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March 25, 2006

A Brief Comment

We are constantly reading of nuclear weapons programs, the threat of nuclear weapons programs or evidence thereof as regards such insanely motivated leaderships as those in North Korea and Iran. For the past few years, we've watched as the so-called "Dear Leader" has developed weapons he shouldn't be allowed to have, now we're doing the same with Iran, whose president has made it quite clear that should he have the opportunity, he'll destroy Israel. What better way than with nukes? And this is one of the people who were in charge of the hostage situation at our embassy in Teheran a quarter century ago.

As NK's acquisition of nuclear technology should have been nipped in the bud five or so years ago, so should Iran's today.

It hasn't been and, to judge by the diplomatic baloney thusfar exercised, won't be. Several nations will sign off on meaningless sanctions against Iraq, and the leaders of Iraq will shrug, smile thinly and accept the largesse of Russia and China, whose aims are more along the lines of business than western security issues.

So we've got two unbalanced political regimes, one now armed with nuclear weapons and, presumably, usable delivery systems and another that will soon have them, and a surplus of bullshit impotent diplomacy allowing both tragedies-in-the-making to occur.

I don't blame any western political parties, nor do I find fault with any specific government.... I blame them all -- the fact that these two countries pose, or are about to pose nuclear threats to the western world can be laid squarely in the laps of our government and those of all countries with influence in the U.N. Security Council, regardless of the party of leadership.

There comes a time when talk becomes obviously useless, diplomacy moot and action the only option. This has happened where Kim Jong Il is concerned and now applies to Iran.

But nothing concrete will be done, even the Bush Administration, which is often these days unaccountably mellow when it should be more aggressive with its opposition, will probably go along with the "global community's" dumb, irresponsible, balls-less game, and Iran will have its nuclear weapons.

Posted by Seth at March 25, 2006 11:40 PM