March 28, 2008

Always On Watch…

…has Fitna, the Geert Wilders video, an absolute must-watch.

AOW, I salute you!

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17 Responses to “Always On Watch…”

  1. Always On Watch Says:

    Thanks, Seth.

    After observing many manifestations of dhimmitude for so long, here, with the release of Fitna: The Movie, is some anti-dhimmitude. I was barely home from work yesterday, when my good friend Mark Alexander notified me that the movie that wasn’t (so attempted all the lefties and so said a lot of doubters) had been released. I poured myself a glass of wine and celebrated anti-dhimmitude–after I posted the film, of course.

    Some of my infidel friends are concerned that the film will cause a movie-ifada, like the cartoonifada, with all the West as the target. Well, we’re targets anyway. In addition, jihadomaniacs are put in an awkward postion: go off like Roman candles, and they’ll prove the film true.

    At the moment, the msm are doing their best to ignore the film. Of course, they weren’t telling about all of Geert Wilders’s troubles in the first place, so I’m not surprised.

  2. Seth Says:

    AOW –

    I have long awaited the opportunity to watch this video, as indeed many others have, and as usual, you’re the one who came through.

    By now, you probably qualify for the title of Fatwa Queen, LOL!

    When I read that the WWW folks in Virginia had opted not to show Fitna as they’d agreed, I was wondering if we’d ever get to see it. You delivered, many thanks!

    I raise my toast to you with a glass of XO brandy. :-)

    Instead of cowering in the face of Islamic violence, our western governments need to label it for what it is, the product of a religion that incorporates terrorism within its scriptural adherences, and deal with it as we would any rabid dog loose in the community. Put it to sleep ASAP.

  3. Gayle Says:

    I saw it over at Alway’s blog too, Seth. It’s on the internet and cannot be stopped! Islam does indeed incorporate terrorism in its scripture and people need to know it!

  4. Seth Says:

    Gayle –

    Thank G-d for the Blogosphere!

    If the media, which reports selectively according to their own imbalanced, tunnel vision oriented political/PC perspectives, were still the only medium for information, we would quite literally still be in the Dark Ages of public awareness. Who knows where they’d have led us at this point?

    Speaking as a guy who only got on-line in late 2001 and subsequently discovered the world of blogs (hat tip, big time, to an awesome woman named Carmen), I have to wonder just how much hood-winking and elimination of need-to-know information I’d fallen victim to in the preceeding years.

    I just had a breakfast of eggs, lox (smoked salmon) and potato pancakes, but I think I’ll have another dollup or two of brandy with my coffee in honor of AOW’s publishing of Wilder’s video.

    Screw the media — if they don’t have the spine (there was another, more spherical term in my mind, but I am discussing a woman, LOL!) or the honesty to report the truth, they can go to hell.

    To me, today’s newspapers are repositories for crossword puzzles and weather forecasts, even the latter usually inaccurate…

  5. Always On Watch Says:

    I’m not so sure that the movie is going to remain available. See this. The silencing forces are at work right now. Perhaps their attempts will fail.

  6. Always On Watch Says:

    By now, you probably qualify for the title of Fatwa Queen, LOL!…I raise my toast to you with a glass of XO brandy.

    I’ll drink to that! Wish that these toasts could be enjoyed in person. ;)

  7. Seth Says:

    AOW –

    I have only great memories of meeting you and Mr. AOW, and look forward to our next get-together. I will be heading east in the next month or so, and plan to visit your neck of the woods, one way or the other, so expect a call. :-)

    We will have that toast.

    As for the dhimmis who are at present working towards deleting that very truthful video, well, I sincerely hope that they and their families are first in line where applied Islam is concerned. Not just them and their families, but their cats, dogs, in-laws and goldfish as well!

    Let ‘em look that up in their Funk & Wagnalls!

  8. BB-Idaho Says:

    Your “well, I sincerely hope that they and their families are first in line..” got me thinking about one of my favorite genres..the Yiddish Curse:
    1. He should be transformed into a chandelier, to hang by day and to burn by night.
    2. May all your teeth fall out except one, and that one be permanently abcessed
    3. May you inherit a fortune and have to spend it all
    on medical bills.
    etc. So, “but their cats, dogs, in-laws and goldfish as well!” reflects, IMO on your doting grandma
    from the Yiddish lands. :)

  9. Seth Says:

    BB –


    I support my comment 100%!

