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August 17, 2005

The "Disengagement"

The evacuation of Israeli Settlers from The Gaza Strip seems to be moving a little more smoothly than anticipated, according to various Israeli military personnel, though there has been more than a little violence in response to the pullout. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon made a plea to the settlers to blame him for the evacuation, not to take it out on the soldiers and police personnel who are merely doing their jobs, rightly saying that things are tough and stressful enough for them as it is. The soldiers and police involved in the evacuation have apparently(no excessive force complaints have been made public at this time) both professional and sympathetic in carrying out what has to be an utterly distasteful task.

Last update - 14:51 17/08/2005
PM to settlers: Don't hurt troops over disengagement, hurt me
By Haaretz Service and agencies

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, beseeching settlers to blame him, not soldiers, for the diasengagement, Wednesday called the images of Gaza settlers being removed from their homes "heartbreaking," and praised the restraint of both settlers and soldiers.

Sharon appealed to opponents of the disengagement to avoid physical and verbal confrontation with the security forces.

"I want to truly appeal to everyone, not to attack the police, the women and men
soldiers and police . Don't blame them. Don't make it hard on them. Don't hurt them, hurt me."


There are some excellent links within the article. As far as some of the ads go, remember that Haaretz is Israel's answer to the New York Times.        

I have no idea what this is.-"it's Bush's fault!" 



Some of the more tragic occurences thus far have included this and this, and Israeli media seems to have skipped lightly over a couple of attacks by Palestinians that fortunately resulted in no injuries.

There is good streaming coverage of all military related aspects of the evacuation at the IDF's website.

And of course, lurking in the background, is the specter of consequences for this entire foolish, unprecedented submission by the Israeli government to terrorism. 

If things hold up and violence does not accellerate, at least the Israelis will show the Palestinians that they are still one people, that this dumb move on the part of their government, despite uprooting so many Jews from their homes, will not drive a wedge between them that the terrorists can exploit.

Posted by Seth at August 17, 2005 02:56 PM


Seth did you happen to read the second part of Zawahri's statements on Al Jazeera? It was not widely translated but called for the Palestinian people to wholely reject the PA and return to Jihaad against Israel and the United States.Like they really need the nudge.

Posted by: Policy Hawk at August 18, 2005 11:04 AM

No, I didn't, but I'm not surprised. Do you have a link?These vermin can't be taken at their word, they are less than men. They have no honor, just the excuse of the murder cult they call a religion.Even without Z's input, they would still be a treacherous species, but I'd love to see what Zawahri had to say. If he fits in with the rest of his ilk, his biggest worry is most likely whether or not his tip is at least fifteen per cent of what was on the meter.

Posted by: Seth at August 18, 2005 12:03 PM