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March 09, 2006

UN Envoy: It's All The Jews' Fault

It just doesn't stop, whether it's the Arabs, antisemitic liberals in the west or members of the U.N.

This time, it's a South African attorney who is an envoy to the useless, feckless, soulless, spineless, corrupt, pro-terrorist, anti-American, pro-marxism bunch of diplofux at Turtle Bay, one John Dugard.

From an article emailed me today by Ryan Jones, Co-Editor and Website Manager at Jerusalem Newswire,

Almost completely disregarding Palestinian Arab aggression against Israel's Jews, a United Nations envoy has sought to lay the blame for regional conflict at the doorstep of the Jewish state by misrepresenting and exaggerating Israel's defensive measures and isolated acts of frustration.

In a special report prepared for next week's annual meeting of the UN Human Rights Commission, South African lawyer John Dugard charged:

"It seems that settlers are able to terrorize Palestinians and destroy their trees and crops with impunity."
What he failed to mention, however, are the innumerable stoning, shooting and bombing attacks carried out against the Jewish settlers by the hostile Arab population surrounding them. Often those attacks are launched from the cover of olive groves and fruit orchards, prompting frustrated and threatened Israelis to take matters into their own hands.

Dugard also criticized official Israeli defensive measures both in Gaza and the "West Bank."

So he's saying that the Palestinians are blameless, and the Jews are attacking them on a regular basis for no reason, right?

Left out of the equation were the hundreds of rockets and mortar shells that have been fired from Gaza at nearby Negev towns and villages since Israel withdrew from the Strip last summer. Nearly 500 Kassam rockets have been fired since the beginning of this year alone.

Dugard evidently carries with him the same attitude that all Islamist terrorists do: Whatever atrocities we subject you to are perfectly acceptable and not subject to recriminations, because Allah's on our side and therefore anything we do is right. Anything you do to defend yourselves against our terror attacks is tantamount to oppression, genocide, unreasonable violence and acts against God.

The entire article is here.

Posted by Seth at March 9, 2006 08:29 AM