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September 14, 2005

Enough Of The Race Card

Ah sorry, ladies an' genemuns, but enuff be enuff o dis racial crap!

I've read liberal "opinions" that Katrina the Bitch was the fault of George W. Bush who, according to these idiots, caused the disaster by refusing to sign off on the Kyoto Assininity, thereby allowing global warming{already bebunked as myth by scientists} to create the devastating hurricane that blew along the gulf coast and caused so much devastation, some going so far, because so many poor blacks were stranded in New Orleans, as to label it a "racist" hurricane{owned, of course, by GWB}.
I've read liberal opinions that the poverty that stranded these people was the fault of the Republicans because of our belief in limited government, that we failed them by not awarding them a much larger share of our hard earned tax dollars so they could live a better, if unearned, life, thereby giving them the means to own cars and to drive themselves to safety as Katrina descended.
I've read liberal opinions that the sole reason there wasn't a quicker government response to help in New Orleans was because the victims were poor blacks.
Naturally, all the blame somehow finds its way to Bush, if you take the portside braying of the liberal mainstream media as gospel, which unfortunately millions upon millions of Americans seem to do. It's not their fault, they are simply folks who don't know any better than to believe that venues like CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post and countless others value the truth more than they do partisan Democrat propaganda. Rarely if ever will you find anything that reports positive accomplishments by the Bush Administration on their news programs or in their newspapers, even the most glaringly obvious positive seems to be subdued to the point of nonexistence while the most picayune trace of the negative becomes a blaring epic.
So now every aspect of the Katrina debacle, from the hurricane's creation to the breaking of the levee to the "slow" government response is the result of Bush's "racism."

I lived in New Orleans some years back and got out quite a bit.

It was always a Democrat city, in fact there was always a black mayor when I lived there, first a father(Dutch Morial), then a son(Marc Morial), and since, the son was ousted by C. Ray Nagin.

The city's Democrat mayors and other politicians did absolutely nothing to help extract their large, poor black population from poverty, in fact those who did manage to pull themselves up, along with the politicians, always seemed sort of amused at the terrible joke that served for public education and the poorness of the poor. The locals had a reason for keeping these people down: A tradition of poverty among blacks kept available an abundant low paid, underbenefitted pool for staffing the hotel and restaurant kitchens, street cleaning, housekeeping, garbage collecting and other occupational needs of the tourist dependent city.
The only "help" these Democrats ever gave those particular constituents was welfare-- enough income to keep them alive and "in their place" so they could continue to breed necessary cheap labor, a continuation of the slavery we abolished in most of the country in the early 1860s, only the postwar "masters" didn't have to supply room and board out of pocket.

Crack addiction and street crime were rampant among the black population, murders literally a dime a dozen and the city simply shrugged and went about its collective business, as often as not with a humorous grin.
If there was any racism, it came from the collective of the city's democrat majority.
And the poverty there didn't just spring into existence when Bush took office, it was an institution, sad to say, going back to the end of the Civil War and the "abolition" of slavery.

Enter Hurricane Katrina, the breaking of the levee(the Levee Board was not comprised by engineers, as you'd expect, but by members of the unbelievably corrupt local old boy network, mostly businessmen who had made significant donations to the right political campaigns) and sheer pandemonium.
The Bush Administration had, at the outset, advised the people of New Orleans to evacuate the city, but had been mostly ignored.
Rescue workers were repelled by roving gangs of local blacks bearing arms, many stolen from looted gun shops and sporting goods stores, others already owned as implements of policy among gangs. Local blacks and even police looted stores like it was a new kind of Christmas and the mayor fled when he could have been using large fleets of school buses to evacuate those who would go. The governor, when offered assistance by Bush, had said she "wasn't sure," and needed 24 of what turned out to be crucial hours to decide. This is a governor's decision to make, as local and state authorities "own" their natural disasters.
Yesterday, George W. Bush took responsibility for the "slow" federal response and the FEMA executive responsible resigned. I see that not as admitting to any fault so much as doing a leader's job and taking responsibility for something happening on his watch. I have yet to see a Democrat do the same-- no, he or she would just blame it on Bush.
The truth is, a whole bunch of Democrats failed to do their jobs-- they even failed to implement a documented response plan put together after the last big hurricane that came to town.
The truth is, this whole issue that race is involved may be accurate, but if that's the case it does not rest in the lap of the Bush administration. It rests in the laps of Nawlins Democrats who gave little priority to blacks except as vassals created for cheap labor.

Blacks who march to the false drum of Democrat support need to wake up and realize that they're victims of a great con by a party whose interests are better served by keeping them poor and keeping racism alive.

A pretty on-point Opinion Journal commentary by Brendan Miniter is here

Posted by Seth at September 14, 2005 05:15 AM


What a great post. This new design seems to have inspired you :)

Very true, welfare has done nothing but furthered poverty. And a lot of the things the Dems do acctualy perpetuate poverty & racism. Multiculti, which stresses the differences rather than the similarities, does nothing to end racism.

Posted by: NYgirl at September 14, 2005 03:00 PM

It infuriates me that these liberals have no compunction about keeping such a large segment of our society in the hole for the sole purpose of blaming their situation on Republicans for the ultimate purpose of obtaining votes.

Posted by: Seth at September 14, 2005 08:02 PM