? Does this sound reasonable to you? If it does, grab a sign and go picket something. If this sounds insane to you, call your Senators and enlighten them because they are stumbling in the darkness right now and really need your help."

Where, I wonder, is the left when patriotism or brains are needed?

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THIS From A Democrat!

Reading a transcript, posted by Mustang of Social Sense, of an address to colleagues by Colorado Democratic Senator Dick Lamm was the equivalent of a serious punch in the gut. It's a must-read, the senator most definitely put one of the most important sets of current issues in the perspective of sheer reality.

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May 29, 2006

...And Senator Dole's Not The Only One...

Also representing North Carolina is Senator Richard Burr. Like Elizabeth Dole, Senator Burr supports the integrity of our borders and, just as important, the enforcement of our immigration laws, for which so many scoundrels of his peers have so little regard -- and these are people who, rather than call themselves "lawmakers" as are Dole and Burr, should call themselves "lawbreakers".

From Senator Burr's website:

May 25th, 2006 - Washington, D.C. – Senator Richard Burr today voted against the Senate immigration reform bill citing the fiscal impact it will have on the nation and taxpayers wallets, and the blanket amnesty it provides to over ten million illegal immigrants by putting them on a direct path to citizenship.

“I believe strengthened border security and comprehensive immigration reform are very important. As a nation, we have welcomed generations of legal immigrants over the course of our history--immigrants who respect the law and contribute a great deal to our country. The immigration reform package in the Senate addresses increased border security, but also rewards those who have broken the law by granting them a direct path to citizenship. It allows current illegal immigrants to receive the full array of federal benefits, but fails to reform our current immigration policy for those who want to come to America legally,” Burr said.

According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the Senate immigration bill will increase federal spending by $79 billion in the first ten years. CBO predicts an increase in spending on federal benefit programs such as refundable tax credits, Medicaid, Social Security, Medicare, and Food Stamps. Other programs such as Supplemental Security Income, unemployment insurance, and student loans will also experience an increase in spending. Other sources estimate that the cost of the immigration bill could be as high as $160 billion in new federal spending over the next ten years.

“The economic impact this legislation will have on North Carolina and the nation is staggering. Each state will be stretched to its limits to provide benefits such as in-state tuition and Medicaid services to these new legal residents. Taxpayers will carry the increased costs of providing federal benefits such as the earned income tax credit and Medicare,” Burr said.

“As the father of two boys, I have tried to teach them that they will benefit or suffer from the consequences of the decisions they make, whether good or bad. I cannot as a U.S. Senator vote to grant blanket amnesty to those who have broken the law to live in our country,” Burr added.

It truly amazes me that a state that stupidly and irresponsibly elects so many pantywaist tax and spend liberals to state and local offices manages to find the wisdom to send real Americans to represent us in the United States Senate.

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My Senator

It's definitely nice to have a Senator like Elizabeth Dole representing my district, even though a considerable amount of her common sense, pro-America efforts are wasted by a majority of complacent, spineless, vote greedy, PC, America-Last traitors who have the nerve to call themselves Senators, let alone Americans. Those others are the bastards who are giving my country away in order to garner votes from "citizens" who support flooding the nation with felons who shouldn't even be here by granting them amnesty.

This from her website:

DOLE OPPOSES IMMIGRATION REFORM BILL WITH AMNESTY May 25th, 2006 - Washington, D.C. - U.S. Senator Elizabeth Dole today voted against the Senate immigration reform legislation, citing serious concerns with a number of provisions, particularly the amnesty provided by the bill. The Senate bill was passed and now must be reconciled in a conference committee with the House of Representatives-passed immigration reform legislation.

“I have maintained that securing our borders and enforcing current laws must come first – and unfortunately this bill puts amnesty first,” said Dole. “I have consistently stated that I would support a program that provides temporary worker permits to help bring people out of the shadows. But I cannot and will not support granting amnesty to those who have broken our laws and entered this nation illegally.

“In addition, this bill contains a number of provisions that just defy common sense, such as allowing illegal immigrants who fraudulently use a U.S. citizen’s Social Security number to accumulate and collect benefits from an already tight Social Security trust fund!

“As in 1986, passing an amnesty bill is not going to solve the problem of large scale illegal immigration – to solve this problem, we need strict border enforcement, effective work place verification, and a program for genuinely temporary workers.”

Background: Dole’s Votes on Selected Amendments:

Dole voted for an amendment that would have required that all border security features of the bill be fully implemented before any program addressing the status of those here illegally could go into effect. The amendment was defeated by a vote of 40-55.

Dole voted for an amendment that would have stripped from the bill the provisions granting amnesty for those who are in the U.S. illegally. The amendment was defeated by a vote of 33-66.

Dole voted for an amendment to make illegal immigrant felons ineligible for legal status in the United States. The amendment was passed by a vote of 99-0.

Dole voted for an amendment offered that would require the construction of at least 370 miles of triple-layered fence, and 500 miles of vehicle barrier at strategic locations along the southwest border. The amendment was passed by a vote of 83-16.

Dole voted for an amendment to make English the national language of the United States, which passed by a vote of 63-34.

