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July 07, 2005

More On The London Bombings

The Wall Street Journal Online has some updated in-depth coverage on this morning's multiple bombings in London in which they name a possible suspect, a Moroccan man who's been living in Britain for about ten years.

Mohamed Guerbouzi, at one time a ranking member of GICM, the Moroccan Islamic Combat Group, has been under investigation by the Brits for suspected involvement in a Morocco suicide bombing in 2003 and last year's commuter train bombing in Madrid, which claimed the lives of 191 people. London, described as a hotbed of radical Islamism, also plays host to the likes of terrorism advocates Abu Hamsa al-Masri and Omar Mahmoud Abu Omar, known also as Abu Qatada.

The man has been allowed to move freely through England without any worries about the British government spiriting him away to a torture chamber or an interrogation clinic and making him talk. Had Britain been an Islamic country, his testies would have long ago been fried by electricity and he would have "sang" his heart out. 

The Brits, like the United States, maintain a free society whose liberal side battles for "civil rights" that end up protecting terrorists as they plan attacks on those same "rights" advocates. Look at all the whining about racial profiling at airports and about the F.B.I. going into a terror suspect's hard drive being deemed an "invasion of privacy." Look at all the yelling about the "civil rights" of the very well treated prisoners at GITMO, who are of the same ilk as those involved in today's London bombings and the tragic events of 11 September 2001.

All those whining liberals whose words and actions support terrorists and terrorism need to stop and consider that these monsters want just as badly to murder them and their families as they do all other "infidels," and that they are enabling these terrorists to "keep on keepin' on" every time they stand in the way of a definitive measure in the War on Terror.

Of course they won't, they're too busy trying to "understand" the terrorists, to try and define "the reasons why they hate us."

Sing it!  "Kumbaya..."  

I wonder how many London liberals will come away from today's horrors with a more realistic point of view, as did many in New York after the in-your-face Islam 101 course on 11 September 2001.

Spiegel Online contributed this today:

A letter posted on a website frequently used by al-Qaida claims that the "Secret Organization of Al-Qaida in Europe" is responsible for today's massive terrorist attack on London. In it, the group also issues warnings to Denmark and Italy.


Here are a couple of excerpts that show just what kind of enemy we face in Islam. Liberals take note:

...."Rejoice, community of Muslims.... The heroic mujahedeen have conducted an attack in London..."


Yeah, rejoice at the mass murder of innocent people by the heroic mujahedeen. It takes a genuine hero to detonate bombs in crowded public places.

...."We've warned the British government and the British people time and again.... We've kept our promise and carried out a blessed military operation."


"A blessed military operation." or "A blessed military operation." Blessed by whom? Carried out by what nation's sovereign military authority?

These assholes remind me of the Mysterons from the old Captain Scarlet supermarionation TV series.

This attack against the British people should serve to strengthen the resolve of all nations to commit wholeheartedly to enjoining the GWOT and help those of our allies already thus engaged win this war, stamping out Islamofascist terror root and branch. 


Posted by Seth at July 7, 2005 10:00 PM