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December 16, 2005

At Least This Wasn't Like the Last Go-Round...

Thank God this was a non-meltdown kind of accident.

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia — An explosion ripped through a smelter at a nuclear power plant outside the northern city of St. Petersburg, badly injuring three people, Russia's nuclear agency said Friday.

Rosenergoatom said radiation levels were not affected as the reactor in that part of the Leningrad nuclear plant was undergoing repairs and not in operation at the time.

This may be considered by some to be in poor taste, but it reminded me of a joke Yakov Smirnoff told when I saw him at Harrah's Reno about fifteen years ago:

"Here in America, you have all these wonderful medical advances, but we have them in Soviet Union, too.
There, they have invented a way to X-ray whole population at once, is called Chernobel."

Posted by Seth at December 16, 2005 05:36 AM


If you'd like to read a comparison of Chernobyl and current US nuclear plants, see RadDecision.blogspot.com.

This is a techno-thriller novel about the American nuclear industry, written by a longtime engineer. It provides an entertaining and accurate portrait of the U.S industry today, along with a first-hand look at the Chernobyl disaster. "Rad Decision" is available at no cost to readers.


Posted by: James Aach at December 16, 2005 10:01 PM


I came over and previewed the beginning.

Looks interesting, in the "morning"(it already is, but it's the bedtime phase) I'm going to read it.

Many thanks.

Posted by: Seth at December 16, 2005 11:08 PM