March 28, 2008

I’m Sorry, But…

this response by the Dutch government to the aforementioned Wilders video amounts to little more than snivelling in hopes that the usual suspects (Muslims) don’t do the usual “how dare you imply that we’re not the Religion of Peace®!? Now we’ll have to remind you that we are peaceful by rioting, murdering, burning and blowing things up!!!!”

Bracing for reaction, the Dutch government late Thursday distanced itself from a lawmaker’s newly released film linking the Koran to violence and terrorism, saying the problem was “not religion, but the misuse of religion to sow hatred and intolerance.”


“The vast majority of Muslims reject extremism and violence,” Balkenende said in a statement read during a press conference. “In fact, the victims are often also Muslims.

“We therefore regret that Mr. Wilders has released this film. We believe it serves no purpose other than to cause offence. But feeling offended must never be used as an excuse for aggression and threats.”

Wilders late last month accused the prime minister of cowardice, saying he appeared to be so fearful of the consequences of the film that was willing to capitulate, rather than defend democratic freedoms.

Geert Wilders is 100% correct. The cowardice of dhimmi governments is only enabling these Seventh Century animals to increasingly cow western countries into bowing down to the concept of submission that is the English translation of Islam.

Consider that word: Submission.

Those of us here in the civilized world who are of secular belief are thus because we love our G-d. Love of G-d, think about that for a moment.

Then consider those among us who are atheists. They enjoy the freedom of not believing in G-d, and we don’t oppress them for this. They have free will, and are entitled to believe or disbelieve according to their choice.

On either side of the equation, there is freedom to practice our beliefs according to our own choices.

Under Islamic rule (and I say “rule” because that’s exactly what their 7th Century form of leadership entails), there are no such freedoms. Either you worship Allah according to the strict laws of Sharia (SUBMISSION!) or you are severely disciplined — here in the harsh, barbaric environs of the civilized world, we think of severe discipline as fines or incarceration, which at the very worst includes, in addition to 3 hots and a cot, all sorts of civil rights barely accorded the victims of crimes. In the Islamic world, we’re talking more mellow, Religion of Peace® kinds of stuff like amputations, stonings and decapitation, you know, the less extreme, civilized kinds of things that we here in the west haven’t yet graduated to. We are so far behind!

The Dutch Council of Churches Thursday called the film a “caricature” of Islam, and a Dutch lawyer, Els Lucas, lodged a legal complaint against Wilders, accusing him of inciting violence and discrimination. Lucas has in the past filed complaints against Wilders, charging that his stance on Islam violates Dutch law.

In a separate legal challenge, a Dutch court Friday is due to consider a petition, brought by the country’s Islamic Federation before the film’s release, asking whether the material breaches hate-speech laws.

It’s dhimmitude and cowardice like the above that Islam and its proponents count on to score here in the western world. They prey on our civilized, humanitarian nature, exploit it, in fact, while also threatening us with violence, in order to insinuate their doctrine on us, and stoooopid, naive politicians go along with them — why fight violence with violence when you can simply surrender to it, right?

G-d help us all….

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8 Responses to “I’m Sorry, But…”

  1. Shoprat Says:

    Even if the majority of Muslims are peaceful (assumption), the fact is that the terrorists are Muslims and the “peaceful” Muslims are either unwilling or unable to contain them or at least report them. Either way, we can’t just sit back and let them have the world handed to them. In the end we must be prepared to fight and die.

  2. Seth Says:

    Shoprat –

    Every poll of Muslims that comes down the pike seems to lack any majority condemnation of terrorism. My own conclusion is that the majority of Muslims condone the more bloodthirsty verses in the Koran and that those living in the west are merely awaiting the day that they will have the opportunity to “do their part” and “earn” their tickets to Paradise (apologies to Eddie Money).

    When that time comes, there will be a war between civilized nations and peoples and Islam, one that will not only be a confrontation between national military forces, but will also include street-fighting between Muslims and those among us who will be fighting to survive.

    I can’t see any other possibilities. People whose hands have never been bloodied will be faced with the choice of being murdered, submitting to the veritable slavery that is Islam or killing other human beings in order to remain alive and free.

    This eventuality could be headed off if our politicians got their heads out of their nether regions and dealt with reality, but that’s about as likely as snow in July in Barstow, California.

  3. BB-Idaho Says:

    “snow in July in Barstow, California.” ? Now THAT should slow the illegal immigration. …but then again, there are those pesky Inuits. :)

  4. Seth Says:

    BB –

    Have you ever visited Barstow?

    I was last there many, many moons ago, and their economy seemed to be based entirely on towing overheated vehicles into town from points east (in the Mohave Desert, en route home from ‘Vegas to L.A.), cackling over the “price” of making them road-worthy again and recommending the local diner and/or the local hotel “while you wait”. LOL!!!!

    Imagine a whole town full of people wringing their hands and grinning as the local tow truck hauls in yet another car that’s blown its thermostat. It’s actually kind of creepy, when you think about it, but that’s Barstow.

    Personally, however, I’d hate to be an Eskimo in Barstow — that would be something along the lines of a fish out of water.

    Since we’re off the beaten track anyway, I must remark on the link you left at Gayle’s place – about the plastic water bottles: An Inuit would need a bottle or twenty of cold water, anyway, to “make it” in Barstow. I read a couple or so years ago that the plastic bottles water comes in are unsafe to re-use. Not being a chemist, I have a difficult time envisioning plastic, a solid substance if I’ve ever seen one, bleeding off toxins.

    Can you or Jeff explain that?

  5. Old Soldier Says:

    Seth, here is one UL busted; and another. Now, back to the topic…

    The solution to radical Islamic jihadist world violence is: tell Bubba (the redneck variety, not the Clinton variety) that it is open season on jihadists, there is no bag limit, they taste a bit like ‘gator, and there is even a free case of Bud bounty for each one ‘harvested.’ In no time Bubbas would have beer filled swimming pools - redneck heaven! Bubba would only be facilitating the ability of ‘peaceful Muslims’ to assume their rightful roll - as peaceful Muslims (or else!).

  6. Seth Says:

    Old Soldier –

    Thanks! The first link required a redirect, but I got there. Both links were exactly what I sought.

    There’s another reason I’m glad to be one of those who is utterly proud of our Armed Forces. When our chemist friends don’t come through, I can always count on a career soldier to deliver. :-)

    I think we need to put Bubba on the case right away — it appears that this is the only way we can help Islam actually earn its self-acclaimed status as the Religion of Peace®.

  7. Ken Taylor Says:

    Another prime example of Muslim being PC and everyone afraid of calling a spade a spade. They either basterdized the religion by their actions or ALLOWED it to be basterdized by their silence. Even those who are, ‘peaceful, ” are at fault because their silence allowed the radicals to corrupt Islam as a religion and Muslims as a religious people.

    The fear of calling a spade a spade because of PC or a fear of reprisals by the terrorist element just plays into the hands of radical Islam and ALSo assists in the basterdization of Islam. Part of me actually wonders though, if this is actually the, “basterdization, ” or the core of Islam. It is so much in the fore front is would seem that killing and violence is the actually core of the religion rather than the basterdized side which PC tries to say.

  8. Seth Says:

    Ken –

    Any way you look at it, the bottom line is that our politicians and media are unwittingly setting us up for a choice of dhimmitude, death or face-to-face violence in the streets when Islam’s big day arrives.

    And it will come, thanks to the cowardice and stupidity of our elected officials.

    Those ignoramuses!