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July 31, 2006

Speculation On Muslim Proneness To Violence

First, let me give credit, where credit is due, to Always On Watch, whose references linked me to posts, in sequence-of-events order, at three really good blogs, here, here and here.

Thanks, AOW, you really got me to thinking about this.

We're at war, although you won't hear much about it from the left, with fundamentalist Islam.

This war isn't merely a war between people whose Sabbaths fall upon different days, it is a war between two profoundly different moralities. One advocates strangling your wife if she goes to the corner for a quart of milk and forgets to bring a male family member along. It experiences no problem with sacrificing innocent people as human shields for use as propaganda against its enemy, or of committing suicide in order to murder a few women and children, with an occasional toddler, just because.

The other side is our side, at least those of us who believe in liberty and justice {boy, did that sound noble!}, ahem. Um, ahem! .... or simple human decency.

All that said, what I started thinking about after reading about the Texas incident in the first above link, from Eyes All Around, was "what if the shooter was just a maniac who happened to be of Arabian descent?"

I don't know how many western born and parented readers have actually gotten to know any Arab Muslim immigrants (I don't mean as "how do you do" while walking your dogs, I mean as actually sociallizing with one anothers' families, etc). I'll wager that most have barely if ever even seen the inside of said Muslims homes, let alone relaxed in the living room with their missus and kids in evidence.

I've begun to wonder about this immediate attribution to jihad that becomes the immediate issue whenever an Arab goes on a murder spree.

I've found myself theorizing that a significant portion of Islam's violence output isn't necessarily religious, but instead employs religion as an excuse to destroy and murder, some strain of hereditary mass emotional disorder. I mean, a religious doctrine that literally revolves around mass murder in order to achieve its objectives must leave quite an interesting impression on its followers, especially if they've grown up among a society of fellow psychotics whose religious leaders and other teachers have been preaching them a menu of intolerance and hate since they were old enough to pay attention. No, no, I'm not by any means attempting to play the liberal "it's not this poor, hard-done-to creature's fault that he murdered all those people, it's society's fault game, I'll leave to the same idiots who believe street crime is the fault of the proletariat rather than that of the actual criminal. I chose the word "proletariat" because I want those who kollektively believe that way to feel also at home.

No, I'm from the school of thought that believes that a mad dog must be put down for the good of the community.

Imagine growing up in an Arab Muslim society. Here is a people who ceased to advance socially some fourteen centuries ago. Their issue from the days of the child molester Mohammed has grown up in a world that has been passing them by, a generation at a time, for 1400 years. The only reason they know about flushable commodes is that western countries taught them how to recover their oil, and made them rich. Today, only because they were born atop lots of black gold, instead of choosing between a dromedary and a bactiary, they can choose between a convertible and a hard top.

So yeah, I can see why centuries worth of a civilization like that unchanging, inflexible dogma of the religiously defined Muslim Middle East could have produced millions of mental basket cases over the centuries, each raising a crop of their own.

What other community, even in civilized countries, explodes into such violent, destructive riots and rampages, the tantrums from hell, over the slightest percieved offense? What other community will hang a retarded teenage girl for being taken advantage of by some sexually opportunistic adult aged grease bag? What other community bestows honor upon parents because their children sacrificed their lives to blow up innocent women and children? How many other societies raise children capable of torturing, mutilating and beheading others with the same casualness the rest of us might identify with going grocery shopping?

My point is that as in the case of the drive-by doctor, perhaps we needn't necessarily read jihad into his actions: Perhaps they were simply a biproduct of an Arab Muslim's inherited mental instability, as may be the sudden, reasonless violent acts of many other Arab non-members of Muslim terrorist organizations.

These are a people who have proven themselves unfit to coexist, given their collective demonstrations of bloody and senseless violence, on the same planet with civilized human beings. They are social and emotional troglodytes whose religious beliefs, like them, belong centuries in the past, and as long as we share the planet with them their violence will continue to threaten the rest of us.

Tell me I'm a bigot, call me racially insensitive, call me whatever you like, but to ignore what is coming out of the Middle East to infect the west is no figment of anybody's imagination. It's there, it's an in-your-face threat to the safety of the innocent and it lives inside all too many of the "dark complexioned Arab males" you pass on the street or otherwise encounter every day, the ACLU and CAIR protected species about whom you can say no wrong without being termed a racist.

Posted by Seth at July 31, 2006 08:48 PM


Well, Seth, they can term me a racist all they like. I don't much care what they say; they are fools, pure and simple, and traitors to boot! I have no tolerance for them whatsoever.

I'm going to link you. I would have done so before, but the problem was that I couldn't reach your blog with IE browswer. I can only get here using Firefox, but I didn't know that until today when I finally figured it out!

Blessings to you. Keep up the good work! :)

By the way, I can't see half of what I'm typing here, it's as if the comment box runs into the sidebar. It may just be me; I have no way of knowing.

Posted by: Gayle at August 1, 2006 06:42 AM

Gayle --


I don't see it here, but I'd be willing to bet it's the left sidebar that's overlapping. I get that here sometimes, too.

The "kinx" are still being worked on, I suppose. :-)

Posted by: Seth at August 1, 2006 06:55 AM

You racially insensitive bigot. Well, didn't you tell me to call you that? You said... oh, never mind.

Not to make light of a serious situation... radical Islam is a clear and present danger. Anyone who refuses to acknowledge that is practicing the ostrich defense and will probably continue to do so until the only thing left above their head in the hole is air. My hope is that more people will actually watch 'Obsession' and see for themselves these hatefull imams and the child hate indoctrination that is taking place in the name of allah and Islam.

Great post - great read, Seth.

Posted by: Old Soldier at August 1, 2006 10:46 AM

Thanks, Old Soldier --

It seems that the media must know the true state of affairs, I mean journalists are theoretically highly skilled at obtaining the truth.

That the liberal media sits on the truth for political reasons and keeps the public blind to the threat they face is both treasonous and unconscionable.

Every opportunity to get the truth to those who subscribe to the MSM for all their information needs to be pounced on.

Posted by: Seth at August 1, 2006 11:00 AM

Recently here in the D.C. area, a Muslim fellow cut off his hand at a Halal market. A customer, not the butcher behind the counter. It turned out that the fellow had mental issues, apparently documented. BUT the news here would not mention even the name of the market until that info about his mental illness became available; then, the announcement came that he had cut off his own hand: "I did this for Allah. I am not a terrorist."

What do you make of that story?

Posted by: Always On Watch at August 1, 2006 02:08 PM

That was the guy who became enraged when the butcher gave him chicken instead of lamb, right?

I've heard of Muslims chopping off their hands before, but I don't remember where. I think it had something to do with fanatical Shiites in Iran. I'm gonna have to do some digging.

Posted by: Seth at August 1, 2006 03:11 PM

AOW --

I know I've run across cases of Muslims doing self-amputations somewhere before, but haven't been able to find where -- however, there is a small matter of this religious holiday they have....


Posted by: Seth at August 3, 2006 02:59 PM