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March 27, 2006

Getting Down To Brass Tacks

We talk about illegal criminal aliens all the time, about the impact they have on our economy and about the threats posed by their very entry into and presence in the United States.

Despite the penchant the left has for ignoring our laws regarding criminal immigration, supporting any influx of illegal aliens without checks, balances or compunction of any kind, this is a serious issue, and one explored in a way that puts it in brilliant perspective at Ravings Of A Mad Tech.

Posted by Seth at March 27, 2006 12:55 AM


Thank you for your kind words. The Left fails to see this problem for what it is and we must help to educate the Kool-Aid drinkers of America.

Posted by: The Mad Tech at March 27, 2006 03:57 AM

Your post is right on point and very thoroughly addresses a situation that cannot get enough attention.

Having lived in San Francisco until recently, I've met more than my share of liberals who ignore legal reality entirely and believe that criminal aliens should be welcomed here en masse, no consequences considered.

Unfortunately, even many politicians out there are among this lot.

Posted by: Seth at March 27, 2006 05:44 AM