November 16, 2006

NAU Revisited

Not too long ago, I posted about the coming of the North American Union, an agenda which, much to my chagrin, is being engineered by the man I voted for twice for President and his counterparts in Mexico and Canada.

Some commenters took this either with a grain of salt, some with a degree of alarm, some, I thought, may have humored me with their comments.

As they say, it's all good. The very concept sounds both farfetched and absurd, like the plot of a Robert Ludlum novel or the fantasies of a serious paranoid.

After all, conspiracy theories abound, right?

I had thought my research on the subject was pretty extensive, in fact, somewhere along the line I was reminded of my ex-wife's own "ravings", back in the days of the Carter Administration, when she talked about then National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski's ambitions toward what was called the Trilateral Commission.

In those days I was still kinda' sorta' liberal and pretty laid back, and to tell the truth, couldn't give the proverbial "flying fuck" about such things. Please excuse mah French (spit!)....

In the comments section of my post on the North American Union ambitions of those involved, the forever awesome Always On Watch suggested that I contact a great blog called Sixth Column, who had been following the NAU proceedings for some time. I did.

We resolved to share information on anything our respective research unearthed on the subject. In that quarter, they have thus far kicked my ass, LOL.

An emailed article I recently received provides the entire history, names, methods, intentions, chronology and all, of events leading up to what is now the plan for the North American Union. It is lengthy and will require some time, but I urge you to read it in its entirety.

It should convince you, in alarming detail, of what is to come in the next four years, no matter what else occurs in the political spectrum of the United States of America.

It is here.

As I said last time out, we are indeed in grave trouble, because our very sovereignty is about to be sacrificed on the altar of corporate expediency. While our future Congresses and POTUSes will govern our country, they will be like state legislatures, while extranational congresses determine the details of our economy (a collective with Mexico and Canada), eventually becoming part of a global collective consisting of the EU, the NAU, the SAU, the AU, etc....

We are in big trouble here, a world government awaits just around the corner, and most unfortunately, the politicians who might be able to prevent it are being kept outside the loop.

As I said in my previous post about this, the involved congresses/parliaments, etc involved herein have been kept in the dark about it, as has the media.

I am wondering whether we are going to wake up and deal with this, or whether we're simply going to drift into it in blissful ignorance, becoming an entirely different country....


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September 07, 2006

All I Can Say About This Is...


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August 13, 2006

Oh, When Will They Ever Learn...?

It is purely amazing that western leaders still haven't figured out what happens when they extend Arab Muslims any kind of trust, as in the trust that they will honor peace agreements.

While it's true that Israel left a lot of room for improvement in strategizing their ground war in Lebanon -- not the fault of the IDF, but the fault of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and his jolly retinue for taking it upon themselves to manage the war rather than let his generals do what they're paid to do -- the result has been a sort of aimless deployment of reservist troops who don't have a clue as to what, exactly, their objectives are -- President Bush lived up to the liberals' claim that he is "dumb", in this case, by reversing his earlier policy and endorsing a cease-fire. As a two-time Bush voter, I am, at the very least, profoundly disappointed.

I mean, what does it take for the most powerful politician in the world to finally "get it?" A man who's been spearheading a global war against Islamic terrorists for nearly five (count 'em 5) years, who has had all that time to learn, from vast experience, the charactar of the enemy. This has to be one of the biggest screw-ups of our President's career, one that will ultimately result in putting our troops in Iraq and elsewhere in greater danger than they need be, to say nothing of what Israel will now have to deal with.

And Olmert shares the blame, for signing off on the cease-fire.

Naturally, the Lebanese government and Hezbollah also signed off on it -- why not?

