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October 22, 2005

The War On Terror

Tony Blankley has written a detailed and must-read piece on the premises behind his book The West's Last Chance: Will We Win The Clash Of Civilizations?, in which he discusses the serious threat posed to western civilization by radical Islam, citing among other causes for alarm the rapid ongoing ingestion of Europe by Muslims.

It is beginning to dawn on Europeans that the combination of a shrinking ethnic-European population and an expanding, culturally assertive Muslim population might lead to the fall of Western civilization in Europe within a century.
This phenomenon, called Eurabia, is viewed with growing fatalism both in Europe and in America. Such fatalism, however, is premature.
Last November, an Islamist terrorist's butchering of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh, who had made a movie revealing abuse of Muslim women, aroused deep fears in Holland and across the Continent.
The public anger, which included the burning of mosques in traditionally tolerant Holland, is evidence that the European instinct for survival has not been fully extinguished.
But that survival instinct is threatened by the multiculturalism and political correctness advocated in media and academe -- and institutionalized in national and European Union laws and regulations for half a century.
Europe's effort at cultural tolerance since World War II slowly morphed into a surprisingly deep self-loathing of Western culture that denied the instinct for cultural and national self-defense.
If Europe doesn't rise to the challenge, Eurabia will come to pass. Then Europe will cease to be an American ally and instead become a base of operations (as she already is to a small degree) against

Another excerpt from the article that should be kept in mind,

Many Muslims in Europe are content to be law-abiding, culturally integrated citizens. But an increasing number feel some degree of alienation. Many are beginning to believe that they have a religious duty not to integrate.
Radical Islam, sometimes accurately called Islamo-fascism, has all the "advantages" the Nazis had in Germany in the 1930s. The Islamo-fascists find a Muslim population adrift, confused and humiliated by the dominance of foreign nations and cultures. They find a large, youthful population increasingly disdainful of their parents' passive habits.
Just as the Nazis reached back to German mythology and the supposed Aryan origins of the German people, the radical Islamists reach back to the founding ideas and myths of their religious culture. And just like the Nazis, they claim to speak for authentic traditions while actually advancing expedient and radical innovations.
The Islamo-fascist mullahs encourage young Muslims not to turn to their parents for guidance on choosing a wife (or wives). Nor are young Muslims to be guided by parental or community disapproval of making an individual commitment to jihad. They are allowed to drink alcohol
, shave their beards and commit what otherwise would be judged immorality in a Muslim -- in order to advance jihad.

Read the entire series, three parts, the second two linked at the ends of their "predecessors."

We are fighting a war against a religious entity that has actually been at war with the rest of the world, in one way or another, for about a dozen centuries, because they believe that only Muslims are entitled to live, the rest of us must be killed.

The technology of today has enabled them, for the first time in their entire bloody history, to mount the war they've always wanted on a global scale.

And we are fighting them tooth and nail, despite obstruction from our own lemminglike left and politically partisan propaganda, spins, omissions and outright lies by the mainstream{liberal} media, all of whom either take the side of or play into the hands of our terrorist enemy.

The superbly well prepared, well fact-checked outing of a left wing media stooge who is a very good friend, indeed, of the terrorists in Iraq can be found at GM's Corner, and a definitive rebuttal to the left's decomposing dead horse, "Bush lied! We only invaded Iraq because he said they had WMD!" awaits at Kender's Musings.

Posted by Seth at October 22, 2005 01:48 AM


I must admit that fear and panic mongering to the order of a Msulim state in Europe is interesting, but seriously, the Europeans are a bit smarter than that. If you recall, Europe has been around the block for quite some time, as a matter of fact European history dwarfs American statehood by several hundred (maybe thousands - but not nitpicking due to the Romans) years. So there is a bit more experience dealing with this kind of thing rather than going "OMG, Like Dude, those Yurp-eeons are being invaded by the islomajihad!!".

Quite frankly, there is a backlash moving forward now against the muslim communities which have refused to adopt broader more open westernised views. Combine this with some good old fashioned, "If you don't like it go home attitude", mecca will not be Berlin.

I guess I see your blog trying to provoke a culture war rather than reporting on it with some first hand experience. Way to go, let's make sure more Americans are afraid that angry hoards of towel heads are marching to take over the world.

Posted by: Eruabia at October 23, 2005 12:28 AM

First, I don't have as much faith in Euro-wisdom as you do, Eruabia. I don't view countries that are comfortable with a socialist environment they can't afford{and they can't} as having learned anything from all those centuries of history you so proudly refer to, as if old automatically means wise{I've met a lot of old fools in my time, trust me} -- Old Europe is just that: Old Europe.

The threat posed by radical Islam today is most likely the worst threat to the western world in history. If you actually keep up with current events and don't see that, I would suggest more in-depth study... Or something.

We've already seen what these fanatics are capable of, in N.Y. on 9/11, in London subways, in countries all over the world where bombs go off and innocent people are maimed or killed.

Because of a "get Bush" policy among the MSM, whom as I've said are of the extreme liberal persuasion, Dubya's war on terror is being played down in order to discredit him. This means that the media has also to play down the seriousness of Islamofascist terrorism. In my book that's a violation of some code or other --the press enjoys special access the rest of us do not, and should therefore tell the whole story, not just the half that scores political points for their party. But that's another story....

Back to Europe.

Why don't you do a little research on population issues?

You'll find some statistic someplace that says European couples, as an aggregate, need to average 2.1 children in order to maintain the working population needed to contribute sufficient taxes both to support governments and to support all those retirees over there. It is estimated that within the next 3 or 4 decades, people over 50 will outnumber those of younger years, and that will mean that to support those seniors who've worked all their lives, taxes will have to be raised.

Tell me, where do you go from already paying over 50%?

That's socialism, where you work your butt off for yourself and your family, but most of your hard earned money is for the "collective."

So, now we're talking these enormous Muslim communities, which present a wild card of sorts. Why? Because while the Eurocritters have been having less kids and more abortions, the Muslim immigrant families have been having 3, 4 and even 5 children. Be as multicultural as you please, but....

Please, Eruabia, do a little homework.

Posted by: Seth at October 23, 2005 01:47 AM