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June 12, 2005

Medical MJ Issue Update

Last Monday I posted about the Supreme Court's ruling that it is okay for the DEA to bust medical marijuana patients.

Fox News, on their online video page, reports that the DEA has said it will not actively pursue medical marijuana patients, but focus its efforts on serious traffickers of nonprescribed marijuana. Fox news videos do not possess their own linkable URLs, but this report is presently on the page, which changes from day to day.

Go to the right sidebar, click on Only On Fox, then on Smoked Out? Here is the link to the page.

I have seen stories about the Court's ruling and surrounding issues in several MSM venues, but none seem to have mentioned the above development, probably because it's in the liberal interest to keep the folks concerned mad at the Bush Administration for as long as possible.

I know, the Supremes that ruled against medical marijuana were the liberals, those that dissented the conservatives, but you'll see: It'll somehow become Bush's fault, as always.

There's also a good take on the issue by Daniel Henninger in The Wall Street Journal Online.


Supreme Court Just Says No


The Supreme Court's liberal bloc -- Stevens, Ginsburg, Souter and Breyer -- ensured Monday with the support of Justices Kennedy and Scalia that people sick from cancer treatment will have to think first about a house call from the federal drug police before using marijuana to treat their symptoms. Even the Court's language was unfeeling: "The case comes down to the claim that a locally cultivated product that is used domestically rather than sold on the open market is not subject to federal regulation. Given the...undisputed magnitude of the commercial market for marijuana, Wickard and its progeny foreclose that claim."

Liberalism to cancer patients: Drop dead.

Read the entire column. 

Posted by Seth at June 12, 2005 07:27 PM