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June 15, 2005

The Last Antitaxation Hero

Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger is taking on the California tax and spend liberals who, as usual, are looking to sleaze yet more money out of the tax payers with blind-siding, sneaky legislation. Proposition 13, a 1978 initiative that capped California property tax increases, is the issue at hand with the state's Dems looking to change it or add taxable increments to the prop that would enable them to extract more money from voters.

Santee, San Diego County -- Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger's special election campaign suddenly became all about the landmark Proposition 13 property tax initiative Tuesday when he warned elderly homeowners they could lose their houses to taxes if Democrats and union leaders got their way in the fall.


"They want to back us into a corner so eventually they can force us to raise taxes," Schwartzenegger told about 25 people in a backyard gettogether at this town outside San Diego.


He accused Democratic legislators of sneaking around with backdoor efforts to "tweak" Prop. 13, the 1978 initiative that put tight caps on property taxes in the state.


....The attack enraged Democratic leaders, who accused the governor of campaigning on issues that aren't on the Nov 8 ballot.


Changing Prop. 13 to boost taxes on homeowners "isn't on the ballot and it isn't even on anyone's radar screen," said Maviglio, a spokesman for assembly speaker Fabian Nunez, D- Los Angeles. "The governor is trying to scare people to the polls and that's shameful."


Democratic legislators have authored bills that would amend Prop. 13 to make it easier to impose special parcel taxes and backed efforts to boost taxes on commercial property.


The San Francisco Chronicle article that tells the story will not link, but in today's online edition of the paper, the item reads Guv: It's About Prop 13.

California is the liberal stronghold of America, the home base of those who think we should be a socialist country, a nation in which the government and, through taxation, the rank and file tax payer and successful businesses are responsible for every last Utopian jerkoff social whim these asshats want to espouse. 

Oh, shit! We've blown all the state taxpayers' money, we'd better hit 'em up for more....


Their tax the people into the ground, the more the merrier attitude, during previous gubernatorial administrations such as that of Gray Davis, whom we fired in favor of electing the Governator, has driven businesses(can you say, jobs?) out of California and into neighboring states with more agreeable business tax rates.

These people are so far beyond unreasonable that it borders on insanity! They have no concept of budgets, they simply spend money on their bottomless pit feel-good agendas and when the kitty bottoms out, they seek to squeeze more money out of Joe Taxpayer. European countries, whom the liberals admire to the extent of worship, confiscate more of their citizens' wages and salaries than they allow them to keep, and their economies still fall short of ours by enormous margins(more than double the unemployment, etc).  

We are a Capitalist Republic that's proved out(the richest, strongest nation on this planet) with a constitution that forbids taxation without representation(remember the Boston Tea Party, or has that, too, been stricken from primary education textbooks by liberal revisionists of history?), and the vast majority of liberal agendas are just that. The liberals' favorite passtime would seem to be spending our tax dollars on issues that the majority of us would vote against if given the opportunity to do so, if for no other reason than to hang onto enough of the money we earn working to live under reasonable conditions. The liberals want us to be just like France and other failing countries.

Arnold's referendem for the vote in November is a counter to the California libs' tendency to obfuscate issues in order to get the voters to pass laws and enact policies they might not vote on if they had the true picture.

A good example is a proposition that was on the ballot here in San Francisco, where all the politicians are liberals, in 2002. The city supervisors(the local equivalent of councilmen) needed a venue for rewarding their more noteworthy supporters, so they decided to form an entertainment commission that would decide issues relating to licencing night clubs and like businesses that would consist of their political cronies. They voted it in among themselves without consulting the voters, and on the proposition ballot they gave the voters a choice as to whether or not the mayor(the baksheesh and political advancement seeking Willie Brown) should be able to appoint X number of members to the commission and the city supervisors the rest. The way it was worded on the ballot made it appear to most local voters that they were actually having a say on whether or not to form the commission to begin with, a "yes" or "no" vote all that was required. In my book, that constitutes misleading the public.  

The California branch of the Angry Left has been maligning Schwartzenegger since he took office and the opinion on the street(read that as "among the state's liberals") is that he's "sold out" the citizens of the state and reneged on what he purported to stand for when he ran for governor.

Bullshirt. Like the rest of today's Democrats, the majority in California's legislature would rather sabotage their GOP governor(like the Dems on Capital Hill do to W at every opportunity), letting the rest of us pay the price, in order to undermine his performance and get him voted out in favor of their own candidate in the next election. These anal cavities should be slowly smothered to death, or exported to France where they belong. 

I don't envy the California governor his job, which has to be a frustrating ordeal in itself just because of the obstructions he faces on a day-to-day basis from the state legislature's liberal majority.

Posted by Seth at June 15, 2005 11:26 AM