Just as the Arab Muslim world viewed Israel's previous withdrawal from Lebanon as a victory for Hezbollah -- giving the terrorist organization the dubious reputation as the only Arab entity ever to beat Israel in war, they will do so once again. U.N. resolution 1701 is not law, Olmert could have told Bush, Kofi and the capitulative socialist powers of Europe to go piss up a rope, instead he agreed to a plan that not only may never see the return of two abducted Israeli soldiers, assuming they're really even alive at this point, but one that places the responsibility, for the moment, of disarming Hezbollah in the hands of their comrades in the Lebanese Army. It also leaves, for the time being, the same impotent U.N. presence in southern Lebanon -- you know, the one that has thus far been more a help than a hindrance to the terrorist organization -- that's been there since the last U.N. resolution regarding the Israeli-Lebanese border area. This means that in short order, Hezbollah can be back to the business of firing rockets into Israel and launching the occasional cross-border raid.

In the convoluted, primitive Muslim mind, this will be a major victory for Hezbollah and, as we've seen in the aftermath of past perceived terrorist victories, this perceived victory will inspire Hezbollah and all other Islamic terrorist groups to increase their attacks, not only against Israel, now that they will have perceived weakness there, but also against U.S. forces in Iraq, as President Bush's support for the cease-fire plan will send the Islamofascist terrorists and backers of terrorism in Iran, and indeed throughout the Arab world, the message that our resolve has been weakened by world opinion.

Caroline Glick has an on-point analysis up at GAMLA's website.

There is a good reason that Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah has accepted UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which sets the terms for a cease-fire between his jihad army and the State of Israel.

The resolution represents a near-total victory for Hizbullah and its state sponsors Iran and Syria, and an unprecedented defeat for Israel and its ally the United States. This fact is evident both in the text of the resolution and in the very fact that the US decided to sponsor a cease-fire resolution before Israel had dismantled or seriously degraded Hizbullah's military capabilities.

While the resolution was not passed under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter and so does not have the authority of law, in practice it makes it all but impossible for Israel to defend itself against Hizbullah aggression without being exposed to international condemnation on an unprecedented scale.

This is the case first of all because the resolution places responsibility for determining compliance in the hands of UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. Annan has distinguished himself as a man capable only of condemning Israel for its acts of self-defense while ignoring the fact that in attacking Israel, its enemies are guilty of war crimes. By empowering Annan to evaluate compliance, the resolution all but ensures that Hizbullah will not be forced to disarm and that Israel will be forced to give up the right to defend itself.

The resolution makes absolutely no mention of either Syria or Iran, without whose support Hizbullah could neither exist nor wage an illegal war against Israel. In so ignoring Hizbullah's sponsors, it ignores the regional aspect of the current war and sends the message to these two states that they may continue to equip terrorist armies in Lebanon, the Palestinian Authority and Iraq with the latest weaponry without paying a price for their aggression.

The resolution presents Hizbullah with a clear diplomatic victory by placing their erroneous claim of Lebanese sovereignty over the Shaba Farms, or Mount Dov - a vast area on the Golan Heights that separates the Syrian Golan from the Upper Galilee and is disputed between Israel and Syria - on the negotiating table. In doing so, the resolution rewards Hizbullah's aggression by giving international legitimacy to its demand for territorial aggrandizement via acts of aggression, in contravention of the laws of nations.

Truncating {that's the "sophisticated" version of snip}

Aside from the resolution's egregious language, the very fact that the US has sponsored a resolution that leaves Hizbullah intact as a fighting force constitutes a devastating blow to the national security of both Israel and the US, for the following reasons:

It grants the Lebanese government and military unwarranted legitimacy. The resolution treats the Lebanese government and military as credible bodies. However, the Lebanese government is currently under the de facto control of Hizbullah and Syria.
Moreover, the Lebanese army is paying pensions to the families of Hizbullah fighters killed in battle, and its forces have actively assisted Hizbullah in attacking Israel and Israeli military targets.

Indeed, the seven-point declaration issued by the Lebanese government, which the UN resolution applauds, was dictated by Hizbullah, as admitted by Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Saniora and Nasrallah last week.

It incites Shi'ite violence in Iraq. From a US perspective, the resolution drastically increases the threat of a radical Shi'ite revolt in Iraq. Hizbullah is intimately tied to Iraqi Shi'ite terrorist Muqtada al-Sadr. In April 2003, Hizbullah opened offices in southern Iraq and was instrumental in training the Mahdi Army, which Sadr leads. During a demonstration in Baghdad last week, Sadr's followers demanded that he consider them an extension of Hizbullah, and expressed a genuine desire to participate in Hizbullah's war against the US and Israel.

