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February 06, 2006

More From The Religion Of Peace

Yesterday in Beirut, a bunch of Muslims demonstrated yet again how they are able to function, collectively and tolerantly, like reasonable human beings.

A mob burned and ransacked the Danish Consulate in Beirut yesterday in anger over newspaper cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad, prompting the interior minister to resign over his inability to prevent the violence. The rioters, many of them Syrians, also attacked a Maronite church and scuffled with security forces, burning police and army vehicles. The State Department held the Syrian government responsible for similar actions a day earlier in Damascus. Muslims worldwide are enraged at a series of cartoons that a Danish newspaper ran in September, depicting Muhammad in the company of veiled women and as a terrorist with a bomblike turban. Islam forbids any portrayal of its prophet as idolatry. Many of yesterday's protesters arrived in Beirut in buses and carrying flags. They engaged Lebanese security forces in running street fights with rocks and sticks, burning or capturing police and emergency vehicles before storming the Danish Consulate in the majority-Christian neighborhood of Ashrafiyah. "There is no God but God, and Muhammad is his messenger," the rioters chanted, smashing their way into the 10-story commercial building and lighting fires that quickly engulfed the structure.


This stuff keeps on happening{in this case, the violence erupted over items published in a Danish newspaper about five months ago} in various countries, then terror supporting organizations such as CAIR react with indignance and wrath when anyone even dares suggest that there might be some violent people in the global Islamic community.

Go figure.

Mark Steyn provides some great related commentary here.

Posted by Seth at February 6, 2006 11:23 AM