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October 08, 2005

My Two Cents

Since Harriet Miers was nominated to succeed Sandra Day O'Connor at SCOTUS, there has, of course, been the expected thunder of conflicting voices, raised in a variety of arguments. Unfortunately, the bulk of this disagreement seems to be occurring on the starboard side of the aisle.

She hasn't got the experience of some of the others who might have been nominated, she's not enough of a hardliner, there's insufficient paper trail to know where she's really coming from, one fellow conservative blogger with whom I tend to agree on most issues even linked to a site that showed Miers sitting on a couch beside Dubya, looking overjoyed, and it was supposed to be "proof" that Miers is a liberal waiting to come out of her political closet the minute she hits the Court, because the picture was reportedly taken at an Anti-Defamation League event about eight years ago. The ADL is as left wing as the ACLU, but as I understand it, Harriet Miers was once a Democrat. Then she became a Republican.

I was pretty liberal until Jimmuh Cahtuh was president, and that guy, bless his soul, turned me into a Republican. I very enthusiastically voted for Reagan in the next election.

So I understand that people can wake up politically, and that an old photo or a reference to something as trivial as attending a conference on the "wrong" side of the aisle so many years ago may not be relevant today. Or it might, who's to say?

We reelected George W. Bush to serve a second term as President Of The United States. This is the equivalent of a board of directors{the voters} hiring a CEO(POTUS). We are telling him that we have confidence in his ability to carry out the duties of his office.

Part of his job is nominating people for various high-profile positions, including those of Supreme Court Associate or Chief Justice, for Congressional approval and confirmation.

You hire or promote based on the premise that someone knows what he/she's doing, then you allow that person to get on with things, you don't appear at the person's shoulder every five minutes to micromanage. You let him/her do his/her job. Period.

We gave George Bush the authority to nominate different people for different jobs, so let's stand aside now and let him do his job.

We have our share of special interests here on the right and they're all bickering, and that accomplishes nothing. We all want specific things, but it is a rule in life that we can't all have everything we want, there needs to be some compromise.

The right is becoming too much like the left with its internal "my way or the highway" attitude. This has to stop, we're turning into a Tower of Babel while we all speak the same language. How does that compute?

We are not a Sunni vs Shiite situation, we are the U.S.A.

What we need to do is suck it in, no matter what it is, and rally behind the man we reelected to the Presidency. We hired him to do a job, let's shut up and let him do it.

Posted by Seth at October 8, 2005 03:32 AM


When I first heard about the appointment, I was devastated. Who in the @#$% is SHE? Where was Janice Rogers Brown? I want a real conservative, etc. Same as many on the right.
I have since mellowed a little. Do I now believe she was the MOST qualified? Not on your life. Do I think she will be confirmed? Don't know. Is she definitely an originalist. Don't know that either, but I defer to the President on that. Will the demos oppose her? Probably not. And you can bet they would have opposed my choice.
The thing is, we do not need someone who will legislate from the bench in whichever direction. She might be a "team player" who will encourage the others to strictly interpret the Constitution. And the moon might be made of green cheese.
I'm with you, though. It is the President's job to pick people. It is now the Senate's job to offer advice and consent. Let's see how this shakes out.

Posted by: Pat'sRickĀ© at October 8, 2005 09:50 AM

My greatest concern at the moment is that these outspoken critics are giving the Dems a great opportunity to show voters what a fragmented party we have become, and they're milking it for all they can get.

Per my next post.

Posted by: Seth at October 8, 2005 07:55 PM