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March 15, 2006


There's a column in today's Jewish World Review online by Johnathan Tobin on the United Nations Relief And Works Agency{UNRWA}, that discusses a long ongoing issue that the weasels fine folks at Turtle Bay have been ignoring for years, an issue that's been snowballing quietly along without any coverage by the liberal media that wouldn't be dwarfed by their tireless flogging of Abu Ghraib, the federal response to Katrina or the monitoring of terrorist phone conversations by the Bush Administration.

As detailed in a new Jewish Telegraphic Agency series of reports on the topic, UNRWA's record is one of complicity not only with the political ends of the Palestinian movement, but with its violent tactics as well.

Many of UNRWA's employees are members not only of mainstream Palestinian terror factions such as Fatah, but of the Islamist Hamas group as well. UNRWA suffered a major embarrassment when its former director, the Norwegian bureaucrat Peter Hansen, admitted as much two years ago, saying it was no big deal. Indeed, in the recent Palestinian election, a number of UNRWA workers were Hamas parliamentary candidates.

The U.N. is not, nor has it ever been, a friend to Israel. When Palestinian terrorists blow up a dining room full of Jews having a holiday meal, the Israelis get mild condolences from Koffi Annon while the Palestinians must make due with an equally mild rebuke. When the Israelis counterstrike, they are victimizing the poor, downtrodden, stateless Arabs who have Semtexed their way out of having a state of their own repeatedly.

What did Abba Eban say?

"The Palestinians never lose the chance to miss an opportunity," or something like that.

Instead, they terrorize, and much of that tax generated bounty we and other countries, via the U.N., send to the UNRWA helps to finance that terrorism. There are even Hamas terrorists on UNRWA staff!

What's up with that?

Only an idiot could believe that the U.N. officials who oversee UNRWA aren't totally cognizant of this state of affairs. If they aren't, they should be delivering croissants door to door or cleaning fish for a living, not heading up an agency of this magnitude at the United Nations.

Back in October, I was emailed a link to an in-depth article on UNRWA written by a journalist who is an expert on Arab-Israeli affairs and related terrorism issues and a tenacious investigator, the venerable Arlene Kushner, and I posted on it and quoted large segments of the article.

It's a great and informative read, and can be found here.

UNRWA is a corrupt, terror sponsoring disaster financed mostly with our money, and unlike other U.N. agencies assembled to help refugees, it is a Palestinians-only venue and one that has not only failed to produce its stated goals, but managed to oversee the exponential increase, through generations of procreation, of its client load.

The Hammas members on its payroll must laugh at us every day.

Posted by Seth at March 15, 2006 11:34 AM