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July 06, 2005

On Sex Offenders

The illustrious Raven at Rightly So  has posted this  spot-on story about the kind of monster, a child-victimizing sex offender, that we need to do a lot more about eliminating than we have been doing.

The post cites a case of a man who kidnaped an eight year old girl and her nine year old brother and in the girl's case, kept her and abused her for six months. Her brother is presumed dead.

Raven's take on this is completely right, we have to deal with assholes like these in a definitive manner, not treat them like normal people with normal rights that enable them to mingle among the rest of the citizenry and choose their targets at their leisure.

"And the liberal sex freaks will come to his defense...and make excuses for all his "behavior" and blame his upbringing and everyone else but HIM..."

There are too damn many liberals who, not seeing any immediate dangers in sight for their own households, will expound upon this pervert's "rights" while ignoring those of the victim. The scenario's become all too commonplace. This "he suffered as a child" thing is genuinely too bad, but it's not the rest of our fault nor something the rest of us have any reason to feel guilty about. It doesn't excuse the courts for endangering the public by letting them have any kind of benefit of a doubt that lets them walk free. For the protection of the innocent, these types of predators have to be deprived of access to the public, not given a chance to wander the streets in search of new victims, not on bail, not on OR, not on an outpatient basis, parole or probation.

Posted by Seth at July 6, 2005 03:51 PM