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July 20, 2005

Take A Bite Out Of Peta

It seems that numerous liberal-approved organizations that start out with the best intentions have a penchant for turning hard to port and establishing strong solidarity with extremist loony left organizations, joining their struggles to turn the United States into either an anarchist state or a socialist one, depending on how far asea the org happens to be.

PETA(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)'s has gone that route, big time. Among other things, they have donated more than $150,000.00 to criminal orgs like ELF(Environmental Liberation Front), an organization classified as enviro- terrorists by the F.B.I., to help defend arsonists and murderers. Their leaders encourage them to participate in illegal activities such as burning down restaurants, medical labs and banks.

These people are a true menace 2 society.

The following links are courtesy of Consumer Freedom.com:

First, 7 Things You Didn't Know About Peta but definitely should.

Shocking, but true.  The next link is a petition to cut off Peta's federal tax exempt status, a reasonable demand in view of what they've been playing at.

I must admit that it was the title of the petition that first caught my eye, "Take A Bite Out Of PETA." Having been watching some DVDs of La Femme Nakita TV episodes, I thought they meant Peta Wilson and was all set to go, then I read on and found they meant.... Oh, well.

Just kidding.

Take A Bite Out Of PETA

To get an even more in-depth description of PETA and its activities, click here. You'll also find that the year and a half old petition linked above is still valid by clicking the appropriate box in the right-hand sidebar. I "signed" it without hesitation.

Today's activists want to force you to eat nothing but beans and greens, and wear nothing but cotton, rayon and rubber. They want to ban hunting, fishing, zoos, rodeos, and circuses. Some want to permanently end Kosher slaughter. They even want to outlaw the use of animals in the search for cures for AIDS, Parkinson's Disease, and cancer....  


Sorry, guys, no can do, I'm a confirmed carnivore. You order the 'sprout salad and tofu, I'll be the happy dude in the booth, there, having the 20 oz. T-bone with all the trimmings. Bon apetit

I'll probably have a leather jacket with me, a leather belt holding up my pants and leather shoes or sneakers on my feet, and if I bring a date, she'll quite possibly have a fur coat along. She won't be eating roots and berries, either.


You might recall the recent story from North Carolina about the two PETA members getting caught out regarding the murder and subsequent disposal of dead cats and dogs in a dumpster, well they were to be  having their day in court yesterday.  

More from Hampton Roads.com, a little attempted damage control by PETA's boss lady.

Posted by Seth at July 20, 2005 01:52 PM


What I'd like to know is, when a PETA member or their loved one is ill, do they refuse to use life saving medications which were developed using animal research? The hypocracy of people like this is amazing.

Posted by: NYgirl at July 27, 2005 01:11 AM

Most of those people are hypocrites, like the folks who criticize our need for and use of oil. Their cars don't run on water and everything they own got transported from the factory to the store they bought it at via spontaneous combustion, etc.The PETA people are exactly the same, their self righteous dogma only applies to others. Had anyone else killed and dumped all those dead cats and dogs in that supermarket dumpster, for example, PETA would've been all over them, "pictures at 11". Since their people got caught, what we see is Peta throwing them to the wolves(a fitting fate) :)

Posted by: Seth at July 27, 2005 06:48 AM