November 21, 2006

Early In The Morning

So here it is, 7 am on the nose. I've been keeping my usual unconventional schedule of working overnight and finally decided to take a break.

Yesterday was a good day, all in all, I managed to get a lot of work done while my new housekeeper did her usual excellent job -- for those outrageously busy or domestically challenged {like me} in the Charlotte area who need someone to do a truly great job of immaculating (my word) your house, I would highly and without reservation recommend Nicci of Tally Rags (check out this website, Nicci does the vocal).

So here I am, sitting in front of my computer, decidedly calling it quits for "the day", sipping coffee and brandy and listening to what can only be described as an ultra-mellow playlist -- currently, in keeping with the hour, I have a few morning songs going, ie the Monkees' Sometime In The Morning, the Sandpipers' Come Saturday Morning and Vanity Fare's Early In The Morning, and reading at some other blogs.

Among them, The Pugil Stick, The Educated Shoprat and I've been attempting to blogroll a great site called Conservative News And Views, the current Blog Of The Week at The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth, but BlogRolling seems to be having some access issues at the moment.

Nevertheless, CNAV will get blogrolled as soon as I can get in there.

While for those on more normal schedules breakfast, that first cup of coffee and so forth are the items of immediate concern here on the east coast, my own next major event will be dinner. I'm kinda sorta leaning toward broiling a Cajun seasoned (cheating, I have some Luzianne Cajun spice) 1/2 lb. strip steak with Zatarain's dirty rice as a side dish. I just got a new stove, one of those ceramic topped (electric, no coils) ones with a self cleaning oven (H/T to Jeff and Bob for delivery and installation), and have been treating it like a new toy, it's awesome, all the bells and whistles, etc.

Well, ravenousness dictates, so....

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August 18, 2006


Got about eight minutes to spare to watch a great video made by an awesome young woman whose acquaintance I only today made on-line? Nelly, a wonderful German blogger whom I'd move heaven and earth to see given dual U.S. citizenship and a commission in the U.S. Army produced this video. Friends and relatives of Airborne Rangers and those of "America's best" with "silver wings upon your chests", take notice!

When she sent me the link, she modestly mentioned that she was a beginner, but this video looks like the work of a pro to me -- Nelly, you are gifted, your natural talent shines through. Thank you for sharing this!

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March 30, 2006

A Right Thinking San Francisco Blog

I recently ran across a blog called The Only Republican In San Francisco that I can only say is a must-read for anyone in search of any kind of comprehension of the leftist political tragedy that is San Francisco.

This is a city whose most conservative politician, upon being elected mayor, made his first priority conducting same sex marriages in defiance of state laws to the contrary. It's a city in which a liberal, do nothing toilet cake named Chris Daly was reelected as a city supervisor{the equivalent of a councilman in other cities}, where caravans of homeless people push stolen supermarket shopping carts down the sidewalks of main thoroughfares and use the doorways of apartment houses or the very sidewalks as commodes with legal impunity, where respect for this country and its religious traditions doesn't exist(you don't even see city Christmas decorations over the streets during the Holiday Season).

The author of this great blog is wrong in only one respect: He has only been the Only Republican in San Francisco for just under 4 months, since I left. Now he's on his own.

Definitely read his blog.

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December 29, 2005

Linking Some Good Reading

Raven has the latest scoop on U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton.

Michael Yon's latest post is a short piece that links to a CNN report which actually talks about one of the many positives by our troops in Iraq that the MSM usually makes a point of ignoring. The post is titled News That Boosts Morale.

Mr. Ogre's got some more reasons why I'm going to find adjusting to my new state's(I just bought a house in Charlotte, NC) liberal political make-up something of a challenge, LOL, with Education Money Myth and Prohibition Continues In NC.

Pat'sRick addresses the 6th Circuit's conclusion{a resounding slap in the face for the Marxist scumbag traitors of the ACLU}, that the Constitution does not demand a wall of separation between Church & State.

And speaking of enemies of the state, Michelle Malkin's got a great post on her site about The Do-Nothing ACLU.

Have a good read.

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