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March 13, 2006

The Newspaper Of Record, Indeed!

Diana West has a spot-on commentary about the way the New York Times, once again, manages to go the PC route and ignore pertinent facts in order to whitewash the violence and the suppressed status of women that are both fundamentals of Islam.

Her commentary covers a three part interview with a New York Imam that just concluded in the New York Times.

Such journalistic jaw-droppers abound: not only gaping holes, like the one above, but also dead ends that leave countless questions that the female reporter, it seems, never thought to ask. For example, she notes, over six months of interviews, the Egyptian-born imam refused to shake her hand. "He offers women only a nod," she writes. Why is shaking hands with a woman "improper"? What does the imam think about sexual equality? She doesn't tell us. In Belgium last year, she doesn't mention, the female president of the parliament made headlines for canceling a meeting with an Iranian delegation over this same refusal to shake a woman's hand (the parliamentarian's own); while in Holland, the English-language blog Zacht Ei reported, a Muslim man lost a month's worth of welfare benefits for not only refusing to shake hands with female municipal employees, but also refusing to acknowledge their presence. This is supposed to be "the story of Mr. Shata's journey west," but the story bypasses such landmark issues.

Instead, we get a load of happy talk: "Married life in Islam is an act of worship," Mr. Shata says. So impressed were the editors of The New York Times by this load that they ran the quotation, not just above the fold, but across the very top of the front page over a gold-bathed family photo four columns wide. Does Miss Reporter ask the imam to reconcile this ecstatic notion with the Islamic custom of arranged and forced marriages, the spate of spousal abuse and "honor killings" within European Muslim communities...

The entire article is here.

Posted by Seth at March 13, 2006 02:44 PM


I check out the NYT just to measure the day's up and coming BS LOL...this is such a liberal paper; it's a mouthpiece for the liberal agenda. From time to time they do put out some good stuff related to health issues, but for the most part---liberal. It should not be the paper of record.

Posted by: Raven at March 14, 2006 05:56 PM

James Taranto had a bit in "Best Of..." Monday that referred to important stories ending up on pages 9 and 10 or whatever of the NYT the other day, while a story reflogging the Abu Ghraib debacle occupied the headsheet.

Maybe they should be called "The newspaper of broken record."

Posted by: Seth at March 15, 2006 12:06 AM