It should be assumed that Hizbullah's presumptive victory in its war against Israel will act as a catalyst for violence by Sadr and his followers against the Iraqi government and coalition forces in the weeks to come. Indeed, the Hizbullah victory will severely weaken moderate Shi'ites in the Maliki government and among the followers of Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani.

It empowers Iran. Iran emerges as the main victor in the current war. Not only was it not condemned for its sponsorship of Hizbullah, it is being rewarded for that sponsorship because it is clear to all parties that Iran was the engine behind this war, and that its side has won.

The entire article can be read here.

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March 15, 2006


There's a column in today's Jewish World Review online by Johnathan Tobin on the United Nations Relief And Works Agency{UNRWA}, that discusses a long ongoing issue that the weasels fine folks at Turtle Bay have been ignoring for years, an issue that's been snowballing quietly along without any coverage by the liberal media that wouldn't be dwarfed by their tireless flogging of Abu Ghraib, the federal response to Katrina or the monitoring of terrorist phone conversations by the Bush Administration.

As detailed in a new Jewish Telegraphic Agency series of reports on the topic, UNRWA's record is one of complicity not only with the political ends of the Palestinian movement, but with its violent tactics as well.

Many of UNRWA's employees are members not only of mainstream Palestinian terror factions such as Fatah, but of the Islamist Hamas group as well. UNRWA suffered a major embarrassment when its former director, the Norwegian bureaucrat Peter Hansen, admitted as much two years ago, saying it was no big deal. Indeed, in the recent Palestinian election, a number of UNRWA workers were Hamas parliamentary candidates.

The U.N. is not, nor has it ever been, a friend to Israel. When Palestinian terrorists blow up a dining room full of Jews having a holiday meal, the Israelis get mild condolences from Koffi Annon while the Palestinians must make due with an equally mild rebuke. When the Israelis counterstrike, they are victimizing the poor, downtrodden, stateless Arabs who have Semtexed their way out of having a state of their own repeatedly.

What did Abba Eban say?

"The Palestinians never lose the chance to miss an opportunity," or something like that.

Instead, they terrorize, and much of that tax generated bounty we and other countries, via the U.N., send to the UNRWA helps to finance that terrorism. There are even Hamas terrorists on UNRWA staff!

What's up with that?

Only an idiot could believe that the U.N. officials who oversee UNRWA aren't totally cognizant of this state of affairs. If they aren't, they should be delivering croissants door to door or cleaning fish for a living, not heading up an agency of this magnitude at the United Nations.

Back in October, I was emailed a link to an in-depth article on UNRWA written by a journalist who is an expert on Arab-Israeli affairs and related terrorism issues and a tenacious investigator, the venerable Arlene Kushner, and I posted on it and quoted large segments of the article.

It's a great and informative read, and can be found here.

UNRWA is a corrupt, terror sponsoring disaster financed mostly with our money, and unlike other U.N. agencies assembled to help refugees, it is a Palestinians-only venue and one that has not only failed to produce its stated goals, but managed to oversee the exponential increase, through generations of procreation, of its client load.

The Hammas members on its payroll must laugh at us every day.

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January 24, 2006

U.N. Corruption? What's New?

Something's shaking here.

Corruption at the United Nations?



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December 27, 2005

Quagmire Of Corruption

The Times of London's James Bone comments on an incident in which U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan went off on him for asking a perfectly straightforward question whose honest answer might have implicated both Kofi and his Oil For Food profiteering, general purpose sleazeball son, Kojo, in a simple act of fraud by means of misuse of the elder Annan's diplomatic U.N. status.

It was with some amusement that I found myself the target of a decidedly undiplomatic tirade by the U.N. chief at a news conference last week. The usually mild Mr. Annan erupted in an ad hominem attack, calling me "cheeky" and belittling me as an "overgrown schoolboy." Although I have covered the U.N. in minute detail for The Times of London since 1988, and have known Mr. Annan for almost all that time, he suggested I was not a "serious journalist."

