September 18, 2009

A Victory for the American People

Wolf Here.

Thank you, Congress, for finally getting something right.

It’s about time some common sense prevailed, even though it took some undercover video to make this happen.

House Democrats on Thursday unexpectedly abandoned their longtime ally ACORN, joining Republicans in an overwhelming vote to end all federal funding for the embattled liberal activist group.

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) watched its last bastion of support in Washington crumble a week after hidden-camera investigative videos surfaced that showed its workers advising a supposed underage prostitute on how to cheat on taxes and loan applications.

On the Democrats’ part, this was, of course, not a decision based on morality or patriotism, Lord only knows they’ve shown us, over the last couple of years, that with the domination of their party by the far left, that they’ve abandoned such things in favor of politics.

And that’s what it was, pure politics: There was no way they could sleaze around “the facts” like they do when one of their number is caught with his hand in a cookie jar or some other appendage in something of a more biological nature.

The latest setback followed a decision by the Obama administration to cancel plans for ACORN to work on the 2010 census and a Senate vote to block funding for ACORN in the 2010 housing appropriations bill.

The Republican-sponsored measure, dubbed the Defund ACORN Act, passed on a 345-75 procedural vote as part of an unrelated student loan reform bill. Two Democrats voted present.

The final tally was a startling rebuke from congressional Democrats, who in the past steadfastly supported ACORN in the face of conservative criticisms that the organization skirts tax laws, violates election rules and commits other crimes while heavily supporting Democratic candidates and liberal causes.

The group also had strong ties to President Obama, who prior to his political career worked as an organizer for Project Vote, which later became affiliated with ACORN. One of ACORN’s numerous sister organizations was paid to do work for Mr. Obama’s presidential campaign last year.

My emboldening of a line, there, not that it’s any news: The existence of Acorn is in anything but the best interests of America, and that can also be said for the Obama Administration.

Wolf Out.

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December 8, 2005

THE American Steak House

Back in September, while I was in Washington, DC and involved in a counter-demonstration at Walter Reed against a bunch of anti-America war cockroaches activists, I mentioned Fran O’Brien’s Stadium Steak House, an establishment that buses in patients from Walter Reed who have been severely disabled while fighting the Global War On Terror and gives them a comped dinner to show a part of their gratitude to these brave warriors who represent America in the fight for freedom around the world and for the continued security of the United States of America.

While I was in Washington in the last few days, I took a couple of wonderful people to dinner there, and it was a marvelous experience.

The establishment is decorated with genuine football memorabilia(remember great tackle Fran O’Brien?) and photos of numerous celebrities and members of major political families and political figures on a background of wood panelled walls(the atmosphere is incredible). There are both bar and dining room seating{my party and I sat in the bar}, and the crowd on any given evening consists of a mix of formal and casual. There is a lively bar filled with a mixed clientele of locals and tourists(the eatery is located in the basement of the Washington Hilton).

The food is to die for.

On the last visit, I enjoyed a crab cake appetizer that contained no fillers(in a delicious lobster cream sauce), then an entree of rare ribeye steak that literally melted in my mouth and a sizeable, succulent, meaty lobster tail that could only be described as awesome.

On the side was this enormous bowl of home-made mashed potatoes that deserved some sort of global award(a famous house specialty).

I’m one of those people who travel with a voracious apetite, but there was so much density to the nectar-of-the-gods provender that I couldn’t finish it all.

My companions revelled in Maryland Cream of Crab soup, a platter of jumbo lump crab cakes and a mouth watering, lobster-dominated seafood platter.

I had the opportunity to meet and chat with Hal Koster, one of the two owners, and he was every inch the patriotic American I expected he would be given the restaurant’s “do rather than talk about” policy of honoring the soldiers who have sacrificed so much in the name of freedom.

I’ll be spending a lot of time in the Nation’s Capital in the future, and Fran O’Brien’s Stadium Steak House will be my Number One Eatery.

Anyone who visits Washington, D.C. and doesn’t have dinner and libations at Fran O’Brien’s will be missing out on an essential dining experience.

Trust me on this one.

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