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May 12, 2006

Hmmmmm, Again...

Just to be completely straightforward, those who have read this blog for more than six months know that while I am now a resident of North Carolina, I moved here from San Francisco. In the City On The Bay, unless you are completely devoid of any social life and have all your meals delivered to you in a house or apartment you never leave, you know and/or do business, personally, with gay people. You get to know them, become friends with some of them, male and female.... But being a "straight", you don't become involved in their "lifestyle". Fine, there are some really great people in the gay community, they simply possess different, er, "lifestyle" preferences.

I parenthisize "lifestyle" because it is a purely PC term, which, like the word "gay", has been transmuted in the English vocabulary from its original meaning to something else. If you tell someone today that you're "happy and gay", for example....

Being immersed as I am in conservative forums, I subscribe, both free and otherwise, to scores of email-distributed publications, alerts and bulletins. Most of them are right on point while others, sadly to say, tend to venture even more to the right than this neocon has the extremist bus fare to travel.

That is, they attack firms like airlines and automobile manufacturers that advertise in gay newspapers and magazines. WTF!!!??? That's simply marketing, gay Americans are still Americans, and they're a market. In fact, they are a significant market.

In that respect, the moralists ought to leave gays and those who market to them alone. Basically, it's none of their business. People have been doing things behind closed doors for centuries. To interfere in such matters would be "un-American".

However, that's their "thing", right? As long as they keep it in their community, no problem.

Unfortunately, the liberals who control our educational system don't all see it that way, as far as they're concerned all children should grow up with an intimate knowledge of the world of homosexuality.

"Fine," I'd say, "let 'm do what thay think they've gotta do,,,,"

Except that what they feel they've "gotta" do both may be and is contrary to the wills of parents who believe that the taxes they pay for their childrens' education should ensure that their offspring learn "The Three Rs", as it were, not be force fed the details of an "alternative lifestyle" alien to the morality of the parents and, in fact, society as a whole, and that the non-mainstream, "feel good" political intent behind such academic impartations be left in the realm of adulthood or within the purview of parental discretion as far as the "when" of learning about the abnormal life preference is concerned.

I mean, face it: People don't send their kids to school to absorb the details of liberal or any other political doctrines, they send their young 'uns through the educational system to learn the skills they'll need to either make it into and through college or make it through basic life in or around the work force, and be able to both function and live within that framework. Not to develop a rapport with or a knowledge of folks who sleep with other folks of the same gender.

That's another social issue driven into the classroom by liberals, who want us all to feel that same-sex bedroom, marriage and parental affairs are no different than "straight" ones.

Sorry, they are different, we all know they are and they should not be forced into the zone of mainstream values where teaching our society's children is concerned. Such teaching is a parental responsibility, period.

Greg Crosby's got a column out this week that kicks proverbial butt on the subject as regards the broader California(left coast, what do you expect?) sentiments on this issue here.

You wanna force feed homosexuality on the masses, let's not skimp, right? Read the column!

Posted by Seth at May 12, 2006 01:23 AM