Dole voted for an amendment to use up to 6,000 members of the National Guard in a supporting role for the purpose of securing our southern border. The amendment was passed by a vote of 83-10.

Dole supported an amendment that would have forbidden illegal immigrants from accumulating credit towards Social Security benefits for work performed with an invalid Social Security number. The fraudulent use of an American citizen’s Social Security number by an illegal immigrant can lead to serious consequences for the citizen, including tax liability based on illegal work, an IRS audit, and credit problems. Although Dole voted against a motion to table the amendment, the motion passed (and the amendment was defeated) by a single vote (50-49).

Dole voted against an amendment that would have expanded the provisions of the bill to provide amnesty to approximately 12 million immigrations in the United States illegally as of January 1, 2006. The amendment was defeated by a vote of 37-61.

Dole voted for an amendment that would have created a temporary worker program that was truly “temporary.” The bill’s existing “temporary worker” program provides illegal immigrants with a path to citizenship. This will result in massive and unprecedented levels of additional immigration. The amendment would have provided employers with the legal, temporary labor they need, while permitting the government to keep immigration to a reasonable level. The amendment was defeated by a vote of 31-67.

Dole voted against a motion to invoke cloture on the immigration bill. Although Dole strongly supports efforts to secure our borders, she opposes a number of provisions in the bill, including provisions granting amnesty to millions of persons here illegally and a provision that permits illegal immigrants who fraudulently use a U.S. citizen’s Social Security number to accumulate and collect Social Security benefits. The motion to invoke cloture was agreed to by a vote of 73-25.

Dole voted against a motion to waive budget objections to the immigration bill. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the current legislation, which provides amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, will dramatically increase federal expenditures for social service programs over the next 50 years. Dole agreed with a minority of senators that concerns about these additional costs should not be tossed aside in a rush to pass an amnesty-laden immigration bill. The motion to waive the budget objections was agreed to by a vote of 67-31.

Based on these efforts alone, Senator Dole will get my vote anytime she runs for reelection.

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May 13, 2006

Complacent Stupidity In Its Finest Hour

Now, isn't this just dandy...

An airline employee spoke with 6News about what he claims are serious breaches in security at Indianapolis International Airport.

The employee, who spoke with the station on condition of anonymity, said workers have been able to put weapons through secure areas and that packages can be put onto planes without proper security checks. The employee also said that workers don't undergo physical screenings.

The worker told 6News' Jeremy Brilliant about two airports -- the public side, where every bag is screened, every person is checked and some undergo more detailed random searches, and the back side, where ground crews work with no regular inspections and no physical checks of individuals or their belongings.

Now, far be it from me to tell the experts at the Transportation Security Administration{TSA} how to do their job, provided they are actually doing it. I don't mean doing most of it, I mean doing all of it.

Using a hidden camera, he recorded himself boarding two planes to illustrate how easy it is for a worker to walk onto aircraft unchecked.

"There is a hole and there is a breach. Employees breach security every single solitary day," the employee said.

Employees must swipe their badges to get access to the secure area of the airport.

The employee said workers encounter no metal detectors or guards. Airline employees are able to bring with them just about anything they want, the employee said.

"(We can bring) handguns, hunting knives, just a variety of things like that that they were able to bring out onto the secure area, or what they call a secure area, with no detection," he said.

This doesn't sound like they are doing the whole job to me, it sounds more like the people who strategize and implement security measures at airports are being complacent, lazy, budget-cheap and verrrrry stupid.

For example:

Indianapolis TSA Federal Security director David Kane said physical inspections aren't necessary, because employee names are continually checked against terrorist watch lists, and the workers undergo extensive background screening before they are given entry badges.

"It's a layered system. So, it's not just what you see at the front door and that's where it ends. It's not that at all," Kane said. "As long as we're making sure that people don't have the motivation, the predisposition, to commit crimes against the transportation system, the rest of it to me is a relationship between that person, their employer and their personal integrity."

...making sure that people don't have the motivation...

What an ass! What a pompous ass that guy is! What qualifies him to determine what's going on in the minds and personal lives of thousands of airport workers?

...employee names are continually checked against terrorist watch lists.

Terrorist watch lists?

What if some ground crew member with no previous terrorist association agrees to help his second cousin's friend by stashing some goodies aboard an aircraft, conveniently in the pockets of a list of seats provided him?

... the rest of it to me is a relationship between that person, their employer and their personal integrity."

Is this David Kane joking, or what? I'm sure Osama bin Laden would see the humor in all this, but I certainly don't. No Physical Security professional I've ever known, and I know several, including myself, would even dream that statement.

A Security organization is not supposed to assume anything where an "employer-employee relationship" or anyone's personal integrity is concerned. It is not supposed to be trusting in the areas of human goodness, honesty and benevolence. It is there to protect.

You can't, in any conscience, say you're protecting a principal by barricading the front of his house while leaving the rear and side doors open. In the case of the TSA, the principals are passengers and air crew, ultimately millions of people who look to the Transportation "Security" Administration to protect them. Protecting other people is one of the noblest of callings and it is one that engenders serious, inescapable responsibilities, tenacity and thoroughness among them.

