December 07, 2006

Yeah, I know....

.... my next post was going to be my book review, but I've run into something else in the meantime... A particuar idol of mine, Julia Gorin, has some really great stuff, we're talking rare patriotic comedy (that's right, rare -- most of today's comedy seems to come from the far left -- not just the left, mind you, but the far left).

Here, we see some education in progress.

Julia is the hot, cute, dark haired woman.

Moving right along, let's think about programs like The View, or whatever that show is, that allows a treasonous, tongue-in-something other than cheek kind of gal to make treasonous statements against our government and honor an equally treasonous, leftist midget to the point that they allow him to come on the air drunk out of his mind and demean our country.

Here is Julia's response to that one , and even though one of the only two hats I ever wear is a ball cap that says: Animals: It's what's for dinner, that hat goes off to her.

From the awesome Julia Gorin

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July 05, 2006


There are 3 Frenchman in the world whom I respect, one I know personally and two I have never met, one of those latter of whom I would like to meet.

This one is a blogger I've mentioned before, one of my all-time favorites who, for reasons of which I have no idea as it is a loss, rarely posts anymore, and more's the pity because he is infinitely more a friend to America and the principles that make it great than the entire spectrum of American liberals.

Due to 4th of July activities, I only just saw his new post, and it is a wonderful Independence Day flash video tribute to America.

Thank You, Frogman!

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