May 3, 2007


Whenever I think I’ve seen it all over there on the left, something like this comes along.

H/T James Taranto.

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6 Responses to “Unisexiversity?”

  1. Shoprat Says:

    Our local Walmart has a “Family Restroom” which makes some sense, but it can easily be overdone.

  2. Seth Says:

    Shoprat –

    I think the Kent State version would qualify as overdone. :-)

    Unlike a “family restroom” and unlike the necessary wheelchair friendly stalls one finds, and even unlike the ramps on sidewalk corners and in other places there to help the physically impaired gain access, the concept of a unisex restroom is purely for the gratification of a select few, according to their sexual preferences.

    I could see where territorial issues could form as this type of restroom becomes a “hang-out” (literally) for gay male students, whom it would ultimately end up serving exclusively.

  3. BB-Idaho Says:

    Another step in the evolution of this important service. From a historical, if oblique perspective, we learn from Ch1, Part 5 of James”Rise and Fall of the British Empire’ of the restrooms provided at the El Qantara RR station at the Suez Canal: Officers, European,- Officers, Asiatic,-Officers, Coloured-Warrant Officers & Sergeants, European-Warrant Officers & Sergeants, Asiatic- Warrant Officers & Sergeants, Coloured- Other Ranks, European- Other Ranks, Asiatic- Other Ranks, Coloured….and the 10th lavatory door, Auxillary Terriorial Services, i,e. women. That was in 1949, and one would assume that various local fellaheen were assigned the communal offal ditch quayside. So much for the highly sought ‘key to the executive bathroom’. :)

  4. Seth Says:

    BB –

    So, basically and easily included within the realm of the post, even the head (not referring to that provided in the Clinton Oval Office) isn’t beyond reach of being employed as a political instrument or a rung on the status ladder.

    In more basic and budget conscious times, ones status might even have determined from which end of the forest products chain came the supplies included; That is, whether they came on a cardboard roll or in the form of a box of leaves. :-)

  5. BB-Idaho Says:

    Indeed. One might think that H. Clinton, had shed been at El Qantara Restroom complex, might have surveyed the multiplex Commonwealth lavatories and observed “Crap-It Takes A Village!” :)

  6. Seth Says:

    BB –