The cause of Mr. Annan's ire was a question I put to him about a Mercedes car that his son Kojo had imported into Ghana (and which cannot, now, be traced). The facts indicate that Kojo had bought the car in his father's name, thereby obtaining a diplomatic discount and a tax exemption totaling more than $20,000. The question about the car -- to which Mr. Annan again refused to give a satisfactory answer -- is part of the wider probe into his role in the U.N.'s Oil for Food scandal. Despite months of investigation, important questions about the integrity of public officials remain unanswered. If we are serious about U.N. reform -- as Mr. Annan claims to be -- they must be resolved.

It is a time-honored tradition at the U.N. to bury a scandal by conducting an inadequate inquiry and then declaring the matter closed. Mr. Annan did precisely that when news first broke in January 1999 of his son's involvement with a Swiss firm that won a U.N. contract in Iraq.

Read Bone's entire article here.

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Waiting For Real Aid

Mark Steyn with another great column, this one on the tsunami vs the bullshit rhetorical hypocritical useless windbag response by bullshit rhetorical useless windbag United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Jan Egeland and his colleagues at the U.N.

It's one thing to invent humanitarian disasters to disparage President Bush's unilateralist warmongering. But after the tsunami the U.N. was reduced to inventing a humanitarian disaster to distract attention from the existing humanitarian disaster it wasn't doing anything about.

LOL! Eloquently put!

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November 18, 2005

Throwing Good Money After Bad

So Kofi wants money for renovations and upgrades at Turtle Bay.

November 18, 2005 -- The renovation of the United Nations' aging East Side headquarters could cost $1.9 billion — more than a third above previous estimates, U.N. officials said yesterday. Secretary-General Kofi Annan blamed skyrocketing Manhattan real estate and construction costs, expensive security and the balky state Legislature for pricey revisions in previous plans.

He said it was "critical" for the General Assembly to approve a new scheme for the 53-year-old building, which he said had serious fire code, environmental and hazardous materials problems.

There is one member nation the U.N. has done nothing for and everything against, it is that same country that seems somehow to foot most of the bills for that corrupt, overbureaucratized, underachieving, expensively useless quagmire, in addition to being its host.... Wait, isn't that the United States?....

We can see where Kofi's going with this: New York{an American city} is to blame for high costs of real estate and renovation and the New York State{an American state} legislature is to be blamed for "pricey revisions in previous plans," and oh, let's not forget the high costs of security{provided by Americans}.

What do you bet that in view of all this, it will, in Kofi's estimate, be the job of the American taxpayer, since the high costs are "America's fault," to finance the majority of renovation costs so that various and sundry tinpot dictatorships, socialist governments and Islamofascist states can condemn all that America stands for, on American soil, in increased comfort and "safer" conditions?


The United States would likely end up paying for a large share of the increase. U.S. Ambassador John Bolton said yesterday his staff was studying the newly released figures.

John, how 'bout letting France pick up the tab for a change?

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October 29, 2005

Turtle Bay Blues

Paul Volcker certainly exposed a quagmire of malfeasance, corruption and what's apparently come to be accepted as "business as usual" at the U.N.

October 29, 2005 -- Paul Volcker's final report on his investigation of the United Nations' $64 billion Iraqi Oil-for-Food program is a stunning indictment of, well, the entire United Nations. Yes, Saddam Hussein himself pocketed $1.8 billion through kickbacks alone from a program that was meant to feed his nation's starving people — endangered by the economic sanctions he himself had provoked by his violations of the 1991 Gulf War ceasefire accords.

Yes, fully half of the 4,500 companies involved in the program — many of them recognizable corporate names — kicked back funds to Saddam's regime in order to land lucrative oil contracts.

And, yes, political figures from around the world — especially from Russia and France — landed contracts in direct proportion to their willingness to oppose continued sanctions against Iraq.

George Galloway, the malignant British parliament member who was Saddam's virtual mouthpiece in the run-up to the war, appears to have pocketed $270,000, funneled through his (now estranged) Palestinian wife.

