April 23, 2013

If it’s okay with police officers…

According to a poll of police officers, according to Richard L. Johnson writing at Human Events, the vast majority of police officers believe honest citizens should be permitted to own and carry firearms.

Seeing as the police are the ones who are most directly involved with enforcing the law and are in a position to be exponentially more knowledgeable about and experienced with addressing crime, if it’s okay with them, the anti-gun politicians really ought to consider keeping their mouths shut and keeping their corrupt, all politics all the time, greasy fingers off our Second Amendment rights.

Almost to a man, police officers think gun owners are dangerous. Cops strongly believe the best way to reduce crime is to ban “assault weapons,” high capacity magazines and small, concealable handguns. They also believe that the best way to solve crimes is to establish a comprehensive, national database of firearms and gun sales.

Or at least, that’s what anti-gun politicians and the media would like you to believe.


What is the truth? Cops trust citizens with guns. In a recent PoliceOne.com survey of more than 15,000 active duty and retired law enforcement officers, more than 90 percent surveyed believe that citizens should be able to carry concealed firearms “…without question and without further restrictions.” That’s not a typo: better than nine out of ten cops believe citizens should be able to carry concealed guns “without question.”

When asked what would be most likely to help prevent “large scale shootings in public,” the most popular response was “more permissive concealed carry policies for civilians.” Additionally, when asked what impact a legally armed citizen could have made at the spree killings in Aurora, Colo., and Newton, Conn., 80 percnet of officers responded that “casualties would likely have been reduced.”


70 percent of officers are opposed to a national database of firearm sales.

Nearly 96 percent of officers do not believe magazine capacity restrictions will reduce violent crime.
Almost 80 percent believe that eliminating private transfers of firearms will not reduce violent crime.
More than 80 percent of officers believe that an “assault weapon” ban will have no effect, or will actually worsen, violent crime.
Similarly, more than 85 percent believe President Obama’s proposed gun control legislation would have either no effect, or will worsen the safety of police officers.
When asked their opinion on what is the biggest cause of gun violence in the United States, only 4.4 percent of officers responded that guns are “too prevalent and easy to obtain.”

The article is here.

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2 Responses to “If it’s okay with police officers…”

  1. The Gray Monk Says:

    Sounds like the usual ask a number of people where they stand, filter out those who don’t agree with you, then count only those that give the ‘right’ response. If challenged the politicians who stated the ‘almost to a man …’ probably asked around their ‘friends’ among Ploice Commissioners in their constituencies and decided that was ‘representative …’

  2. Chuck Says:

    Gray Monk,

    That’s exactly what our politicians, mainly the lefties, tend to do.

    Over here, while the majority of the people are conservatives, most are spread out through what the liberals consider the “Flyover Zone”, meaning outside the liberal cities like New York, San Francisco, Chicago, etc, and are the last people our so-called “progressives” want to hear from and therefore are somehow excluded from these polls we hear about.