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August 07, 2006

From The U.N. To Israel: BOHICA

That's right, Israel, BOHICA {Bend Over, Here It Comes Again}.

Once again, the U.N. is talking "cease-fire", and despite earlier support for Israel's purely defensive military incursion into Lebanon, even the Bush Administration, partnering with, of all countries, France (spit!) is going with the program. They've held off on finalizing a cease-fire plan, awaiting input from a delegation of Arab nations' representatives.

The reason for "international community" concern over the war between Israel and Hezbollah is based on death and destruction in Lebanon. Had Israel been the recipient of the same degree of death and destruction, there would be crickets chirping in Turtle Bay -- except behind the closed doors of the offices of many a delegation, where there would be much hand wringing and good cheer at the prospect of the "inconvenient" Jewish state being finally irradicated.

I've been outspoken on this issue for a long time, and will continue to be.

Every time the Israelis tire of being victimized by terrorism and set out to do something about it, the Euro/ U.N./ MSM axis immediately goes to work condemning them for "initiating more violence", as though the Islamic terror machine has done nothing to deserve even a hard look.

So they're beating the shit out of southern Lebanon -- this is where Hezbollah rules the roost, where they receive strong support from the civilian population that is now paying the price in collateral damage for said support of a terrorist organization. A civilian population that apparently has no compunction about sharing their habitat with Hezbollah missile launchers, arsenals and armed terrorists. A civilian population that has voted the terrorist organization into government offices and considers them a viable political party. A civilian population that sings the praises of the same terrorist organization, rejoicing in its perceived victories that are inevitably composed of nothing more than the butchery of "infidels", principally Israeli Jews.

We seem to have "forgiven and forgotten" their little mass murder in a Marine barracks a little over two decades ago. Well, I shouldn't say "we", because I sure haven't, even if our politicians, the mainstream media and, naturally, our liberals (I'm sure most of the latter were more inclined toward "attaboys" and "way to go's" at the time, anyway) have.

Of course, now that the U.S. has reneged on its earlier support of Israel's military campaign and joined the ranks of the toilet cake nations in working toward a cease-fire (thanks again, George, ever since we reelected you, you've been letting us down, big time, on a number of issues -- I mean look, Hezbollah is the west's enemy as well as Israel's, and grinding them to a collective bloody pulp would be an important victory in the Global War On Terror), we can pretty much count on "business as usual".

We pressure Israel to stand down. They stand down. The head cheese in Beirut demands that the IDF vacate southern Lebanon, and the U.N. agrees. They vacate. The U.N. posts a "peace-keeping" force in southern Lebanon -- there's already been one there for years, but they seem to have spent all their time playing Parcheezi or something, because they sure as hell haven't been keeping any peace -- Hezbollah has been allowed to multiply and flourish, stockpile weapons and train without any interference. So a new and just as impotent U.N. "peace-keeping" force enters the picture.

Hezbollah regroups, and the status quo is back to normal, a terrorist army sitting on Israel's border.

And then the cycle recommences and continues until the next time Israel is forced to defend itself, and the U.N. again steps in....

{Israel, see BOHICA, above}

The Lebanese president whines about the damage Israel is doing to his country, its infrastructure and its economy. Why wasn't he whining about a terrorist organization running a third of his country? Why didn't he take steps to disarm and/ or abolish Hezbollah? Could it be that like most Arab Muslims, he was behind the anti-Israeli terror org 100%?

Well, hey, dude, guess what? There's a price tag attached to everything we do, and the trauma your country is presently experiencing is the cost of doing business with Hezbollah.

If you want my honest opinion -- even if you don't, you're gonna get it -- the idea of Lebanese sovereignty is a joke! I mean c'mon, they themselves have enabled their country to become a battle field for disparate non-Lebanese factions. They've permitted Iran to sponsor Hezbollah on their turf as though they were some rental meeting hall -- does the term "whore" come to mind? -- and allowed the terrorist organization to become entrenched in the very fabric of their society, effectively granting Hezbollah "second government" status.

Now they have to pick up the tab, and the "international community" needs to live with it, period.

Posted by Seth at August 7, 2006 11:13 PM


Glad you said this, Seth!

"[T]he idea of Lebanese sovereignty is a joke!"

On FNC yesterday afternoon, Brigitte Gabriel made the point that the Lebanese prime minister is a puppet of Hezbollah and that Parliament is as well. Yesterday's interview with Brigitte Gabriel is the only time I've heard such a condemnation on the air, and the interviewer skimmed right over it, even on Fox. But the point needs to be hammered home.

Ms. Gabriel went on to say that Israeli troops need to occupy southern Lebanon to free the Lebanese. Of course, the interviewer peddled the idea of a UN peace-keeping force. And that's a farce! The UN observers let Hezbollah operate in the shadow of the UN quarters.

Posted by: Always On Watch at August 8, 2006 02:02 AM

Seth, outstanding. Maybe the fools on the left will come around, but I'm not holding my breath.

Posted by: GM Roper at August 8, 2006 04:51 AM

AOW --

That's not a good sign when even right thinking journalists embrace the concept of U.N. "peacekeepers". It's more something to be afraid of!

Maybe the Columbia School Of Journalism has released a germ that... Oh, never mind!

I believe Gabriel's right. The Israelis would be more effective than a U.N. "force", or lack thereof, in southern Lebanon. Especially after they've had the opportunity to make some considerable adjustments to Hezbollah's threat-board status.

And if Lebanese leadership aren't puppets, they are, at the very least, benevolent hosts of the terrorist organization.

They've definitely earned the crisis they now face.

GM --

I honestly don't believe {color me cynical} that the left, or the majority of those it encompasses, will even consider factoring the truth into their thinking until their only remaining options are dhimmitude and death.

Posted by: Seth at August 8, 2006 06:02 AM

I'm so glad there are blogs. Because this gives people a voice in which they can share their feelings about these issues. The UN is a waste of everyone's time, save the terrorists perhaps. I'm fired up over the recent fact of France taking sides with the Islamafreakoids-- hence the UN's stance. America cannot sign onto that. We have to keep speaking and writing about this. Great post and don't stop saying these things.

Posted by: Raven at August 9, 2006 11:38 AM

Thanks, Raven --

I like to think that even a more modest blog like mine leaves some of its visitors, including the majority that stop by without commenting with some thoughts that precipitate either research or mental exploration of the points I try to make.

Collectively, the Conservative Blogsphere is getting through and causing a lot of people to cast speculative, if not outright suspicious, glances toward the mainstream media. We see that more and more, as we also see that the MSM is trying to come to grips with its fairly new nemesis -- despite the fact that they attempt to discredit the Blogosphere at every opportunity, they all seem to be either adding their own blogs to their publications or adding sections that monitor political blogs.

Posted by: Seth at August 9, 2006 03:07 PM