Fr. Jean-Marie Benjamin, a former top aide to the Vatican's secretary of state who had formed an anti-sanctions group, and France's former U.N. ambassador, Jean-Bertrand Merrimee, both got six-figure deals.

Some were simply profiteers — like Marc Rich, the fugitive financier who was spared a U.S. prison term for tax evasion thanks to a last-minute presidential pardon from Bill Clinton.

Read on...

One wonders, however, why the former Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve spared Kofi Annan.

As for Annan himself, we don't really know the full extent of his culpability, beyond his son Kojo's widely reported involvement in oil contracts.

Volcker, you see, has admitted taking care that his investigation not result in Annan's being toppled from his post.

"I felt uncomfortably," he said, of the point where he realized Annan might lose his job.


Well, we feel uncomfortably that Annan still has his job.

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October 24, 2005

Kofi, the U.N. And Israel

At Jewish World Review, Johnathan Tobin weighs in on Kofi Annan's recent benevolent change of attitude toward Israel and the issues that render it a mere attempt to mask his and the embattled U.N.'s true feelings toward the Jewish State. The column in its entirety is here.

...The United Nations seemed to be sliding back toward old-style anti-Semitism as the organization reached its zenith at its International Conference on Racism in Durban, South Africa, in the weeks before the Sept. 11 attacks. But Secretary General Kofi Annan has been spreading good will toward the Jews right and left these days. In the last year, the United Nations officially condemned anti-Semitism (amazing!) and commemorated the liberation of the Nazi death camps.

But before we prepare to sing the praises of Annan and the rest of the inmates of that peculiar birdcage that sits on the shores of Manhattan's East River, a little perspective is needed. Along with appreciation for the gestures, we need to ask why this is happening, and just how far this new passion for fairness extends.

The answer to the first question is more than obvious. Annan and the United Nations are in deep trouble. The fallout from the oil-for-food scandal has just begun. Billions intended to aid the Iraqi poor during the last years of Saddam Hussein's regime instead fell into the hands of Saddam and his foreign partners in crime while Annan did nothing. Even worse, his son Kojo played a role in this grand larceny. And that's just the tip of the iceberg for an institution in which corruption, inefficiency and hypocrisy are merely business as usual.

The call for reform was so widespread that, in a comic turn, Annan took it up himself this year. His strategy for halting the momentum of the United Nation's critics was smart: Throw the Jews a few bones and hope that the barking of the activists will settle down.

But beyond the atmospherics that are so dearly appreciated by those lonely Israeli diplomats, what is really changing at the United Nations? The answer to that question is far from settled.

That's because no matter how many tea parties Israeli envoys are invited to, U.N. anti-Zionism is grounded in more than just the hard hearts of so many of the delegates and permanent employees there.

It's at the United Nations and its agency offices around the globe where hatred of Israel is not merely an opinion.

There, it is institutionalized in committees and agencies that exist to undermine the legitimacy of the Jewish state and to provide forums for those who wish to attack it.

Chief among these institutions is the U.N. Relief and Works Agency, created in 1949 ostensibly to aid Palestinian refugees. All other refugees around the world since then have depended on the U.N. High Commission for Refugees for help. Only the Palestinians have their own U.N. agency. But unlike every other refugee problem, the Palestinians were not resettled but rather kept in place (through the good offices of their own U.N. agency) so as to better facilitate the ongoing war to destroy Israel.

Over the years, UNRWA morphed from being a group merely dedicated to aiding the siege of Israel to one whose employees in places like Gaza were themselves affiliated with terrorist groups, such as Hamas.

But the problem doesn't begin and end there. The U.N. committee on the "Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People" and its division of Palestinian Affairs and "Special Information Program" on the "Question of Palestine" have been there to fuel hate at every possible U.N. forum.

These organs of anti-Israel propaganda have served to fuel the conflict. And the corruption and waste at these agencies make the oil-for-food skullduggery of the past decade seem like just more of the same.

Yeah, Kofi's scrambling to play the "hail fellow well met" to shore up the damage done over the Oil For Food scandal and the accusations from various quarters of the U.N.'s corruption, antisemitism and inefficiency, but as the author says,

The signals we should send to Congress and the White House are those of increased monetary pressure on the United Nations. Indeed, far from turning down the heat, a congressional focus on cutting funds to terrorist hangouts like UNRWA should be at the top of our agenda.

