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August 16, 2005

Not Off To A Good Start

This was, of course, to be expected, people are people and when their own government evicts them from their homes in order to give their land away to people who have been murdering their friends and family... There were bound to be dissenters who would resort to violence.

I can't say I approve, nor can I say I disapprove. I know how disgusted I felt, here in San Francisco back when we invaded Iraq, watching hundreds of complete and total assholes blocking major street intersections in protest so that no vehicles... including ambulances... could get through. Throwing newspaper vending machines across streets, shattering store windows... I don't know what it feels like to be in the position those evictees are in, but I can well imagine. I would be seething. In a previous post about the then pending Jewish evacuation of the Gaza Strip, I referred to it as Enemy Domain, which about sums it up.

But right or wrong, it's unfortunate and it would be better if the Israeli Government reneged on the deal. It would be fine, the Palestinians have made a science of reneging on agreements they've made with Israel and there does, after all, come a time to draw the line.

I say 'unfortunate' because I think that there's a strong chance things could accellerate to the point where Israeli police and soldiers clash with civilians, I say the Knesset should renege because should the settlers decide to take a stand, that clash between uniformed and non-uniformed Jews will not only provide amusement for the Palestinians, it will also send them a message that their terrorism has done far more than simply gain them territory, it has also violently divided the Israelis. The MSM will be sure to juice things up by assembling footage of isolated violent events into a package that depicts widespread chaos and massive government brutality and countries like France that have dreamed of an end to Israel will point to the video as an example of Israel's "brutish, bullying, fiendish nature" or some such poppycock, "which has been directed toward the oppression of these poor, peaceful Palestinians whose land they stole."


Settler leaders' pledges for a non-violent resistance lasted only several minutes after the Sunday midnight closure of Kissufim Crossing. Hundreds of anti-disengagement youth attacked an IDF jeep outside of Neveh Dekalim, the largest settlement in Gush Katif.

Witnesses reported that the teens ransacked the contents of the jeep and burned it by the side of the road. Less than a half an hour later, they punctured the tires of an army vehicle. The vehicle's crew reportedly remained inside, surrounded by rioters.


.... A group of approximately 500 youth marched out of the settlement west toward the Mor Bridge, in the direction of the Kissufim crossing leading out of Gush Katif. The youths jammed rods into the joints of the bridge and set down bent nails in order to shred tires of IDF troops coming to aid the disengagement.

Violence against IDF forces was not exclusive to Gaza - an IDF officer was wounded late Sunday night in northern Samaria during a clash between anti-pullout activists and soldiers who had put up roadblocks around settlements due to be evacuated.


My take is that this is a no-win. Sharon will stick to his guns, a lot of people will resist and the inevitable will occur. When the smoke clears, the only winners will be Fatah and Hamas.

Posted by Seth at August 16, 2005 03:06 AM