An aviation report card issued by a national pilot's trade association gave the industry a failing grade for ground crews, because they aren't screened.

"If they had evil intent in mind and they're not being monitored, they could do just about whatever they want to do inside a wheel well of an aircraft or inside the cabin itself," said Jay Norelius, of the Coalition of Airline Pilots Association.

This doesn't sound like security, it sounds like Swiss cheese, and not screening these employees all but negates all of the front end efforts. Just go around the back, the door's unlocked. Great.

The worker told 6News he made his superiors aware of what he perceives as a threat months ago, but he said they shrugged it off.

"They pretty much just said ... it was unrealistic -- that yes, they're aware that something maybe could happen, but the chances of that happening were very slim," the worker said.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!!?

... they're aware that something maybe could happen, but the chances of that happening were very slim.

Maybe something could happen. Chances very slim.

How slim were the chances that terrorists would hijack four commercial airplanes and crash three of them into heavily populated buildings? Do those incompetent, lazy bean counters need to wait until an airplane or two explode in midair or crash into nuclear reactors or petrochemical plants before they get up on their hind legs and do their job?

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April 28, 2006

Alert From Bay Buchanan

I received this email alert from Bay Buchanan today and thought I'd pass it on.

Remember when Tyson got busted a few years ago for employing criminal aliens? Well, to judge from the following they're still at it. Remember, also that 1 May is the day when in-name-only Americans, criminal aliens and other folks either not fit to live in this country or simply too stupid to understand what they endorse are skipping work in solidarity with the movement that supports making America the only country on earth with no-limit open borders, violating federal law in the meantime and flying another country's flag above ours.

Read on....

May Day, May Day

Dear Friend,

Tyson’s Food plants are officially closing on Monday!! They say it is to
support the boycott called by our illegal workers—or could it be there
aren’t enough legal workers on the premises to keep the place operating?
If our man Chertoff wants America to buy into his tough talking posturing,
he’d march his federal agents into the executive suites of the chicken man
and round them up for deportation into the federal prison system.

Then there is the California Democratic Senate—they passed a resolution
supporting Monday’s “Great American Boycott 2006”. To clarify:
Legislators, who are paid by the taxpayers, whose jobs are to represent
the interests of these same taxpayers, are endorsing an effort designed
specifically -to harm these same taxpayers.

Some of the legislators are themselves going to walk off the job. No harm
done here.

Meanwhile the Star Spangled Banner is being translated into Spanish and
rushed into production in time for Monday’s big protest—they say it is a
sign of solidarity! Who is doing the pr for these guys? The Minutemen?

Consider: the street demonstrations of hundreds of thousands of illegals
completely backfired—polls show that Americans are two times more likely
to oppose their demands than support them after seeing the demonstrations.
Wait til they hear the latest version of our national anthem!

Now let me update you on what is happening back here in Washington.

The Senators came back from their Easter break with a clear understanding
that Americans have had it. It’s not that they care about the outrage of
the citizenry over the failure of Washington to stop the illegal invasion.
No, what they want is to pass amnesty. But they have concluded they
can’t do that until they have made some gesture toward the demands of the
masses: border control and enforcement first.

So this week two things happen. Both excellent but need to be kept in
context. The Senate passed nearly $2 billion for border security and
Homeland Security’s Michael Chertoff, cracked down on IFCO, wooden pallet
makers, arresting 1187 illegal workers at their plants and 6 mid
management types.

The question is: Is this Administration suddenly serious about border
security and enforcement---or are they simply appeasing the masses long
enough to get Congress to approve an amnesty for 20 million illegals. The
facts suggest the latter.

On the one hand Secretary Chertoff’s said his department was committed to
going after “employers who knowingly or recklessly hire unauthorized
workers”. But then he said we need to create a legal path for employers
to hire workers on a “temporary basis”. (Read: massive guest worker.)

Considering Mr. Chertoff released most of the arrested illegal workers
before the sun went down we can’t take him too seriously anyway.

So here is what I expect. Next week the Senate will be back to meeting
privately to decide how much of an amnesty they can jam through the
Senate. Then the following week or two they will go for it.

We can’t let them do it.

Our plan—get back on phones! I know you must be tired of calling but it
is working. It’s what got us the $2 billion and the single raid. And
what you see on Monday will convince you all over again how urgently this
nation needs your efforts.

Tell all the Senators you can call and your Congressman: No Amnesty and No
Guest Worker—Tell them you want a fence and serious enforcement, and you
want them now!

Friends, America doesn’t have much time left if we can’t make Washington
do their job. The demands on Monday will be for amnesty for 20 million
people and their families. Our voice must be louder than theirs. Please
call your Senators' offices starting again Monday and don’t stop
calling—America is depending on you as it never has before.

Thank you for all you are doing to save this nation. I’ll report again to
you next week.

Bay Buchanan

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April 13, 2006

A Site Worth Checking Out

If you have the opportunity and are as passionate about the criminal alien problem that's recently become a front line issue as I am, you must check out this website.

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April 08, 2006

Tom Tancredo's Response To Amnesty Defeat

Congressman Tom Tancredo, a real patriot and a conservative whom many right thinkers, including yours truly, believe would be a great next President if only he'd run in 2008, has been one of the staunchest fighters on Capital Hill against the criminal alien amnesty proposals that would severely damage this country.

