April 1, 2008

The High Priest And Major Profiteer Of Global Warming Politics…

…and his retinue are apparently encountering some degree of resistance, at long last.

British environmental analyst Christopher Monckton says Al Gore’s latest attack on global warming skeptics shows the former vice president and other climate alarmists are “panicking.”

And well they should be.

On Sunday, CBS News correspondent Leslie Stahl asked Al Gore on the television show 60 Minutes what he thinks of people like Vice President Dick Cheney who doubt that global warming is caused by human activity.

“I think that those people are in such a tiny, tiny minority now with their point of view, they’re almost like the ones who still believe that the moon landing was staged in a movie lot in Arizona, and those who believe the earth is flat,” replied Gore. “That demeans them a little bit, but it’s not that far off.”

However, Lord Christopher Monckton, a policy advisor for former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher during the 1980s, says the former vice president can enjoy his “flat earth fantasies” for a few months, but in the end, the world will be laughing at him.

“The alarmists are alarmed, the panic mongers are panicking, the scare mongers are scared; the Gores are gored. Why? Because global warming stopped ten years ago; it hasn’t got warmer since 1998,” he points out. “And in fact in the last seven years, there has been a downturn in global temperatures equivalent on average to about [or] very close to one degree Fahrenheit per decade. We’re actually in a period … of global cooling.”


Mr. Monckton, my hat is off to you!

Monckton contends Gore is now “panicking” because he has staked his reputation as a former American VP on “telling the world that we’re all doomed unless we shut down 90 percent of the Western economies.” He also contends that Gore is the largest “global-warming profiteer.”

It’s pitiful that Algore, a typical modern Democrat, is willing to screw the rest of us, using a typical liberal agenda, in order to make megabucks for himself. Nancy Pelosi, another leftist hypocrite, is probably foaming at the mouth in anger that she didn’t think of this racket first.

Gore’s group The Alliance for Climate Protection is currently launching a new $300 million ad campaign that demands reforms in environmental law to help reduce the supposed “climate crisis.” But Monckton points out that in the U.K., Gore is not allowed to speak in public about his “green investment company” because to do so would violate racketeering laws by “peddling a false prospectus.” He says that fact came about after a British high court found Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth, riddled with errors.

Emphasis mine, and speaking of emphasis, bravo, U.K.!

It’s good to see that someone, somewhere, has exposed Algore for the opportunitic fraud he really is. Now let’s see some prosecution for same: After all, an individual who commits fraud on a bank or other business to the tune of a few hundred bucks gets a felony sentence. Gore has swindled the world at large for millions, yet he’s still walking around free.

What’s wrong with this picture?

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13 Responses to “The High Priest And Major Profiteer Of Global Warming Politics…”

  1. BB-Idaho Says:

    It’s not about the science anymore: http://www.alternet.org/story/18283/?page=entire

  2. Mike's America Says:

    Gore has refused to debate Monckton, or anyone else for that matter.

    And I know why he won’t debate Monckton. The third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley has Gore outclassed intellectually in a big way.

    Just a sampling of Lord Monckton’s writings can be found here:


    Also, I posted last week on the new findings coming from NASA’s Aqua satellite. This bird was launched in 2002 with a new generation of sensors onboard to help map the earth’s climate better. It was said that it would prove global baloney is real. Turns out, the first few years of data are showing the opposite.

    Gore is going to up the scare routine because he knows he has very little time before the big lie is exposed!

    The debate is not over. And anyone who says it is is part of the big lie.

  3. Seth Says:

    BB –

    This Bill McKibben fellow writes from a highly political, pretty far left perspective, LOL. The article is fraught with anti-Republican and anti-Big Oil innuendos.

    That said, from all I’ve read re John McCain’s environmental agendas, he does not intend to kowtow to the Kyoto mongers whatever his agreement or disagreement on the myth of AGW — at his website, he makes clear his intention of pushing for energy independence re more nuclear power plants and other market-based technologies. The kind of stuff the McKibbens of this world deplore.

    The entire GW issue is politically motivated at the top (the U.N., for example, sees it as another conduit to horning in on the sovereignty of industrialized countries by placing itself in a position to regulate important factors of their [our] economies, dishonest scientists see it as a way to keep the grant money flowing, the Goranimals see it as a financial goldmine for themselves and liberal politicians see it as a way to get votes from the unwashed masses who are taken in by the fiction), and trickles down via the scientifically clueless, also politically biased MSM to the public, who largely believe whatever the media tells them.

    If 10,000 climate experts nix the AGW myth and 5 others say it is so, the MSM will totally ignore the 10,000 and sing the praises of the 5, simply because doing so supports their politics-based agenda.

