December 01, 2006


.... so this is the oath all those new Democrats in the House of Representatives will take during their swearing-in ceremony, presided over by then new Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi:

"I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God."

My question is, who will defend the Constitution against Nancy Pelosi and her leftist majority? And while I'm on the subject, since when do today's Democrats bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution? Am I missing something? Is there something someone's not telling me?

On another note, I sense even more hypocrisy here -- given their war against having any references to G-D being attached to anything of a governmental nature, won't these portsiders have any kind of problem with "So help me G-D"? I mean, Pelosi's friends in the 9th Circus didn't even want to keep G-D's name in the Pledge of Allegiance!

Well, at least one new Representative won't have that problem, he'll only have to say, "So help me Allah".

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November 19, 2006

Murderous Exasperation

I was perusing the comment section at another blog yesterday and read a liberal's comment that made me thankful he and I were not in the same room -- had we been, I probably would have strangled the son of a bitch out of sheer frustration. My own comment, in reply to his, was as restrained as possible, I believe it remained within, though pushing the envelope, the boundaries of respect due the owners of that most excellent site.

I mean, these people (not the owners of said most excellent site, but liberals) are such -- such varmints!


They claim to be champions of human rights, for example. Here in America, human rights are honored more than they are anyplace else on earth. Freedom of speech? C'mon. Here, you can shout obscene jokes about the President from the rooftops if you feel like it.

In the Soviet Union, you'd have been hauled off to the Lubyanka, or perhaps Lefortovo Prison, in a heart beat, and not seen again for quite some time, if at all.

If they needed information they thought you might possess, there was none of this patty cakes BS like water boarding or playing loud music at you, they were somewhat more practical -- maybe running some electricity through your genitals, or shooting you up with interesting chemicals like lysergic acid mixed with amatol that might get you to babbling, but might also scramble your brains permanently. Then again, permanently might have only meant a couple of hours, anyway.

So what did American liberals do? They extolled the virtues of communism in all its grand superiority over capitalism, even as they enjoyed instant gratification at the local mall while Soviet citizens were standing in bitter cold, in four and five hour lines, to buy a potato.

North Vietnam, an oppressive communist regime, invades the south, and our country defends the South Vietnamese against the north and its VietCong terrorist apparat. Liberals at home fight tooth and nail against the conflict. They influence politicians, who influence the war effort itself, prolonging it by several years. They eventually succeed in getting our troops pulled out. They rejoice. Ho Chi Minh's communists sweep into South Vietnam and butcher hundreds of thousands of innocent people, then they enslave the country under said oppressive government.

Meanwhile, here in America, the liberals are celebrating their "victory". They could care less about the fates of those poor souls thousands of miles away, human beings they've helped murder as surely as if they'd been there, splattering brains across the ground.

In the 1990s, there was brutal conflict in the Balkans. Muslims were slaughtering Christian Serbs, and Milosevic's people were killing Muslims.

The EU, led by Germany, exploited the violence in order to get a foot in the door for influence in the Balkans. They altered intelligence reports and manipulated the media to paint a gruesome picture of Muslims being victimized via
"ethnic cleansing" by Milosevic's people. Peaceful, nonviolent Muslims, victimized!

Then-boss liberal Bill Clinton bought into it and got us into it, and we helped eliminate a lot of obstacles al-Qaeda and fellow travellers faced in the day-to-day ethnic cleansing operations they were engaged in over there.

Milosevic was arrested and tried for his "crimes" -- and died in custody five years later without ever being convicted of anything.

Muslims in the Balkans continue murdering Christian Serbs to this day.

Onward to Iraq, and to the global war we are waging to defend ourselves against the abolition of liberty under Islamic rule.

There we are again -- which side are liberals on?

The other side, of course, as usual!

America's enemies, any enemies, have never had a better friend than a liberal.

You want some liberal friends? Just declare war on the United States and they'll be coming out in droves to shake your hand or, if requested, stick their noses wherever you wish.


Certainly not on our side, ever, yet when you state this obvious truth, they will actually argue the opposite, as often as not with that smug smirk that brings out the strangler in many of us....

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September 08, 2006

Democrats & Freedom Of Speech -- A Double Standard

The Democrats are the first to yell when they feel their "freedom of speech" is being infringed upon and they are the first to demand tolerance in all things .... as long as it goes in their favor.

CaptDMO at And Rightly So posts on the Democrats' assault on the coming ABC movie about 9/11 and events during the Clinton years that were partially responsible for the tragic terrorist op.

One wonders why, being so concerned with The Truth, they weren't so opposed to the slanderous Fahrenheit 9/11 product from traitor and toilet cake Michael Moore.

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September 06, 2006

Who Says They're Hypocrites!?

