June 10, 2008

Something To Consider

Everywhere I go on the conservative side of media, both pajama and otherwise, I read, view and hear of the evils of B. Hussein Obama and why electing him President would spell certain disaster for America.

I tend to agree (tend, hell, where agreement is concerned, I’m with those sentiments 100%!), but…

I wonder if all this mention of Obama versus much less reference to John McCain is in the best interests of conservatives.

My point?

The “name you know” philosophy.

I mean, we read OBAMA, OBAMA, OBAMA!




Granted, there’s little else to refer to regarding the Arizona senator in the positive column than his support for the War on Terror and his commitment to homeland security. Well, there is his honesty, which is conspicuously absent in the Democrats’ offering and the undeniable fact that he speaks from the heart, and that his message doesn’t adjust itself constantly like the Illinois guy’s seems to.

Once the debating begins, McCain will outshine Obama in flying colors, partially because he is infinitely more experienced at the game of politics and partly because B. Hussein O. will not be able get around discussing issues in more detail with empty rejoinders to match his hitherto empty rhetoric.

McCain should be able to mop up the floor with Obama in any debate situation without having to resort to charactar defamation and the like.

This will not set well with the irresponsible, Land-of-the-Lotus-Eaters propagandists of the mainstream media, who will indubitably respond by attacking McCain’s charactar and every other chink in his armor, surreal or imagined, that they can come up with.

Even before Obama got the nomination, members of the media were attacking McCain’s age, “speculating” on whether, while serving as President, he might suddenly become a victim of Alzheimer’s or some other advanced age related disease. They were “speculating” upon what mental illnesses he might have developed as a result of his years as a POW, what with the tortures, the possibilities of Helsinki Syndrome and what have you, and how they might effect his performance as POTUS.

Undoubtedly, they were deeply concerned about his reaction to the dreaded 3:00 A.M. telephone call. Yeah, right.

When I was employed at a Nevada casino several years ago, the founding owner was a man in his eighties. Having outlived his partners, he was forced to deal with their young whippersnapper heirs over matters of casino policy and so forth. Since he believed in adhering to the old, surefire ways that had made the business a thriving success rather than change to meet their greedy, grab it-all-now, spoiled brat ambitions, they attempted to convince themselves that he was senile. Having had a number of lengthy conversations with him, I knew different.

That 80+ year old man not only wrote and published a book about his experiences in Nevada dating back to the 1930s, he was well known for driving his Land Rover through the roughest wilderness in the state for pure enjoyment. He was sharp and he was a man who could think on his feet.

And they call McCain old?


When the campaigning gets hot and heavy during late summer and early fall, we can expect a solid media onslaught of unfair, unjustified, uncivilized, unfounded, aggressive anti-McCain rhetoric intended to throw the voters off the by-then established reasons why Obama should not, for any reason, be elected President and why McCain, while a million miles short of the ideal man for the job, will be the best choice on the November ballot.

We will need to be prepared to answer those MSM attacks not with counter-rhetoric against Obama, but with solid defenses of McCain. To do otherwise would cause the conservative side of the equation to look as pre-adolescent as the Democrat side, and it has long been my own opinion that two things that separate the right side of U.S. politics from the left is the right’s realistic outlook and mature means of expressing the same.

In short, I believe we will need to think less anti-Obama and more pro-McCain.

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11 Responses to “Something To Consider”

  1. BB-Idaho Says:

    Yes “members of the media were attacking McCain’s age, “speculating” ..” but at http://www.vietnamveteransagainstjohnmccain.com/cin_aboutvvajm.htm the latest swiftboat patriots claim
    “U.S. media has created and sustained an overwhelmingly positive image of John McCain’s character and his status as a “war hero.” thus the vagaries of political perception derive from POV.
    ..as regards the elderly, my 96 year old uncle passed up his annual deer hunting trip to Canada this year..
    he heard the deer were too scarce to bother…
    …as regards POV, my lib thinking is that McCain’s
    problem may be his perceived closeness to the current
    administration. Consider the source: I’m almost as old as your candidate. :)

  2. Shoprat Says:

    My biggest fear is that by 2012 this nation will no longer be an republic lead by a truly elected government but by an appointed rubber stamp congress as the left will declare all conservative beliefs and opinions to be hate speech and outlaw it.

