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January 04, 2006

A Good Call

David Limbaugh's on-point forecast of the Democrats' political fortunes come 2008 should serve as a warning to the once formidable party that the liberals hijacked and turned into a quagmire of defeat that reads like a 20th Century journal of the French military.

Their own presidential role model, Bill Clinton, and his vice president, Al Gore, were adamant about the looming problems with Social Security. There was much talk of lock boxes and other schemes to "protect" this hallowed institution. And let there be no mistake — both gentlemen, along with their entire political party, considered Social Security to be in "crisis."

Yet, when President Bush dared to take action to reform Social Security, instead of merely talking about the issue, Democrats obstructed at every turn and even denied there was a serious problem, much less a crisis. Let them continue to gloat about their obstruction, but let history reflect their dangerous deferral of a problem that threatens our long-term fiscal solvency, a matter they profess to be close to their hearts.

The Dems' problem, as I see it, is that they've begun believing the liberal point of view, which is apparently that most Americans are stupid, uninformed, and believe without reservation all the malarkey the Democrats' political leaders and the Mainstream Media feed them.

They are dead wrong. As Limbaugh asserts, and rightly, the major issues in 2008 are going to be national security and the war in Iraq.

Voters were already skeptical of the Democratic Party on national security issues. But in the last few years, that skepticism may have ripened into full-blown distrust. And if not, it should have.

At the root of the public's lack of confidence in Democrats over national security is the party's ambivalence about the prosecution of the war and its absence of moral certitude about the nature of our enemy.

To this day, Democrats can't tell you whether it's a good thing we attacked Iraq. They were against the war in Iraq before they were for it only to be against it again, and now they're probably just waiting to see how things turn out to decide, ultimately, whether they should be for or against it.

As an American, I am profoundly ashamed of those on the left side of the aisle for their dangerous substitution of cheap political agendas for the patriotism we once expected from all our senators and representatives.

As a conservative Republican, I'm grimly amused by the way the Dems are helping to assure a continued Republican majority on Capitol Hill and the election of a Republican to succeed George W. Bush.

Grimly, because their War On Bush is and has been compromising American lives both here and in Iraq. Amused, because it's always amusing watching a bunch of idiots sabotage their own chances of success with such tenacity.

Limbaugh's column is spot-on, and is here in its entirety.

Posted by Seth at January 4, 2006 10:42 AM