Moving along to yesterday{I've been somewhat swamped with work for a new client}, here was his response to the defeat of the amnesty bill.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) today hailed the demise of the Senate’s amnesty deal which was brokered between Democrats and a handful of Republicans, yesterday. Cloture on the Martinez-Hagel pact was defeated in a 39-60 vote this morning.

“Today is a good day for America. The Senate – in a rare moment of clarity – rejected its amnesty-now, enforcement-later approach to immigration,” said Tancredo. “Over the Easter break, I will help inform the Senators’ constituents of what their representatives are doing in Washington. Hopefully, listening to their electorate will chasten these Senators so that they’ll put amnesty away for good.”

Tancredo continued, “No amnesty bill will pass the House of Representatives so long as Republican leadership holds to its promise to block legislation that doesn’t command the support of a GOP majority. Amnesty is a non-starter. If the Senate is serious about sending real security legislation to the President’s desk this year, it must take a different approach.”

Go, Tom!

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April 07, 2006

Criminal Immigration

The debate rages furiously on.

Those of us that care deeply about our country and the American people want to see our borders strengthened, criminal aliens sent back where they came from and a hearty "bye-bye" to the amnesty aspirations of a lot of foks who either haven't the ability to think things through to the consequences of such idiocy or are more concerned with PC political agendas than the wellbeing of our nation.

One of the most appalling things about the entire kerfuffle, in my opinion, has been the response of many schools to friction between students sporting American flags and wearing clothing that demonstrates patriotism and those who wave Mexican flags and proclaim that although they have the privilege of living here, Mexico is their country. These schools have actually forbidden students from bringing American flags on or near school property or wearing anything that might suggest solidarity with America and American principals. Recently, at least one school even prevented its ROTC from flying the American flag on their pole. Perchance some of my fellow Americans, not surprisingly members of the public education community, have forgotten what country they're in?

But I digress(me? hah!)...

Excuses like "they'll do the jobs Americans won't do" just don't cut it. Speaking for myself, I recently bought a house and needed a variety of jobs done, from carpentry to general labor, and have had no problem acquiring help from legal, born-in-the-USA Americans, in fact the responses to ads I've run were overwhelming -- a lot of Americans are looking for work, temporary and otherwise, but the proponents of opening wide the floodgates of criminal immigration prefer to either believe or pretend otherwise, or again, could care less as pushing a political agenda {at the expense of the American people} is all that matters to them.

Another argument put forth by the same faction is that if we give them amnesty, making them legally eligible to work here, they will be able to negotiate for better pay, join unions, etc. This is unthought-out malarkey at best, Utopian dreaming at worst.

Why, you ask?

Because, I reply, the reason criminals who employ "undocumented" aliens do so is because they can pay below minimum wage, match no employee payroll taxes, pay no insurance on the employees and extend no benefits. If suddenly these people who, according to law, should not even be in this country were able to ask for reasonable compensation, these same unscrupulous and basically treasonous employers would simply get rid of existing criminal aliens and hire more from a pool of others who have not been documented or cannot get the necessary permission to work in the United States. If they have been breaking the law to date, why should they abruptly start following the law then?

Also, who among them is going to provide any kind of proof to the government that an illegal alien has been illegally in their employ for more than two years or more than five years, in order to help them get this amnesty, unless these same fucking idiots politicians fighting for the decriminalization of illegally entering the country also offer them complete amnesty for their own years of lawbreaking?

C'mon, politicians, get your craniums out of your touchases and think things through. This is not a time to implement a cosmetic solution nor to pander to big business entities that thrive on hiring criminal aliens in order to put a few more pesos in their pockets!

The issue is being talked up at a forum here in North Carolina, my new home, and we are fortunate that my blog friend Mr. Ogre is at the proceedings. A number of speakers there have addressed the immigration issue both factually and to the point, and their contributions to the discussion can be found at Ogre's Politics & Views.

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March 30, 2006

Urgent Message

This in today from Bay Buchanan --

****Please, go to your Senators’ office this Monday, April 3 at noon****

Dear Friends,
While the Senate continues to debate the outrageous ideas of amnesty and
guest worker, calls and e-mails from Americans everywhere are pouring in.
Americans are furious that the Senate is even considering these failed and
dangerous proposals.

We need the Senate to do the right thing by us! We are the people they
are paid to represent! What we want is clear—border security and
enforcement of our laws. In short, we need our Congress to break with
their corporate masters and do their job--and we need them to do it now
before it is too late!

Please, if at all possible go to your local Senators’ offices at noon on
Monday, April 3rd —if that doesn’t work go anytime during the day. The
Senators will be in Washington, but their local staffs will pass on your

Also tell your friends and families about this effort—even make flyers and
pass them out in your neighborhood, send this message around the internet.
Help us get as many Americans as possible to show up at their Senators’
offices on Monday!

And please keep calling them as well—we can’t let them do this to America!