Sorry about the recent lack of any kind of posting, but between an unexpectedly active Labor Day weekend and a ton and a half of work that couldn't wait, I've barely had time to even check my email.

So I decided to break for a bit, and watched some "24" episodes on DVD. I never really got into the show on TV, because a) nearly 1/3 of the hour is comprised by disruptive 4 1/2 minute commercial breaks and b) even with the "previously on '24'" prologues, waiting an entire week to get from one hour of a story to the next doesn't really do much for me in the way of entertainment, but watching the show season by season sans commercials makes it quite enjoyable.

Jack Bauer has replaced Vic Mackey as my favorite TV hero -- I'm not much of a TV watcher, so when I take an interest in a TV product it generally means that I'm either greatly amused by it or it is of an informative nature, like something on C-Span, Fox or whatever.

Anyway, I didn't come here this morning to talk about me -- yes, it is morning, there's something going on with the blog's clock, but as I am typing this it is actually 3:00 am on Thursday here in North Carolina -- I came here to bring up something that occurred to me as I watched "24".

Here is one of Hollywood's most profound recent year ratings triumphs, a show about the L.A. (where Hollywood is) office of an agency known as CTU, or Counter Terrorist Unit. It has done five successful seasons, with each episode a "real time" hour of each story -- it is definitely a unique and well crafted, well scripted, fast paced (hell, non-stop action!) series. The characters have well defined personalities, many of them realistically flawed. Each season takes place in a single 24 hour period, hence the title and the 24 episode seasons.

CTU is my kind of agency. They do what they need to do to prevent nuclear detonations, assassinations and biological warfare attacks by terrorists on U.S. soil -- conveniently for filming purposes, all in Los Angeles. They place suspects under an all-invasive, no-privacy-allowed high tech microscope with satellites, computers, phone taps and everything else at their considerable disposal, they torture interrogate stubborn prisoners in holding rooms right on their premises, hold suspects without access to an attorney, the bottom line being the saving of innocent American lives from terrorism, hold the PC.

Jack Bauer, the main character, is a guy with whom Job would have gladly traded places. He and Murphy's Law are joined at the hip. His wife and daughter are kidnapped, his wife is murdered by a lady mole who was Jack's partner and onetime lover, Jack is brutally tortured with resulting heart problems, receives a few beatings that would put most strong men away for good, becomes a junkie in order to maintain his cover on an assignment in Colombia and then leads an involved and typically dangerous operation while trying to kick the habit, is fired, arrested and has pretty much everything undesirable that can happen to someone happen to him, all because of his job, yet he remains dedicated unto death to his country; A few times, he goes into situations with the full expectation of sacrificing himself to save the country, and does so because he sees his actions as the only solutions to the problems at hand. He's even sliced himself open without so much as hesitating or flinching because he needed to appear wounded. And he stays in constant action 24 hours at a clip without so much as a couple of minutes' rest.

When he needs information fast, he has no compunction about ruthlessly torturing it out of a bad guy right on the spot.

To put it in more technical psychological terminology, he is one bad dude.

All that having been said, the series has been a great commercial success -- very few, even those who have never watched "24", have not heard the name Jack Bauer.

So here we have a fictitious government agency that Hollywood has made heroes out of, and made mega-millions in profits on, that is the antithesis of all that those left wing, anti-war, treasonous scumbag marxist liberal ladies and gentlemen out there stand for.

Practically everything CTU and Jack Bauer do to protect the country has at some point in the last couple of years been something the Hollywood left has helped raise hell about as a way to villify the Bush Administration. Domestic spying, deprivation of Constitutional rights, torture.... yet it's perfectly alright to make heroes of those fictional characters using these same methods, as long as the greedy hypocrites can squeeze lots of revenue out of 18 + minutes of commercials, leaving the viewer 42 minutes of actual program time in the hour. It's easy to keep track, as each commercial break begins and ends with a timeline to keep the continuity of the hour represented by each episode, and the timelines, thankfully without commercials in between them, appear on the DVDs, as well.

Then there are the anti-American, leftist asswipes liberal actors like George Clooney who have no problem slandering the President and screeching anti-war rhetoric in real life while raking in the bucks playing heroic military roles like his character in a movie he made with Nicole Kidman where Serbs were planning on detonating a stolen Russian nuke near the U.N. (if it weren't for the potential collateral damage, I'd have very little problem there) -- I cannot for the life of me remember the title of the film.

I suppose that the distaste I see in traitors profiting grandly from make-believe stories of patriotism they don't know anything about is not shared by the Hollywood crowd. After all, these are people whose multi-million dollar incomes make it possible to isolate themselves from the very realities they profess to know something about while seeing themselves as qualified to opine on, but... but that's Hollywood and that's liberals, and wherever you find liberals, you find hypocrisy.

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