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December 27, 2006

Some Rambling

So, Chanukah and Christmas have come and gone.

So has Ramadan, the month in which many devout Muslims traditionally endeavor to slaughter as many infidels as possible, chaffing at the bit to get to those virgins they have long been conned into believing await them in “Paradise”. Given the respect of Islam for women, I suppose the Islamess (now, that wasn’t very PC, was it?) who manages to murder some unbelievers during Satan’s Month gets 73 male virgins to stifle and abuse her for all eternity.

One of the reasons police officers hate getting involved in domestic battery cases is that on all too many occasions, after all the paperwork and expended energy and man (or woman) hours, the female victims forgive dear hubby and drop the charges. There are battered women out there who do this repeatedly and, worse, stay with the abusive husband after multiple beatings and the psychological abuse that goes hand-in-hand with such a relationship. One of my friends who’s a big city cop, a detective with over 25 years on the job has become so cynical about the issue he once said to me, “What’s all this about battered women? Personally, I think they taste better raw.”

Now imagine a religion whose very scripture dictates that women live like the above described, slaves to their husbands, fathers and brothers, without the options of escape that women have in the civilized world(oil revenues do not make a country or region civilized, only rich).

It makes one grind ones’ teeth with pure rage, unless one is an American feminist, then it’s perfectly okay. To say otherwise might justify being un-PC regarding Islam, and that would conflict with the political agenda of the left, to which the bulk of feminists belong. I’m sure there are a few feminists out there who are patriotic Americans, I just haven’t met any that I know of. All those I’ve met – I used to live in San Francisco and get out a lot, so trust me, I’ve encountered quite a few in my time – have been “card carrying” members of the portside persuasion.

So much for four paragraphs of my usual digression.

My Christmas weekend included a couple of colleagues from overseas who are “stranded” in DC through mid January working on a project, flying down to Charlotte to visit me from Sunday to Tuesday. On Christmas Eve, I roasted a 6 ½ pound duckling – my first, in fact – and found it to be quite a wrestling match just seasoning and stuffing the damn thing, it got pretty messy, but only in the immediate work space, and I got online for some tips. It came out perfect, crisp skin and tender meat, with most of the fat and grease bled off. We put quite a dent in my bar, especially in the single malt, tequila and brandy departments, and had a great and mutually informative time talking shop, telling funny stories and extreme off-color jokes and watching my Star Wars DVDs and Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts on the 62” Toshiba in the den.

Yesterday I had the TV on in my office while I did some work, and watched a couple of films via DirecTV.

One movie I watched featured Jordana Brewster, and really hit home with just how far Hollywood has gone in its liberal propagandizing efforts.

It was called D.E.B.S., and it was about an all schoolgirl (plaid miniskirts, shirts and ties) federal law enforcement agency (S.W.A.T. style), who are the D.E.B.S., vs. Brewster, same age bracket, who is a major international criminal.

It is a cutesy kind of film, and the only real plot is the blossoming lesbian relationship between Brewster and the leading D.E.B. The message was that love knows no gender, and the ending was one of those “happily ever after” kind of endings, the two lesbian lovers go away together at the end with the help and blessings of the rest of the D.E.B.S. on the team. There was no sex and no nudity in the movie, so….

…. it was rated PG-13.

Now, keep in mind that I have a lot in common with lesbians, there is one living inside me that…. Oh, never mind….

The other film made me wish I hadn’t turned on the TV at all, it proved to be the only Samuel L. Jackson film I’ve ever watched that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy. It was called Freedomland and the only two descriptives I can produce for that one are “depressing” and “tedious”. No doubt the consensus of reviews called it “brilliant”, “inspiring” and the like. I found the part where Jackson’s character is trying to get the facts from the woman and her rambling on with her back story to be frustrating (perhaps because I’ve done investigative work, including interrogations, before, and it really sucks to have to endure unavoidable extemporaneous BS when all you want or require is “the facts”).

At the moment, I’m sort of recuperating from my guests’ visit, sipping brandy (hair of the dog, so to speak) with coffee and listening to some old stuff like the Beatles and some much older stuff like Bach, with some Al Stewart mixed in, including tracks like Timeless Skies, Lord Grenville and Roads to Moscow. My all-time favorite Beatles song, from Magical Mystery Tour is playing at the moment: Hello Goodbye.

So, Gerald Ford has passed away, the former President who was never elected – Agnew preceded him as VP, if my memory serves, and Ford succeeded Nixon, then pardoned him in the wake of the Watergate affair, which ticked off a whole passel o’ Democrats and was instrumental in Jimmuh Cahtuh beating him in ’76. I was a Democrat back then, and, well… I owe Carter a great debt – he was the POTUS that turned me into a Republican. Thank ya’ kindly, Jimbo! Too bad he turned traitor, altogether, an enemy of both the United States and Israel. And this is the legacy he chooses in his endeavors to correct the memories of his failed presidency. Go figure.