    The problem with those who are willing to ostrich out serious threats to western civilization is that they have no problem entertaining Utopian, “everyone has everyone else’s best interests at heart, we only have to communicate with them in a sympathetic manner” agendas is that once they are in positions to augment their dubious agendas, they endanger the rest of us en extremis.

    I highly endorse the penalties of which you speak for Muslims who adhere to Sharia law, at least they’d be dealt with less harshly than their own doctrine dictates. Personally, LOL, I’d rather suffer an abscess tooth than have my hand cut off for stealing an apple! :-)

    On the other hand, I would hate to contemplate on the fates of Islamofascists under the auspices of my late (and sorely missed) grandmother, who lived through pogroms and other fun things, growing up as a Jew in Poland.

  10. Tom Says:

    What just amazes me is that this is only one more video of the many that are out there, and yet the apologists refuse to acknowledge that all is not right with the radical Islam they so vehemently defend. Obviously, these people live in an alternate reality.

  11. Seth Says:

    Tom –


    This confuses me, as well.

    It seems like before the age of instant global communication in which we now live, when people had exponentially less access to information-on-demand, common sense prevailed on a much higher scale. Now that we are in the position to know so much more about so many things, the bulk of our society, including the media and our elected leaders, behaves as though we know even less about anything than we did previously.

    It’s almost like an indicator that “knowledge breeds ignorance”. :-(

    Looked at from another perspective, there is a mixture of overly excessive political correctness, fear of offending Muslims (pretty stupid, as they will remain “offended” as long as anyone in the world enjoys any kind of freedom) lest they react with extreme violence and denial of the simple fact that 21st Century sensibilities are not at all compatible with 7th Century mindsets (matter colliding with anti-matter).

    A system of belief that embraces stonings, amputations as legal penalties, even for children, beheading (I suppose that could fall under the category of “amputations”, in a terminal sort of way), female genital mutilation, torturing and murdering those who don’t share the religious beliefs or traditions of the powers-that-be, indoctrinating the young to prepare them to sacrifice their lives to murder other people in the name of their religion, subjugating women to the extent that even the family camel has more status, etc, etc simply doesn’t belong in a civilized equation.

    If it weren’t for oil, Islam would be exactly where it belongs: back in the darkest of the dark ages.

    Oh, man! There I go again, being un-P.C. and offending Islam!

  12. Angel Says:

    hey Seth..I posted the movie as soon as it came out..and as always the
    MSM and newspapers say NOTHING about it..NOTHING!! pathetic! :)

  13. Seth Says:

    Angel –

    LiveLeak also took the video off their site due to Muslim threats.

    We are living in a stacked-deck world wherein Islam apparently calls the shots. As long as business and government around the world continue to grovel in fear of Islamic violence, the Religion of Terrorism will prevail.

    We seem to have two options: stock up on bullets or bone up on Arabic.

    I’ll go with the former.

  14. MariesTwoCents Says:

    Great Post Seth,

    Those Dutch lol

    No One get’s under the skin of Muzlims like they do.

    I hope they dont cave and show the film.

  15. Seth Says:

    Marie –

    Wilders has a ton of opposition by the mostly cowardly politicians (there are very few Euro politicians who seem to have spines) in the Dutch parliament where his video is concerned, and most of the stuff the Muzzies take offense to in the Netherlands comes from citizens. It’s amazing that such gutsy people elect so many dhimmis and spineless wimps to lead their country.

    I would love to see Fitna become a regular staple on Dutch TV, Islamic hotheads be damned (they already are — there’s no way G-d would sanction the mindlessly violent behavior of fundamentalists or the lack of objection to same by so-called “moderate” Muslims).

  16. Beach Girl Says:

    My friends, it may be too late, but have you seen this: Qur’an critic to be executed in Iran within days

    I’m trying to pass this around but don’t know if it is too late. It was just posted on Jihad Watch today.

  17. Seth Says:

    Beach Girl –

    Thanks for passing this on, I was pretty out of touch the last several days, visiting friends in the countryside.