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July 09, 2005

Is Osama Over-Extending?

I have to wonder whether Bin Laden and his hordes of Islamofascist murderers are grossly overestimating their actual potentials to carry on their Godless campaign of global terror, as far as recruiting and safe havens, both of which are vital to them if they are to "stay in the game," are concerned.

I mean,  you would think they already have enough on their plate, what with having to staff their operations in Iraq and Afghanistan as local troops and Coalition forces take their people out of the equation, and keep their activities in other parts of the world going as well. Instead of taking their war against mankind battle-by-battle with a controlled and controllable number of fronts, they are motivating an increasing amount of countries to move against them with increasing resources.

They kidnapped and executed the Egyptian Ambassador to Iraq, Ayheb al-Sherif, using harsh rhetoric against Egypt and also threatened other Muslim countries of the same treatment should they send diplomats to Iraq to intercourse with the new democratic government. This could only result in the loss of much of their support base in their own bailiwick and also provoke military responses from countries that formerly, if quietly, cheered them on. It could deprive them of places to hide, to store smallarms, explosives and supplies and potentially decrease their recruitment pool(there are almost certainly Muslims who would be more than happy to get to those 72 virgins in the act of murdering Jews, Americans and other westerners, but who would not want to make war on fellow Muslims nor even condone such a concept).

On Thursday, they pissed off the British more than they already were at terrorism and the rest of the Euro community(except maybe France, where they butt- munch tyrants and terrorists) by killing and severely wounding  a large number of innocent civilians, while threatening Denmark and Italy. They've already gotten the Dutch people royally P.O.'d, and those folks are a tolerant lot if there ever was one. 

After the butchery in London the other day, a stark reminder of 11 September 2001, I can only hope that a whole bunch of liberals wake up to the fact that we really are fighting a war against an enemy who wants only two possible conclusions: That they slaughter us all or that they rule us under the brutal and oppressive yoke of fundamentalist Islam.  These "liberated" liberal women would love, I'm almost positive, the opportunity to wear the burka and serve their men as complete slaves who can be beaten by their husbands and even their sons for forgetting their "place," or stoned to death in public for not veiling themselves. The assholes who have managed to take prayer out of schools and who fight so hard to eliminate any references to God on any public properties or in any official forums would have a blast, I'm sure, if their political leadership not only forced them, under penalties of death or torture, to pray five times a day, observe Ramadan and ruled them according to strict Sharia law. 

Back on topic, though, I definitely see the al-Queda murder organization inviting its own demise, another defeat in the history of Islam, a history, from the religion's beginning, of aggressive war against body of citizens that doesn't worship as they do, which will merely be a reprieve until the next time they feel they are "ready" to challenge the free world. Then they'll crawl back out from under their stone....

Over at Slate, William Saletan delivers a highly perceptive and in my opinion spot-on analysis of the current bin-Laden PR strategy.

After the London bombings, I don't think Osama will receive the western reactions he hopes to. You don't stir up a hornets' nest and then expect not to get stung. 

Posted by Seth at July 9, 2005 07:51 PM