June 6, 2008


Democrat Presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama calls for “change”.

Republican Presidential candidate John McCain calls for “right change”.

A need for change is not actually an issue, it is merely the espousement of political rhetoric that is the specialty of the politician seeking election or reelection, and in the present case, election to the highest office in the land; given the military might/economic power pecking order among countries, in this instance the world.

The “change” has already occurred: Our elected leaders, from the Executive Branch to the Legislative to the Judicial, even to extent the Supreme Court and most definitely the lower courts, have completely turned their backs on the very document that defines the United States: The U.S. Constitution. That has been the “change”.

Under the auspices of the Constitution, a young country grew, in less than two centuries, to the pinnacle of historic success as a nation, far outstripping so-called great countries that had been around for many more centuries. People flocked here from all over the world for the opportunity to become Americans, many risking their lives in escaping more oppressive countries of origin to get here.

And then, somewhere in the last three decades or so, our politicians realized that more votes could be bought, more campaign money brought in from special interest groups and more problems solved cosmetically, via temporary fix, by the simple expedient of “thinking outside the box”, the “box” in this instance being the Constitution.

Today, that awesome document is not only ignored, it is viewed almost with disgust or as a mere sound byte by all too many Americans.

Mention the Constitution in a debate with a liberal today, you’ll get a shrug in reply. The Constitution, how passé! Mention the Constitution to most Republican politicians these days, you’ll get a lot of long-winded, sanctimonious ho-humming on its importance that doesn’t correspond with the bills they themselves propose or the way they vote on those proposed by colleagues.

We threw out the British a little over two hundred thirty years ago in a bloody revolution whose purpose was to shrug off the chains of their heavy taxation without representation and their encroachment on our liberties.

Now, our government has become exactly what the British government was before we fought our way out from under the auspices of that repressive former global empire. We’ve become that from which we once broke away, and worse. It is reflected every day in the micromanaging laws that are passed, the pork barrel spending of our taxes on projects and programs that represent the interests of grossly limited numbers of taxpayers, most of which are nothing more than vote-buying measures by politicians within their own districts, using our hard-earned money for their own local campaign financing.

It is, indeed, the responsibility of the American voter to stay on top of our politicians, to keep an eye on what they are doing with the money they take from our pay checks and the power we invest in them to govern our country, and on rare occasions such as that of the amnesty bill a couple of years ago, Americans do indeed rise up and browbeat those politicians back into the realm of the will of The People.

But that was a high-profile situation that even the powerful liberal mainstream media couldn’t obscure.

What about all the day-to-day, rank and file legislation that passes right under our noses that we are simply too busy to keep track of? Yes, too busy: So many bills run through Congress every day they are in session that it would take someone with his eyes and ears glued to both C-Span channels all day long, free of all other concerns including going to the bathroom and answering the telephone, to keep up with it all.

Rest assured, however, that “it all” would prove to be a good 95% outside the authority granted Congress by the Constitution.

So let’s quit all this ridiculous talk of “change”.

The change has already occurred, it needs only to be undone via the simple expedient of restoring the Constitution to its former status as the guiding light of our national prosperity, our laws, our liberty and our collective pride in our identity as citizens of the United States of America.

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9 Responses to “Change”

  1. Gayle Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you any more if I tried, Seth! This is all so very true. We have had plenty of change and I would be so happy if we could get rid of it because none of it has been good!

    Sorry about not being around for so long. I’ve been really busy. :(

  2. Tom Says:

    Here here, and Amen!!

  3. Seth Says:

    Gayle –

    Worse, since our politicians continue to get reelected despite their lack of committment to anything but their own political careers, I see little hope that these changes will be corrected any time soon.

    Don’t feel bad about absences from the Blogosphere, personal situations sometimes dictate prioritizing our lives — I’ve had barely any time of late to even get on-line, and when I do, I’m generally on the run. Getting reestablished in New York is a full time job!

    Tom –

    Thanks! :-)

  4. Ken Taylor Says:

    Aw come now Seth, don’t you know that the Constitution is, ” a living breathing document ? ”

    The liberal interpretation of the Constitution has been the ruin of this nation. Change does not mean sliding away from the original intent and the principles of the Constitution which is absolute and meant by the Framers to be the foundation for this Nation forever !

    The Constitution is NOT open for chnage other than the mandated amendment proces made agonizing and exhaustive intentionaly to PREVENT this great document of freedom from being subject to the whims of politicians and the winds of social change that are passing only!

    But the liberal interpretation especially by legislating judges and liberal politicians who have used the courts as a means to bypass the Constitution is what has taken this Nation away from the free Constituional Republic that our Founders bled and died for and agonized to bring into life birthing this nation of liberties for all.

    UNdoing the damage that has already been done as you mentioned and returning this country to what it was founded to be is the only change that will get this country on track again and the envy of the world as it should be!

  5. Seth Says:

    Ken –

    Therein lies the problem.

    It seems like the farther we go in the wrong direction, the more what we arrive at becomes accepted as “the norm”.

    The only way we’ll ever get the country back on track and bring the Constitution back to the status for which it was intended, and in which it worked so well for over 200 years, would be to dump about 90% of our current crop of politicians and judges and elect a whole new batch, people who place America and the American people first rather than the politics of getting reelected.

    In my opinion and infinitely to my chagrin, I don’t see this happening in what remains of my lifetime. Politicians have forgotten whom and what they serve, and upon what set-in-stone document their job descriptions are based on. :-(

  6. Shoprat Says:

    Going back to the Constitution would definitely be a good change, but sadly too many Americans don’t seem to want it.

  7. Seth Says:

    Shoprat –

    I have found that mentioning the very concept of returning to the Constitution, when mentioned to a New York liberal, invariably evokes a “you must be out of your mind” expression.

    These people simply don’t understand that the Constitution was directly responsible for the circumstances under which they as well off as they are and living in a free society such as that which they occupy.

    They seem to think that the Constitution has served its purpose and we don’t need it anymore.

  8. BB-Idaho Says:

    I’m thinking ‘pork barrel spending’ might be unconstitutional, but cannot locate which constitutional article(s) address that. But, on the bright side regarding “It is reflected every day in the micromanaging laws that are passed, the pork barrel spending of our taxes on projects”, it must be noted that two senators have spent $0.00…McCain and
    Feingold. ..see:

  9. Seth Says:

    BB –

    Thanks! In my next post, which has to do with defense of McCain as the campaign ensues over attacking Hussein Obama, I neglected to mention McCain’s anti-pork stance. :-)