May 7, 2013

The Cost Of “Diversity”

As is always the case, Thomas Sowell strikes right at the heart of the matter in this excellent column.

Words that replace thought

If there is ever a contest for words that substitute for thought, “diversity” should be recognized as the undisputed world champion.

You don’t need a speck of evidence, or a single step of logic, when you rhapsodize about the supposed benefits of diversity. The very idea of testing this wonderful, magical word against something as ugly as reality seems almost sordid.

To ask whether institutions that promote diversity 24/7 end up with better or worse relations between the races than institutions that pay no attention to it is only to get yourself regarded as a bad person. To cite hard evidence that places obsessed with diversity have worse race relations is to risk getting yourself labeled an incorrigible racist. Free thinking is not free.

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6 Responses to “The Cost Of “Diversity””

  1. The Gray Monk Says:

    Is that ever the truth! Any suggestion that the great ‘diversification’ Emperor is lacking any clothing gets you labelled as racist/specist/genderist/etc faster than the escape velocity required to put a satellite in orbit!

  2. Mrs Wolf Says:

    Gray Monk

    You might have heard about the “issue” not long ago about there not being enough black firemen in New York.

    Apparently, the reason had to do with blacks who took the qualification exams not scoring highly enough.

    This was, of course, transformed into a racial event.

    This is the liberal way of doing things.

    Instead of encouraging blacks to work hard, stay in school, learn and otherwise to achieve, they as much as tell them, “You’re not smart enough or adequate to the task at hand, so we’ll have to speak out on your behalf against these evil white people who make exams too difficult for a black man to pass yet can pass them themselves.

    It never ceases to amaze me that these same blacks fail to realize that they’re being blatantly insulted and belittled by the same (real) racists who purport to champion their cause by telling them in no uncertain terms that they are inferior.

    Is this convoluted, or what?

  3. The Gray Monk Says:

    One definition of a “liberal” I came across a while back said; “A liberal is one who, in the guise of concern for his fellows, finds new ways to recruit them to his patronage and thus to his service and suffrage.” I don’t know who said it, but whenever I encounter an ardent ‘liberal’ I find myself dealing with someone who firmly believes that they alone have all the answers and should be in sole charge of dispensing all wealth, rights and liberties.

    Who coined the phrase that for “the majority to benefit, some must always lose”? It rather smacks of Orwell and Animal Farm, but I actually first came across a statement like that in the work of an ardent “liberal socialist” from the late 19th Century.

  4. Mrs Wolf Says:

    Gray Monk

    The liberals here in the U.S. are doing a great job of finding ways to convince people that their intentions lie in all our best interests, but then it’s becoming increasingly easier from one generation to the next;

    Between an education system that teaches them less and less about how our government is supposed to work and places increasingly less priority on teaching them/encouraging them to think for themselves and, of course, the “bread and circuses” of various types of hand held wireless devices and included media, etc, and a news media that pushes liberal doctrine through all matter of revisionism, spin and downright biased “reporting”, it has become difficult for those Americans interested in getting the truth out to reach our brainwashed and/or misinformed young ones.

    I’ve always agreed with something President Reagan once said:

    “It’s not that liberals are dumb, it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” :-)

    Now if only our young would realize this….

  5. The Gray Monk Says:

    Hopefully they will wake up before you reach the point of no return …

  6. Mrs Wolf Says:

    Gray Monk

    The way the media and the education system are offering up a never ending full court press and the Republicans on Capital Hill are consistently (despite making a lot of useless noise to the contrary) giving way to the “forces of the left”, there is little to be done, short of armed conflict, beyond the crossing of ones fingers.

    I believe the issuing of spines to Republican politicians was discontinued some time ago due to budget cuts or something similar.