  3. The Gray Monk Says:

    So you don’t like Mr Obama then? I was beginning to wonder what was going on during my recent visit to the US, I couldn’t get anything other than endless discussions on the Obama/Clinton contest on any channel including CNN - and frankly I don’t think either of them would make a good choice from what I have seen there.

    Good luck with this one - I think you’re all going to need it!

  4. Seth Says:

    BB –

    Unless the veterans’ group you linked to is pro-Obama, I don’t see what they strive to accomplish. At this stage in the game, the only candidate other than McCain with any sort of winning chance in the coming POTUS election is B. Hussein Obama — for them to say that McCain is unelectable can, therefore, only be an endorsement for Obama.

    Therefore, while their organization’s status prohibits them from endorsing any specific candidate, what they are doing is just that, only in a roundabout, legal way.

    As far as the age references go, well, we both know seniors who are of sounder and more alert mind than many younger people, so it seems to me that “speculation” by liberal pundits on McCain’s age as regards his ability to lead the country are what has been called, in some circles, “a cheap shot”.

    Shoprat –

    That does seem to be the direction in which the Democrats are headed, doesn’t it? The scary bit is that while they don’t seem able to use their Congressional majority for proactive purposes, they are more than willing to use it to strive for political results such as that of which you (as well as me) are rightly concerned.

    Gray Monk –

    No right thinker in America wants to see Obama make it to the White House. During your recent visit to the midwest, you were in the states at the pinnacle of the battle for the Democratic nomination, a lengthy contest that afforded both Hussein and Hillary the opportunities to gouge each others’ policies, charactar and what-have-you. There was little or no mention of McCain because both Democrats (I should say, far left liberal socialist Democrats) and the media were focused exclusively on that particular competition.

    Now that it’s over, McCain will be much more in the focus of the {ultra-liberal mainstream} media as they try to propagandize him out of winning the general election.

    Fortunately, the American people as a whole (discounting the far left, a minority whose actual votes will mean little in the general election) usually develop some degree of sanity as election day approaches, moreso in a Presidential election than any other, and Obama will prove too farfetched as a viable candidate. McCain will likely win by a comfortable margin.

  5. BB-Idaho Says:

    “Unless the veterans’ group you linked to is pro-Obama”
    ..hardly, its Ted Sampley’s bunch, the swiftboat hobbiests. They support Duncan Hunter: http://www.usvetdsp.com/feb07/hunter_vets.htm
    ..they took responsibility and delight in wrecking
    Kerry and now they are after McCain. Go figure….

  6. Ken Taylor Says:

    Well said Seth. I posted on a similar vain yesterday using Ben Franklin’s decision porcess of positives and negatives and of course it came out with McCain as the clear choice.

    Obama is a danger that will destroy this nation but just voting against that socialist/marxist evil is not enough. We need to tout McCain’s strngths while inour own herts and mids understand that when elected we will need to stand strong on conservative rpinciple and hold his toes to the fire as we did with the amnsety bill.

    Constantly talking about McCain as acceptable because he is all that we have will only decrease his chances in November and favor Obama in the long run!

  7. Seth Says:

    BB –

    Duncan Hunter!

    These boys are really out of touch on this one, like the rest of us Conservatives, if that’s what they are, the only choice on the menu is McCain. To back anyone else is, no matter what they believe, a vote for Obama.

    Go figure, indeed!

  8. Seth Says:

    Ken –

    I agree.

    I think that once we get McCain elected, as long as we stick to our guns and let him (and our senators and reps) know without respite that we demand they all do the jobs we intended them to do when we elected them, we may be able to keep McCain and our other electees on track.

    They simply must be made to go back to and fight for the Constitution, and with McCain on board to the extent that he needs to be once sworn in, perhaps he’ll be heavy-handed enough with his veto pen that the Dems will be forced to work more proactively with their Republican counterparts or, in a less than good move for themselves politically, continue to show their majority as ineffectual.

  9. Always On Watch Says:

    You may have noticed that I rarely post about Obama.

    I agree with you that complaining about Obama serves to keep his name in front of eyes, some of whom may belong to undecided voters.

    Excellent post, my friend!

  10. Seth Says:

    AOW –

    Thanks! :-)

    I fear that as the summer progresses, we’ll all be faced with the task of defending John McCain against a whole lot of false or exaggerated innuendo from the MSM.

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