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January 02, 2006

Explosives Recovered

Back in late December I posted about this, and am profoundly relieved that the perpetrators of the large explosives theft have been caught, the stolen materials recovered.

Three charged with stealing explosives at N.M. bunker The suspects weren't trained in handling the dangerous stolen property, say federal agents who tracked them down. The explosives were specialized, powerful and dangerous in the possession of untrained handlers.

That's exactly the situation federal agents say they came upon when they tracked down a sloppy band of thieves who broke into bunkers belonging to a nationally recognized New Mexico explosives expert.

The ATF, the same folks who unnecessarily brought us Waco and Ruby Ridge, says that there was no connection between the people who stole the explosives and any terrorist organizations, and that the theft was a "crime of opportunity." According to the author of the linked article on the arrests and recovery, Alicia Caldwell, the feds said they don't believe the perps even knew what they had.


I sincerely hope that the investigation doesn't stop there.

"Duh, yeah, we ripped off all that plastique, ossifer, and coincidentally, outta' sheer dumb luck, we also grabbed all the DetCord we could find, but we didn't know it was C-4 and DetCord, duh..."

If I was somewhat hard on theft victim Chris Cherry for his inexcusably negligent lack of security that facilitated the ease of the theft in my previous post on same, I can only be doubly enraged now.

On Dec. 18, Cherry, who works for the Sandia National Laboratories and trains military and law- enforcement personnel in bomb disarmament, reported the theft. He is the head of Cherry Engineering, and the stolen materials were the property of his firm and not affiliated with his work for the government, according to an arrest affidavit unsealed Tuesday.

{Above emphasis added mine}.

The man is an explosives expert who trains military and law enforcement personnel...

If anybody should know the magnitude of the potential danger to citizens that could result from the theft of such a quantity of explosives, it is Cherry, that stupid son-of-a-bitch, and his failure to implement adequate security procedures to safeguard those materials is way beyond inexcusable.

If he is permitted to store any more explosives, the government officials who allow it should be fired without pensions and charged with criminal negligence, charges that Chris Cherry should even now be facing.


Posted by Seth at January 2, 2006 03:04 AM