My best,
Bay Buchanan

PS Many of you have said we need to do more—a March on Washington or the
like. I have been talking to many people about it. It would take months
to do it right and I am not certain we have months. We need to get to the
Senators NOW! So in spite of the short notice we are asking you to
organize as many people as possible and go to at least one of your
Senators’ local offices this Monday.

PSS In the meantime I am trying to see if there is time for a massive
demonstration. If there is, I will move ahead if you are with me.

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January 04, 2006

Trusting Democrats With National Security?

If you have to miss an Ann Coulter column, don't miss this one.

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December 30, 2005

Spies Like Us

And a well written viewpoint by Kathleen Parker,

"The president has authorized a domestic spying program without court approval" sounds like Big Brother is breathing down all our necks. "The president has authorized national security agents to wiretap suspected terrorists" sounds like common sense.

Thus, try as I might, I can't muster outrage over what appears to be a reasonable action in the wake of 9/11. As a rule, I'm as averse as anyone to having people "spying" on me. I'm also as devoted to protecting civil liberties as any other American.

But the privilege of debating our constitutional rights requires first that we be alive. If federal agents want to listen in on suspected terrorists as they plot their next mass murder, please allow me to turn up the volume.

Meanwhile, unless I start placing calls to Peshawar using phrases such as "I want my 72 virgins now," then I figure I'm safe to make my next hair appointment without fear of exposure. OK, fine, so I highlight.

Read the entire column here.

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December 27, 2005

The N.Y. Post Weighs In On The N.Y. Times

This editorial in yesterday's New York Post is spot on, and points out transgressions on the part of the "newspaper of record" that could only be called treason, the right to freedom of the press notwithstanding.

Certain freedoms do, after all, carry with them a degree of responsibility and the NYT seems to have opted to disregard these responsibilities.

Has The New York Times declared itself to be on the front line in the war against the War on Terror? The self-styled paper of record seems to be trying to reclaim the loyalty of those radical lefties who ludicrously accused it of uncritically reporting on Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction.

Yet the paper has done more than merely try to embarrass the Bush administration these last few months.

It has published classified information — and thereby knowingly blown the covers of secret programs and agencies engaged in combating the terrorist threat.

The most notorious example was the paper's disclosure some 10 days ago that, since 9/11, the Bush administration has "secretly" engaged in warrantless eavesdropping on U.S.-based international phone calls and e-mails.


The Times says it held the story for more than a year, provoking a predictable uproar on the left. So why did it finally go ahead?

According to a Los Angeles Times report, New York Times editors knew that a book by the article's author was to be published in just a few weeks — and they feared losing their "exclusive" to their own reporter's outside work.

But the exact timing is highly suspect. The article appeared on the very day that the Senate was to vote on a Democratic filibuster against renewal of the anti-terrorist Patriot Act — a vote the Bush administration then lost. At least two previously undecided senators said they voted against the act precisely because of the Times piece.

And that's not the half of it:

Last May, the Times similarly "exposed" — in painstaking detail — the fact that the CIA uses its own airline service, posing as a private charter company, as "the discreet bus drivers of the battle against terrorism."

In fact, as the Times itself reported, "the civilian planes can go places American military craft would not be welcome." In an unconventional war, like the one against terrorism, the ability to move personnel around quickly and inconspicuously — or to deliver captured terrorists to a third country — is indispensable.

Thanks to the Times, that ability has been irrevocably compromised — costing Washington yet another vital tool in the War on Terror.


Then, not content to merely sabotage the federal government, the Times last week blew the whistle on the fact that the New York Police Department has been using plainclothes officers during protest demonstrations.

In particular, the cops have been exercising their vigilance on the group called Critical Mass, which the Times refers to benignly as "a monthly bicycle ride."

Not quite. Yes, it began as peaceful, law-abiding rides — orderly protests. But it deteriorated last year into mass disruptions of traffic.

A federal judge unwisely refused the city's demand that the riders obtain a police permit in advance — but still admitted that the monthly protests were "spawning potential dangers."

All along, the NYPD has not been trying to shut the Critical Mass protests down or abridge anyone's First Amendment rights. It has only insisted on safeguards — like permits — to guarantee that no laws are broken and traffic disruptions are held to a minimum.

Unable to get the courts to agree, the cops instead used plainclothes cops "to prevent and respond to acts of violence and other unlawful activity."

In other words, to protect the people of New York.

Now, the Times has "exposed" this police work — and not just in words, but by splashing the pictures of these undercover officers across the pages of the newspaper, without making even the slightest effort to protect their identities.

And make no mistake: The result will be to compromise the ability of the NYPD to work undercover at a time of increasing danger to the city from back-pack-toting terrorists — a la Madrid and London.

Does The New York Times consider it self a law unto itself — free to subversively undercut basic efforts by any government to protect and defend its citizens?

The Times, it appears, is less concerned with promoting its dubious views on civil liberties than with undercutting the Bush administration. The end result of the paper's flagrant irresponsibility: Lives have been put in danger on the international, national and local levels.

Al-Qaeda couldn't ask for better saboteurs in the U.S., people they presumeably don't even have to compensate, than the bunch of bald faced traitors over at the New York Times.

