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December 07, 2005

Croissant Network News?

The French have decided to start up a CNN-like news network.

The French government has given the green light for an international TV news channel to start broadcasting in French by the end of next year, with the aim of spreading the country's vision to the world.

That easily qualifies for the comic quote of the day.

France's "vision?"

Hah! More than ten percent unemployment? The large, violently hostile Muslim community they allowed to proliferate on their soil, then agitated by treating them like red headed stepchildren? A healthcare system that managed to help kill off some ten thousand senior citizens during a summer heat spell three years ago? A corrupt government that continued to sell war materials to Saddam Hussein after signing off on a UN resolution forbidding any country from doing just that? A well earned reputation for using immediate, unconditional surrender as their first line of defense?

"France must ... be on the front line in the global battle of TV pictures," a spokesman quoted Chirac as telling the cabinet, which approved the establishment of a company to run the French International News Channel (CFII).

"The aim is to bring France's values and its vision of the world to everywhere in the world," he said.

Just what we all need, a continuous international broadcast of French bullshit.

For a more realistic look at French "values and vision," let's go talk to GM Roper.

French values and vision, heh heh heh...

Posted by Seth at December 7, 2005 05:30 AM


Thanks for the link. You have added to the French-Quasi French dialogue. When the French
learn to communicate with the rest of the world,
let alone with themselves, we will be in for a
comedy fest like no one has ever seen.

Posted by: GM Roper at December 7, 2005 06:20 AM

Too true, GM.

I'm still chuckling over the idea that they feel they have a "message" to share. Reminds me of a guy named John Kerry, the haughty, French looking... :-)

Posted by: Seth at December 7, 2005 05:14 PM

This will be a state run America bashing, white flag waving, attempt at coping CNN, with CNN doing the same thing I don't know why they need another channel for it.

Posted by: Michael at December 10, 2005 08:45 AM

The only good thing is that it will be in French(hopefully just French), so we can sit there watching while a bunch of commentators sound like they are gargling with turds.

Posted by: Seth at December 10, 2005 09:07 AM