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August 10, 2005

Volcker's Info-Quest Bearing Fruit

It looks like Paul Volcker's investigation into the U.N.'s Oil For Food quagmire is showing results, even to the arrest of one of the principal players. This WSJ editorial could not be more aptly titled than Oil For Fraud.

Oil for Fraud
Paul Volcker's latest report details the graft over which Kofi Annan presided.

Tuesday, August 9, 2005 12:01 a.m. EDT

Imagine an American administration in which the Attorney General secretly derives nearly half his income from the Gambino crime family. Imagine, too, that this hypothetical AG is a longstanding confidant of the President. That is what Paul Volcker's investigation of the Oil for Food Program has now demonstrated was roughly the case with Kofi Annan's United Nations.

We are referring to the publication yesterday of Mr. Volcker's latest report on Oil for Food, which focuses chiefly on the activities of Benon Sevan, formerly executive director of the U.N.'s Office of Iraq Program, and Alexander Yakovlev, a U.N. procurement officer. Although the report contains few surprises, it shows in meticulous detail how Messrs. Sevan and Yakovlev benefitted to the tune of $150,000 and $950,000 respectively from various U.N. procurement-related schemes. In doing so, it provides a vivid picture of how Mr. Annan's U.N. "works."


Indeed. It's pretty cool the way this report arrived just in time for Bolton's arrival at the U.N., and the continuing disclosures on the graft that's been going on under Kofi Annan's auspices should give Bolton all the room he needs to point to reasons for cleaning up the U.N. The last thing Kofi can say is, "You don't fix what ain't broke." 

It'll be pretty interesting to see what comes out at Yakovlev's trial and, if Annan does revoke Benon Sevan's diplomatic status(sorry, no more diplomatic immunity for you, Frenchy!) we get to extradite him, what happens there, too. From what we know of French honor, Benan would roll over on his "longtime friend" Kofi in a heartbeat, if there's something to roll over about, in order to save his own skin.

Even now, the U.N.'s defenders like to paint Oil for Food as a great humanitarian effort slightly tarnished by a few overhyped instances of corruption. In fact, Oil for Food was a huge field of graft, helped by the fact that the man in charge of policing it was, based on the evidence Mr. Volcker has collected, in the service of the bad guys. Mr. Annan might think of this as yet another opportunity for "reform." If he's even remotely serious on that score, he can begin by reflecting a little harder on his own responsibility for the failures over which he, and nobody else, presided.


I'm looking forward to finding out what Volcker has to report in September.

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August 06, 2005

Ollie North On The U.N.


In his {this week's} column published at Human Events Online, Oliver North Provides some good

Advice for Ambassador Bolton

by Oliver North
Posted Aug 5, 2005

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Congratulations, John, on your new assignment as the United States' permanent representative to the United Nations. Please know that these good wishes are offered in the same spirit that I would applaud Hercules on his willingness to cleanse the Augean stables.

He, of course, had to divert the waters of the Peneius and Alpheus to accomplish his task. To flush the effluence from the corridors of the U.N., you may have to do the same with the Hudson and East Rivers. Please permit me to assist you in that task by throwing in my two cents -- which is, by the way, more than I think we ought to waste at the United Nations next year.

First, look under every rock. The corruption at the U.N. didn't begin with the Oil for Food scandal and it certainly doesn't end there. The United Nations is nothing more than bureaucracy piled atop waste, wrapped in fraud, covered with abuse -- all of it funded by American taxpayers who foot 22 percent of U.N. dues -- more than any other nation. We also pour billions of dollars more into the coffers of its related agencies.

He's got that right. In the course of the column, North pretty much covers all the bases. Let 'em know that America's largesse can just as easily become considerably-smaller-esse. Go get 'em, John! 

Remind your new "colleagues" that last month the U.S. House of Representatives voted 221 to 184 to withhold 50 percent of U.S. dues to the U.N. until reforms are implemented.


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