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December 22, 2005

Some Good News From The Hill

President Bush's barrage of criticism of the treasonous, suicidal, just plain moronic filibustering aimed at derailing the Patriot Act has paid off,

The terror-fighting USA Patriot Act may have a new lease on life. The GOP-controlled Senate on Wednesday approved a six-month extension of the USA Patriot Act to keep the anti-terror law from expiring on Dec. 31. President Bush gave it his grudging blessing.

The Republican-controlled House is now expected to come back and consider the Legislation keeping the 16 provisions of the law passed after the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington from expiring.

Well, that's something, we've gotten a reprieve, anyway, and perhaps this will provide those on the Hill with common sense to convince those whose common sense is on hiatus and maybe even those whose political ambitions or leanings override what common sense they do have to reconsider their profoundly dangerous opposition to the Patriot Act's renewal.

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December 20, 2005

Once Again, And --

-- as usual,

Bush Was Right.

Posted by Seth at 09:04 PM |

To The Point

Debra J. Saunders could not have put things more in perspective.

Some D.C. Democrats are demanding an investigation — impeachment even — in the wake of last week's New York Times' story about the National Security Agency's warrantless eavesdropping on international calls and e-mails from suspected terror players to Americans. The shriller they get, the more President Bush looks like a strong leader who is willing to stick out his neck and take the heat to protect the American people.

George W. Bush protects our country against terrorism, the Democrats find anything they can at fault with him in that regard: They seem to think that playing with our very lives is no big deal, as long as they have the opportunity to score their cheap, scuzzy little political victories. They can obstruct Bush's Homeland Security endeavors and we can get creamed as a result, no problem, if a few thousand Americans die because of them, they'll just blame it on Bush.

These are U.S. senators and representatives and the Mainstream Media. People we're supposed to trust, point blank: committing treason to further their own political interests.

They seem to think that our lives are just fodder for their politics, nothing more. They are the Democrats.

Debra makes an excellent point, before the fact:

As for the get-Bush crowd, I have a little suggestion: Don't tie the hands of the intelligence community — and then hold hearings about intelligence breakdowns if there is another attack on American soil.

Exactly -- the next 9/11 will be as much the fault of the Democrats as it will consist of blame upon the terrorists, because the Democrats are so intent upon sabotaging the Bush defense efforts for political reasons. Our homeland security, yours and my lives, mean nothing to them, their only agenda is attacking George Bush.

Give the column a read, here.

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December 18, 2005

Senators From Hell

First We Have John McCain's "Al-Qaeda Bill Of Rights," now President Bush has to do this because lawmakers are now seeking to put our nation in danger of sequels to 9/11.

President Bush, at the White House yesterday, calls for renewing the anti-terror act because "we cannot afford to be without this law for a single moment." President Bush yesterday blasted senators using a filibuster to block renewal of the Patriot Act, calling the move irresponsible and saying it puts American lives at risk.

Are these people nuts?

"In the war on terror, we cannot afford to be without this law for a single moment," Bush said in a rare live version of his weekly radio address.

He demanded full reauthorization of the act, parts of which are set to expire within two weeks.

"The terrorist threat to our country will not expire in two weeks," Bush said. "The terrorists want to attack America again and inflict even greater damage than they did on September the 11th."

These suicidal, stupid effin' anti-Bush vote-chasers U.S. Senators are thinking through organs other than those inside their craniums.

Bush also took aim at leaks that have exposed a secret National Security Agency eavesdropping program that he authorized after the 9/11 attacks.

"Revealing classified information is illegal, alerts our enemies and endangers our country," he said.

A report about the domestic spying appeared in Friday's New York Times. Bush described the program as narrowly designed and called its use "consistent with U.S. law and the Constitution."

He added that it had only been used to intercept international communications of people inside the United States determined to have "a clear link" to al Qaeda or related terrorist organizations.

"This is a highly classified program that is crucial to our national security," he insisted.

The program is reviewed every 45 days, using fresh threat assessments, legal reviews by the Justice Department, White House counsel and others and information previously obtained under the program, he added.

It's good to know{NOT!} that these boneheads elected U.S. officials at least have some soul mates(cell mates would be better, I mean treason is still illegal, isn't it?) over at the New York Times, in terms of irresponsible journalists who'll publish anything they believe might hurt the administration without first looking thoroughly at the legalities, pretending as though members of al-Qaeda don't also read the newspapers.

If there really is a quagmire anywhere in the War On Terror, it's located on Capital Hill.

Raven has more on the New York Times issue.

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December 16, 2005

Another One From Joe Scarborough

I fly a lot -- not like Superman or Sister Bertrille, lacking in their skills I'm limited to airplanes, mostly those operated by American and United Airlines.

As a result, I pass through the TSA's screening menage enough that I'm familiar with every variant -- despite the fact that all airport screening crews work for the same gubmint agency, they seem to do things differently at different airports.

I'm not a very well organized traveller, I tend to procrastinate, during multi-destination trips, when it comes to booking my next flight, from, say, point B to point C, and sometimes do so only a day before making a flight. This sends up a flag at the respective airline itself, and their computers put through an automatic request for a behind the scenes baggage inspection and a session at the screening point with Mr. Wand.