Go with G-d, Mr. Ford.

Ah, the track that just began is one I forgot I’d included in the play list, Emerson, Lake & Palmers’ Bitches Crystal. Come to think of it, that means Tarkus is next. Yay!

From the mellow to the vigorous….

I know, I’m rambling here, but… that’s why I titled this post thusly.

New Years 2007 is five days away, New Years Eve ending 2006 is four days away.


And the focus of my personal nostalgia exists in the 1960s and 1970s. I often feel like Fred Flintstone guest starring on The Jetsons.

Where the hell is a time machine when you need one!?

Posted by Seth at December 27, 2006 08:38 PM


Certain holidays have come and gone, but the Hajj is about to begin. Check out some of the precautions listed in today's WaPo, in an article entitled "A Journey of the Heart":

Don't wander off because if you get lost, you may end up in prison for days before someone even asks your name.

Don't try to sneak a camera into the sacred sites because the guards will grab it and smash it in front of you.

Don't bend to pray when circling the holy Kaaba, revered by Muslims as the first house of worship.

"Believe me, people will walk over you, " Safi Khan warned a group of Muslims at Dar-Us-Salaam mosque in College Park, where he is the imam, one recent Saturday morning. "You'll look up at them and they'll be smiling as if to ask for forgiveness, and of course you have to forgive them."

Khan ticked off many more do's and don'ts during a series of workshops about the hajj.

Not much of a party, if you ask me! I'd much rather be watching Dean Martin Roasts.

Posted by: Always On Watch at December 28, 2006 03:57 AM

AOW --

Same here, LOL.

If it were up to me, as soon as these satanists left on the pilgrimage, they would be PNG'd, their expected returns diverted to dhimmi countries like France and, sadly, England.

Posted by: Seth at December 28, 2006 04:53 AM

Wow, where to begin lol, your reader up there ^^ beat me to it, I was going to mention "The Hajj" and how we know where to find all those we probably NEED TOO! But that's another subject.

As for the battered women, feminist, San Francisco thing, I really shouldnt say this but I'm going to, one could only hope Nancy Pelosi had such a Christmas lol.

By the way have you heard about the big, huge, four day Hollyweird bash they are giving Pelosi? I surely hope we arent paying for this!!

And funny you should mention the Dean Martin roast's, I remember watching them with my parent's and I surprised them and sent them a collection for Christmas.

And I forgot what else I wanted to say. Oh,

After the month I had, falling off the ladder and almost breaking my arm Christmas light decorating, (I know I should let someone else do it) but no body does anything the way I want it done so I guess I pay the price for this, and slamming my cheek on the corner of my dresser in the middle of the night and almost giving myself a blackeye, by the time Christmas Day rolled around and I was about to cook the Bird, I almost threw it out the window I was in so much pain!

But all in all considering everything that went on, it turned out to be a good day!

I'm glad you had a nice Christmas, by the sound of it, it sound's like you did :-)

Posted by: MariesTwoCents at December 28, 2006 05:19 PM

Marie --

Yeah, it was pretty festive, all told. When I was looking for tips to cook the duckling, I came across a few sites where people who are apparently serious cooks said that preparing a duck at home is such a messy hassle that while they have good recipes and love to cook, they only have duck at restaurants. Now I know what they mean, LOL.

Speaking of battered women, it sounds like this past month you were a self-battered one. I have a female second cousin who used to be a jinx when I was a little kid -- every time I came in contact with her I had an accident of some sort, falling down stairs, getting my wrists cut up with glass, etc. Maybe she's moved into your neighborhood....

It figures the moonbats in Hollyweird would give their chief congressional socialist a big send-off. They are all living in another dimension whose realities are completely unrelated to any we have here in our own.

If the Islamists one day have their way here thanks to Pelosi & Co., the Hollywoodians will learn that the only things their wealth and fame will buy them are priority plundering and the front of the line at the chopping block.

And, yes, I think Mecca would be a great ICBM target this time of year. :-)

Posted by: Seth at December 28, 2006 06:47 PM

Have you ever heard of a "TurDuckHen? LOL I was watching the food channel as I was roasting my Christmas bird and saw that and it was amusing yet it looked pretty tasty.

It's a Turkey, with a Duck stuffed in the Turkey with a Chicken stuffed in the Duck! Sounded pretty weird but then again I'm in Oklahoma where they deep fry Turkey's haha but that looked pretty darn tasty!

Anyway I wanted to stop in and say Happy New Year!

Posted by: MariesTwoCents at January 2, 2007 01:50 PM

Marie --

I believe that Turducken is a New Orleans creation, specifically invented and served by the great Paul Prudhomme -- at least, the first time I ever had that awesome dish was at K-Paul's during the Holiday Season.

Preparing it has to be a serious skill. Imagine figuring out temps and times to cook all 3 birds together!

Posted by: Seth at January 2, 2007 05:20 PM