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June 21, 2005

It Just Keeps Getting Stupider!

On 12 June, I did a post on the moronic Gitmo rhetoric coming from moonwipes like Newsweek and Amnesty International. You know, about flushing Korans(retracted) and the gulag we purportedly run in Cuba, according to Travesty International, who admitted not knowing what was happening at Guantanamo Bay but reported it anyway at their website.

Now there's more.



Congress is likely to step into the operation of the Guantanamo Bay detention center with legislation on how the U.S. should legally categorize an unorthodox enemy.


Fitting the enemy in the war on terror into the proper niche is challenging. Al Qaeda terrorists do not wear a uniform. They target civilians and never signed the Geneva Convention governing the treatment of wartime detainees.


U.S. officials say al Qaeda members make up the majority of the 520 inmates at Camp Delta in Cuba and include terrorist leader Osama bin Laden's bodyguards and one man who authorities suspect was supposed to be the 20th hijacker on the September 11 flights. The other inmates are suspected of being Taliban members.


....Air Force Brig. Gen. Thomas L. Hemingway, who is chief legal advisor to the appointing authority for the military commissions, added,(" I?) think that we can hold them as long as the conflict endures. But we have... a very detailed process for eliminating them if they no longer present a threat."


Senator Patrick J. Leahy, Vermont Democrat and a strong advocate for detainee rights, asked, "Well, we now have a government in Afghanistan, yet the conflict continues. Is that what you're saying?"    

What an idiotic question! And this coming from a guy who belongs to the body of our government that makes laws!

Gen. Hemingway replied, "The conflict is not with the government of Afghanistan. The conflict is with a nonstate organization."


...So far, the Pentagon has released more than 200 detainees. About 10 have resurfaced on the battlefield in Afghanistan and been killed or captured, administration officials said.

Ten that we know of because they've been recaptured or waxed, how many more are out there, using their freedom from custody to get back to business as usual?

I mean it, I am soooo flabbergasted at all this. This entire affair is based upon nothing concrete, in fact nothing whatsoever, it's like a vile cartoon and the upswing, if the administration and the right thinking folks on the Hill allow the Democrats to have their way, will be hundreds of terrorists back in circulation while a message is sent to Muslim terrorists everywhere that most Americans are on their side. There is a Republican majority in this country, which is why they'd be wrong in this assumption: It's that other party, the minority, that seems to be on their side.  

Posted by Seth at June 21, 2005 03:12 AM