I've been through airports that required removing shoes, a few that didn't, some that restrained you from leaving the scanning area until all your possessions(pocket items, laptop, etc) had cleared the conveyor belt, and many whose agents were not very thorough. I blogged back in October about how a Swiss Army knife I'd totally forgotten about, buried deep in my computer carrying case in August, had travelled through a whole bunch of airports, including O'Hare, Midway, Dulles, National, Orlando, JFK and others before being found by a diligent screener at Logan in early October.

While headed for a recent flight from Reagan National to O'Hare on a day that was really, really quiet, I found myself in a quagmire of utter confusion at a screening point because some idiot had left the shoulder strap from a carry-on bag hanging outside the plastic bin you put your stuff in for scanning and it got itself jammed in the conveyor belt. Suddenly several of the screeners were over there attempting to wrestle the strap loose(they looked like the Keystone TSA Screeners) while others tried to reroute the line to the adjacent conveyor belts. Talk about professionalism, it was indeed a professional mess.

But beyond these vagaries in the millieu(man, too much French for this time of the morning --meeelyiewww-- gag--choke!) of being established as a probable non-terrorist and a safe bet to allow aboard the airplane, there is still the issue of political correctness that overshadows the entire experience.

And that is the policy of including every kind of person in the "special attention" category... except those whose profiles most match those of the kind of terrorist all this extra security and extra hassle was added on to keep from getting aboard airplanes to begin with.

Young Arab males, one of the ACLU's protected categories, along with pedophi-- oops, there I go, off on one of my digressions -- okay, this time I'll stay on topic.

Sure, we've all been over this many times, but our entreaties seem to be falling on deaf ears. Instead of responding to realistic criticism, the TSA is indulging in appeasement tactics. Sure, this pass card program they're gearing up for will make things a little more convenient for us frequent flyers, at least until we all have them and the lines we access become longer than the lines of those who don't, and sure, it will be nice for those who have little pairs of scissors and souvenir letter openers in their carryons to be able to keep them -- it really doesn't matter, anyway: A terrorist can order a can of ginger ale and rip it open to make a nasty slashing weapon, for one of many examples I could make but won't, I don't want to give anybody any even "better" ideas they don't have already.

The point is, those who most fit the terrorist profile are the ones who need to be given the most attention, not a little old lady from Kalamazoo or a four year old girl clutching the latest Barbie and sucking her thumb.

I'll say no more, and let former Congressman Joe Scarborough say the rest.

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December 03, 2005

Now THIS Is A Good Idea!

The Miami Police Department has created a program that should keep citizens aware of the possibility of terrorist acts being perpetrated in their city, inspire vigilance and make things just a little bit hotter for any terrorists planning any operations there.

MIAMI - City police will attempt to thwart terrorists by staging random, "in-your-face" security operations at so-called "soft" targets ranging from city buses to sports arenas, officials announced Monday.

The idea behind the "Miami Shield" program is to make such targets less attractive to terrorists and improve vigilance among Miami residents. Deputy Police Chief Frank Fernandez said al-Qaida and other terror groups carefully plot their attacks based in part on surveillance that identifies flaws and patterns in security.

Random, high-profile security operations will keep terrorists guessing about where police might be next, he said. For example, a group of officers might surround a downtown bank building, checking the identification of each person going in and out and handing out leaflets about terror threats.

"This is an in-your-face type of strategy. It's letting the terrorists know we are out there," Fernandez said.

What amazes yours truly is that the ACLU actually says they find no grounds for mounting one of their usual pit-bull legal attacks on the program. Hmmm...

Some police counterterrorism actions around the country have sparked debate about their constitutionality. The American Civil Liberties Union has filed one lawsuit in New York to challenge random searches of the bags of subway riders; a federal appeals court has halted pat-down searches at the stadium in Tampa where the NFL's Buccaneers play after another ACLU lawsuit.

Howard Simon, executive director of ACLU of Florida, said the Miami initiative as announced appears aimed at ensuring people's rights are not violated.

"What we're dealing with is officers on street patrol, which is more effective and more consistent with the Constitution," Simon said. "We'll have to see how it is implemented."

Give 'em time, they'll find something, especially if the program seems to be enjoying any kind of success over the long haul, since what's good for America is not good for the ACLU, and vice versa.

Fernandez said Miami officials want people to take notice of the beefed-up security so they are reminded that the threat from al-Qaida and its sympathizers has not disappeared.

"People are definitely going to notice it," he said. "We want that shock. We want that awe. But at the same time, we don't want people to feel their rights are being threatened. We need them to be our eyes and ears."

At Monday's Heat game against the New York Knicks, season ticket holder Tony Gonzalez, 34, said he wasn't worried about any potential violation of civil liberties.

"When you enter an arena or stadium at full capacity you just don't know who is going through the turnstiles," said Gonzalez, an attorney. "Everything that helps our security, I'm for it."

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November 07, 2005

A Real Asset For Disaster Response

In the aftermath of the disasterous wave of hurricanes we were recently slammed by, acts of nature that turned thousands of U.S. citizens into "refugees" of a kind as they flooded cities and destroyed homes, there is still much recrimination from both sides of the political spectrum as to who was to blame for what has been termed an "inadequate response."

