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April 16, 2006

What's Wrong With Liberals?

With the exception of my Aunt Brenda, who is a conservative Democrat in the mold of those who were around before the liberals took over as the DNC's spokespersons(Hah! A PC term!) and still retains her logic, reason and patriotic attitude, the remaining members of my family are liberals(not me!).

In an email the other day, a cousin of mine who is an attorney and pretty far to the left, evidently, told me he believes we should open our borders to any and all immigrants, legality apparently notwithstanding, who wish to come into the United States. He cited the fact that immigrants have always been dimly viewed for whatever reason, referring to those who came here long ago. My reply was along the lines of what follows herein --

I suppose my entire reply was a rant, telling him that the single most significant reason the liberals' control of the Democratic party has injured it is that liberals tend to gravitate toward the Utopian rather than the real.

Sure, it would be great if we could accept everyone who wants to move here, bring 'em on in!

But, I asked, what happens when we've got everyone on earth who wants to live in the USA here, tens of millions of immigrants who are having a rough time where they are(in the days to which he refers, the combined totals of members of each ethnic group immigrating were a mere fraction of that which we are looking at today, and most entered the U.S. with some semblance of legality)? What about the unemployables and the tens of millions of immigrants whose very presence exceeds available jobs? You know, the ones whose only options will be to get on welfare or starve? What about health care? What about housing?

Liberals don't think about what happens down the road, they only consider the Utopian principles of the now.

"This is nice, so it must be done..."

In order to accommodate the massive immigration these liberals think is acceptable, we would have to readust our economy, big time. Not the least of our adjustments would be off-setting healthcare, after the HMOs became unprofitable, by allowing the government to go with socialized medicine, setting up still another federal bureaucracy(we all know how screwed up that would be in terms of mismanagement, big gubmint having already established a track record thereabouts) and transforming our successful capitalist republic into the same kind of majorly overtaxed, 10+ % unemployed, failing socialist quagmire they're experiencing in the Euro countries.

I can't, having known my cousin since exactly ten years after I was born, even begin to think that he's the Marxist most other true-believing liberals are at heart, or simply someone who hates America and all it stands for(tell me it ain't so!), a member of the "blame America first" system of belief. Here, his being misguided would be highly preferable to my peace of mind.

Of course, the creation of the kind of mess open borders would bring in would mean, as do all socioeconomic messes, more work for lawyers, so perhaps he's thinking like most attorneys do -- the hell with the wellbeing of the country, we must look to our own employment security...

What do you call a busload of lawyers with one empty seat...?

In the open border scenario, taxes would more than double what we pay here and unemployment would become the same nasty joke it is in socialist countries like France. Ouch!

And our own homegrown leftists either don't think about that or simply ignore the concept.

Which sums up liberal doctrine: Mares-eat-oats-and -does-eat-oats, in an ideal world....

They either don't consider the consequences of their Utopian efforts due to a "we need it now(forsaking any thought as to long term penalties for what we do)" or they simply couldn't care less. In my cousin's case, I like to believe that it is the former case, that it's his optimistic instincts kicking in rather than any sense of reality. What a hard call that must be, though, either way -- "feel-good vs reality".

Hmm, tough.

I truly don't want to believe that he may be a member of the mainstream cult of liberals that feel our form of government is obsolete and must, at all costs, be replaced with socialism if not all-out Marxism.

I mean... I mean, WTF!?

Posted by Seth at April 16, 2006 09:45 AM


"What's Wrong With Liberals?"

You mean besides psychotic levels of Bush Derangement Syndrome?

Posted by: GM Roper at April 19, 2006 05:44 AM

I'm thinking,

The cousin in question grew up first class and had options many people don't, at least not without having to work a lot harder.

In the kind of country liberals would have the U.S. become, he might have had a much different life and one not nearly as easy, since most of his father's income would have gone to the govt rather than their family.

Posted by: Seth at April 19, 2006 07:20 AM

In my opinion liberal ideology contradicts itself. They are in favor of enviromentalism and over population (hence their sympothy towards mother's right to abortion) of the country or the world. If they open the borders they don't take into consideration to what kind of impact this influx of immigrants are going to have on the enviroment. Their will have to build on their land they are so eagerly trying to protect from urban growth.

Posted by: Chris at May 3, 2006 08:21 AM

Chris --

Thank you for your comment.

When I see what's going on in the Utopian land of liberalism, it definitely makes me happy to see that for the most part, the American voters collectively make the right choices at the right times -- I shudder to think(and I don't shudder easy) what would have been happening right now, in view of world events, had John Kerry been sitting in the Oval Office and Congress had a Democrat majority.

Liberals never think about the consequences of the things they want to do, only the feel-good, mares-eat-oats-&-does-eat-oats BS they believe gives them the "moral high ground" and inevitably gets people killed, our quality of life eroded, our national traditions victimized or our taxes increased while accomplishing nothing whatsoever in the way of solving any problems.

Posted by: Seth at May 3, 2006 09:05 AM