    So, yeah, it’s not about science anymore. :-)

    Mike –

    Wow, from those I’ve thus far followed and read, the links over there will be a good reading project as so far, they are spot-on.

    Gore’s refusal to debate Monckton is merely the ex-veep’s way of avoiding the installation of a new orifice on his person, not to mention protecting his myth-based goldmine, his newly found “superstardom” and the place in history he desires as the man who saved the world.

    I haven’t read anyplace of the MSM criticizing him for refusing to debate not only Monckton, but anyone else whose opposing views can be backed up by scientific facts.

    AGW is so because Algore says it’s so, case closed. Indeed.

    Once the truth prevails, and hopefully it will before the lie promotes economic disaster, he won’t even have the luxury of being a legend in his own mind.

  4. Ken Taylor Says:

    There will never be any prosecution because the Gorwellion crowd will , as they have always done, find a way to twist the same evidence that proves they have been lying to the public and fear mongoring for profit, into evidence that backs their moronic GW idea.

    When it is hot, it is GW. When it is cold it is GW. When it is just right it is because GW has taken a momentary breather!. Gordilocks and his three bears will always find away to get their GW porridge into the news and line their pocket books to replace the chairs that Gordilocks has broken. It is a scam but a PC scam that the media and many world leaders have bought into!

  5. Seth Says:

    Ken –

    This is what definitely sucks about today’s world: The media is totally under the influence of what amounts to a propaganda movement that has them, as Jeremy Irons said in Die Hard With A Vengeance, “Hook, Line…and Zinkah!”

    Those useful idiots will lead our society into a false reality, and we will all pay the price for their politically based naivety.

    The liberal MSM shares one tragic quality with the rest of their ilk — if a story fits within the nook of their political regime, they automatically accept it as the real item and, these days, don’t even bother to confirm it through secondary sources.

    We be screwed! :-(

  6. Shoprat Says:

    And after he is completely exposed what will he do? Can’t a used car salesman can he?

  7. Seth Says:

    Shoprat –

    I’m sure there’s a position open for him somewhere in Lagos, Nigeria, at one of those Internet computer scam rooms . :-)

  8. Gayle Says:

    I’ve read scientific journals that say the ocean waters are cooling, not heating. I believe the truth will out in the long run, but for now it looks like far too many are buying into it. I keep seeing Global Warming television commercials even on Fox News that infuriate me!

    The word “sheeple” is far to accurate!

  9. Seth Says:

    Gayle –

    The root of the problem is that the left controls the MSM, whereas the rest of us have a few less circulated news publications (Washington Times, et al), FOX, A.M. talk radio (which the Democrats are trying to slap down, since their own advocates therein have failed to gain or otherwise maintain any traction) and the conservative blogosphere.

    Using the power of the MSM, the left hammers the public with whatever wool they wish to pull over the eyes of the American people, lack of definitive evidence notwithstanding. They read and hear about it in enough places, they tend to believe it.

    No matter how much evidence surfaces that debunks the AGW myth, the media continues to ignore that evidence while treating the falsehood as a done deal, absolutely, positively factual, no “further” debate necessary.

    I know a number of people who do not access the Internet and get all their information from the newspapers and television, and every one of them, though they can’t cite any evidence either way, believes the myth without reservation.

    The MSM is a first class propaganda collective for the political left.

  10. Always On Watch Says:

    Global warming is a scam–and one with a political agenda.

    Maybe it’s my negative imagination, but I don’t believe that America has ever been in such bad shape. Millions of Americans are walking around in a deluded state!

  11. Ken Taylor Says:

    Seth, had to add to this one after seeing the Ted truner spot on Charlie Rose. I guess Ted is going to cannibalize Al Gore when it gets to hot for him to handle the GW.

    Talk about a lot of fat in ones diet! SHEESH!

  12. Seth Says:

    AOW –

    As long as Americans give creedence to the renderings of the MSM, this may never change, except to become worse.

    Most people I talk to about this state of affairs cannot accept the idea that the media lies to the public for political purposes, and unless this changes that will eventually lead to our collective downfall.

    The liberal elitists who mandate this extreme political bias feel they have nothing to fear when their agendas reach fruition, as they are rich enough that they will not have to experience the misery suffered by the “common man”.

  13. Seth Says:

    Ken –

    It’s truly frightening that a man who controls a major global information network (or should I say propaganda network?) is so far “out there”.

    People like Turner are in the position of determining what people believe is going on in the world, what a deal!

    Have I ever mentioned that I’m profoundly glad I’m already over 50 years old? I’d hate to have an entire lifetime to look forward to in this mess…