Face it, no matter how much a government plans for natural disasters, until one comes down on us with a vengeance as Katrina and her siblings did, we really cannot know whether those untested rescue and relief measures we have planned are going to be adequate to the task.

Now our response system has indeed been tested and found wanting, and we know more -- ain't hindsight wonderful -- about how bad things can get and what we need in the event of another "worst case scenario."

So what happens now? Do a bunch of politicians sit around and do what they do best, which is jaw the subject around for a few months{before and after the coming congressional recess -- boy, I'll bet a lot of working Americans wish they could enjoy the lengthy holiday vacation Members of Congress are entitled to} -- and then produce some wordy page of legalese only an attorney can understand, full of doubletalk, pontification and little else?

Or will they look here?

So, you want to see what these old girls will be able to do? Here's a list of only a few things we can provide during a Coastal State disaster (such as flooding or a hurricane)

----Service a disaster area of up to 10,000 square miles (up to 100 miles inland) with minimal (if any) outside support

----Provide complete berthing facilities for up to 400 emergency responders "on scene" at a disaster site

----Fully integrated communications system serving all local, state, and federal agencies, as well as cell phone coverage and military band frequencies--allowing for seamless communications between all disaster scene personnel, no matter what radio frequency or cell phone is being used.

----Daily provide 110 tons of bagged and palletized ice to the disaster region

----Daily generate, bottle, and palletize up to 50,000 gallons of fresh water

----Provide refueling station and loading platform for helicopters operating in the disaster area

----Carry over 7,000 tons of food and supplies for a disaster area

----Store (and provide delivery of) 700,000 gallons of diesel, gasoline, and aviation fuel for use in the disaster area on emergency vehicles and critical needs generators (hospitals, emergency operation centers, etc)

We now have the opportunity to add a couple of these eminently mega-useful ships to our disaster response effort, but in order for this to take place, Congress must give it a thumbs up. Congress will only be available for another two weeks before their next session opens in 2006.

So there is a rush on this, and all of us can be instrumental, with a simple email or telephone call, in making it happen.

Below are those to contact:

Senator Cochran, (R-MS) (Chairman of Appropriations)
Phone: (202) 224-5054
Internet Contact Form

Senator DeWine, (R-OH)
Phone: (202) 224-2315
Fax: (202) 224-6519
Becky Watts has the legislation for his office
Internet Contact Form

Senator Shelby, (R-AL)
Phone: (202) 224-5744
Fax: (202) 224-3416
Ryan Welch has the legislation for his office

Senator Sessions, (R-AL)
Phone: (202) 224-4124
Fax: (202) 224-3149
Stephen Boyd has the legislation for his office
Internet Contact Form

For further information and links to other sites posting on this, please visit Phin's Blog.

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November 03, 2005

Why Didn't They Think Of This Sooner?

The Transportation Security Administration{TSA}has come up with a plan that will definitely eliminate a lot of hassle for travellers when they pass through airport security checkpoints.

WASHINGTON -- The government wants to offer airline passengers the chance to avoid extra security checks.

The Transportation Security Administration plans to make a "registered traveler" program available nationwide, agency chief Kip Hawley said Thursday in prepared testimony to Congress. The initial rollout is scheduled for June 20.

The program, which was tested at five airports, allows people to avoid random pat-downs if they pay a fee, clear a voluntary background check and provide some form of biometric identification, like a fingerprint. It's designed to let people who travel often avoid delays and to free up screeners to focus on other travelers.

"We believe that a nationwide registered traveler program can provide expedited screening for many travelers and enhance aviation security as well," Hawley told the House Homeland Security subcommittee on economic security.

Hawley said the TSA is considering adding benefits to the program, such as letting registered travelers keep their shoes and their jackets on, or setting up special screening lanes.


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October 31, 2005

For Some, Deportation's Not Enough

According to members of both the F.B.I. and the Homeland Security Department's Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, the government's policy of deporting illegal aliens belonging to MS-13, the gang named Mara Salvatrucha has been working in the gang's favor.

...a deportation policy aimed in part at breaking up a Los Angeles street gang has backfired and helped spread it across Central America and back into other parts of the United States. Newly organized cells in El Salvador have returned to establish strongholds in metropolitan Washington, D.C., and other U.S. cities. Prisons in El Salvador have become nerve centers, authorities say, where deported leaders from Los Angeles communicate with gang cliques across the United States.

A gang that once numbered a few thousand and was involved in street violence and turf battles has morphed into an international network with as many as 50,000 members, the most hard-core engaging in extortion, immigrant smuggling and racketeering. In the last year, the federal government has brought racketeering cases against MS-13 members in Long Island, N.Y., and southern Maryland.

Very interesting story, one that indicates the need for a change of policy where dealing with MS-13 members is concerned.

It is certainly bad enough, thanks to our porous borders, that we face a veritable infestation of illegal aliens in the United States --Mustang at Social Sense has a great post on our lax border security situation and the illegal alien problem that continues in a long, highly informed comment thread, well worth checking out -- but to be infiltrated also by gangs of violent criminals who make our own domestic gangs seem like weak amateurs is an inexcusable breach of homeland security.

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