September 30, 2008

From The Mouth Of The Wolf


I am in the thick of an situation that has me spending a great deal of time outside the country, and am in fact only on U.S. (Yay, America!) soil this time until this evening. Just now, I’m in the midst of running about trying to get some things tied up, as I probably won’t likely be back in N.Y. or back in the Blogosphere for awhile (hopefully, not for too long, it’s already been more than long enough!).

So, I’m taking this opportunity to introduce an old and close friend named Wolf, who is on the same page with yours truly where politics, morality, patriotism, American sensibilities and common sense are concerned.

Wolf served his country faithfully and well for over three decades before retiring, though he will undoubtedly make it quite plain that he is not at liberty to discuss much about it. He doesn’t tell me all that much, either, so don’t feel rejected. :-(

At any rate, he will occasionally, time permitting (he’s not much of a computer type, but has promised to help out here), fill in for me here at Hard Astarboard, posting some of his own well conceived opinions and observations.

While he has the keys to the blog, we haven’t been able to figure out how to give him a by-line (you know, “posted by Wolf…”), so he’ll be doing whatever he does under the “posted by Seth” byline. He will, I’m sure, let you know that it’s him that’s posting.

That said, I want you to know that I miss all my readers, fellow bloggers and blogging itself, and look forward to returning here once again, and will do so ASAP, and not a moment beyond.

– Seth

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