April 30, 2013

A Brilliant “Must Read”

From Ron Capshaw via Human Events

For those who believe, like the administration that Second Amendment enthusiasms are expressed solely by the black-helicopter-fearing Right, I offer a decided socialist.

George Orwell, who Christopher Hitchens once wrote, was “conservative about many things but not politics,” nevertheless would be more in tune today with the anti-gun control crowd than any fellow socialists.

The easy riposte to this claim from the Left would be that it is only natural that a former coolie-crushing colonial policeman such as Orwell would be a gun enthusiast.

But Orwell viewed gun control through a socialist and not any law-and-order lens:

That rifle hanging on the wall
of the working-class flat or labourer’s cottage
is the symbol of democracy.
It is our job to see that it stays there.

These sentiments were not based on any theory, but hard worn experience. As a soldier on the Loyalist side during the Spanish Civil War, Orwell was aware that it was only the citizenry breaking into the armory that initially repelled Franco’s fascist rebellion. When Stalin sought to import his murderous purge trials into Spain, and thus kill off any leftist opposition, his first order of business was confiscating their weapons. Having the misfortune of belonging to a Trotskyite militia, Orwell engaged in street fighting with these gun confiscators.

This is one excellent article.

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6 Responses to “A Brilliant “Must Read””

  1. The Gray Monk Says:

    Orwell’s Animal Farm should be compulsory reading, with a study of the allegory he is using in every school and in every university.

  2. Mrs Wolf Says:

    Gray Monk

    I’m wondering if these days, they even place a lot of emphasis on classic or otherwise thought provoking literature in the U.S. education system.

    Talking occasionally to young people today…

  3. BB-Idaho Says:

    Animal Farm ‘all animals are equal, but some are more equal
    than others’ can apply to numerous situations that involve groups of humans and human nature. Hey! You’ll be glad to
    know that here in the hinterlands, they are still shooting
    at helicopters, black or not. :)

  4. Mrs Wolf Says:


    The shooter must have thought there were anti-gun liberals aboard. I doubt he would have shot at any true patriots! :-)

  5. BB-Idaho Says:

    Being pie-faced drunk and out hunting, my guess is he thought the helicopter was a loud pheasant….

  6. Mrs Wolf Says:


    A loud pheasant ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!

    Given the powers of strong drink, that is entirely possible… :-D

    Seriously, though, while all of us involved in this blog strongly support all Americans’ right to keep and bear arms, we also support the notion that sobriety and safety practices are indelible responsibilities while handling firearms.

    The gentleman in question is not what we would term a good example of a responsible gun owner, though naturally the political left, in its effort to disarm the American public at any cost, would depict him as typical of everyone who legally possesses a firearm (except, of course, of Nancy Pelosi).